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Yoga Burn Review


Yoga Burn Review

Ever heard of yoga?

Just kidding, of course, you have, seeing how yoga has continually been the most popular way of exercise for the past 30 years. Yoga originated in ancient India, somewhere around the fifth century BCE, as a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices followed primarily by the Hindu people. There are many different schools of yoga, depending on where and how its practiced. But, the yoga we know and practice today only became popular thirty or so years ago. Introduced by seasoned Indian yoga gurus, it quickly became an exciting new alternative to the hectic, fast-paced life of the eighties. When the yoga craze started, it represented nothing more than just another way of physical exercise. However, people’s wants and needs changed with the new millennium, and more and more people started practicing yoga for its spiritual benefits. With more than 20 million people practicing yoga every day, its impact on people’s mental states and overall health is undeniable.

With all of the spiritual impact it makes on people, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, after all, it also greatly affects your physical state. Hatha yoga is an ancient yoga practice, and also the most commonly practiced yoga. It’s practiced by positioning yourself in various asanas (otherwise known as postures), in order to promote physical health and a relaxed state of mind. Combining the positions and the order in which they’re performed, a person can get quite a bit of a workout from this ancient spiritual practice.

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‘Yoga Burn’ is a guide and training program created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. Zoe is quite a fitness expert: she’s a certified personal trainer and a yoga instructor. With a lifetime of experience in fitness and more than a decade of practicing yoga, she decided to make a comprehensive guide and a training program aimed exclusively at women.zoe bray cotton

With the expansion of yoga studios and uncertified instructors, the price of yoga classes has been rapidly increasing in spite of the overall decrease in its quality. As they become aware of that, more and more women decide to switch to practicing yoga at home using online guides and tutorials. There’s a lot of free content online, but a clear, comprehensive guide that’s also free is almost impossible to find.

This is where Zoe’s ‘Yoga Burn’ guide steps in. By assessing the needs of the modern women, she was able to design a program that’s as practical and effective as it can be. Being a personal trainer gave the author the experience necessary for successfully losing weight and maintaining body fitness, which she genially combined with her knowledge of yoga while constructing this program.

‘Yoga Burn’ is a comprehensive exercise program aimed at women who want to lose weight and burn that excess belly fat we all struggle with. The exercises are designed to be done at home with virtually no equipment, so you can rest assured you won’t be bothered with any additional expenses.

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What You Get

When purchasing the program, you receive the physical collection of DVDs along with the link for downloading the program digitally. The program consists of a series of videos divided into three separate phases.

‘The Foundational Flow’ is the name of the fist phase. This is where you get to know Zoe, your instructor, and the very basics of yoga. It guides you through the basic movements and breathing techniques. It’s an important first step for novices and beginners to yoga, but don’t skip it if you’re a more seasoned yogi! It offers you a fresh perspective and reminds you of the importance of the body-mind connection for establishing better control over your muscles.

When you’ve mastered the basics, you proceed to the second or the ‘Transitional Flow’ phase. This is where you use the knowledge you gained in the first phase to position yourself correctly and move through entire posture sequences. This is also when you’ll start noticing the impact of the exercise on your problem areas, as well the effect it has on your emotional state. Don’t be afraid if you’re suddenly much calmer and in a perpetual good mood – it’s an unavoidable side effect of the program!

The third and final phase, ‘The Mastery Flow’ phase, is where all the magic happens. If you follow all the instructions in order and complete them correctly, this should be the time you really start feeling the change. You should reach the peak of your physical fitness and experience the biggest boost of your metabolism. As the exercises progress, your body becomes noticeably tighter and leaner. Your life really starts improving: you notice you sleep better and tighter, you’re more calm and relaxed and in tune with yourself, you become more patient and humble.

Seems like quite a life change, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a change that’s bound to happen when following this 12-week guide. In addition to these three phases, you can receive some bonus content if purchasing the program during a limited time offer. There are follow-up audio classes, as well a series of videos explaining additional relaxing and meditating techniques.

yoga burn reviews

Honest Opinion

However, with no intention of diminishing the obvious benefits of this program, you should be aware that’s it’s not without its setbacks. Although the main goal is to lose body fat, the program’s only targeted to people of low to moderate physical fitness. If you’re already pretty active or have done yoga for a while, you may find that the exercises are too slow and light for you to make any progress. Not really a con, but definitely a major setback for some women, is the fact that this is a legitimate training program. Although it doesn’t require that much time, a thing it does require is your full dedication. You won’t be able to see any results without serious engagement and undivided attention when you exercise.

My Review – Conclusion

All things considered, this really is a fantastic guide you can get at a bargain. The program is yours forever, as it’s a one-time purchase, so you can use it over and over again and really get your money’s worth.


Your instructor Zoey, an experienced yogi with a flair for teaching, is a delight to both see and hear. She designed the program in a way that it primarily provides voice instructions, which are then accompanied by a video. That makes the actual exercising easier, as just the voice instructions are enough for you to complete a whole session perfectly. That way, you’re not distracted by constantly looking at the screen and you can immerse yourself completely into the exercise.

Both Zoey and her team are well aware of the dilemmas women have with this kind of online programs. They made sure your payments are secure and teamed up with Clickbank to provide a strong, fail-proof encryption of your personal data. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee, if all of the above still wasn’t enough for you to be a 100% certain. If for any reason you find yourself unable to complete the program or just aren’t satisfied with it all, just write an email. Tell them you want to return the guide, and they’ll return your money in no time, no questions asked.

Now that’s what they call a deal you can’t miss!

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