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Tinnitus Miracle – Effective All Natural Treatment?

 tinnitus miracle reviewTinnitus Miracle Review By Josh Evans

For those of you who aren’t aware, Tinnitus is a constant noise or ringing that occurs in the ears. Tinnitus is also extremely common, affecting 20% of people. It is often the symptom of underlying conditions, such as age-related hearing loss, damage to the ears, or circulatory system disorder.
In other words, Tinnitus can sometimes act as a natural warning sign. In most cases, it isn’t a sign of something deadly serious though – just something deadly annoying. Tinnitus has also been known to worsen with age, although it can be improved with treatment.
The sort of treatment that is all natural and long lasting. And that’s exactly the type of Tinnitus treatment that Thomas Coleman seeks to offer with his ebook.. I am not a sufferer of Tinnitus, but my uncle is. So through his expressly written consent, I have convinced him to act as a guinea pig to see if this really works, or if it’s a scam. So prepare yourself for one of the few REAL Tinnitus miracle reviews.

All in the name of answering the age-old question: does the cure work as well as advertised, or is it a scam? Our review is certainly going to find out.

Website: http://www.tinnitusmiracle.com/


What is the Tinnitus Miracle?

tinnitus miracle review
The Tinnitus Miracle is a meticulously designed 250, that’s right, TWO-HUNDRED AND FIFTY (our current record) page treatment system created by Dr. Thomas Coleman, a nutrition specialist, health researcher, and actually a pretty big deal in the world of Tinnitus treatments.

This Coleman’s baby that provides proven methods that can be used to cure tinnitus naturally as an alternative to any sort of pharmaceutical pills, injections, or antibiotics that may have been prescribed instead. The Miracle was designed by Coleman as his solution for tinnitus, which he himself has suffered from for the past 10 years.

Coleman spent years perfecting his holistic tinnitus treatment to work on the various types of tinnitus, such as tonal tinnitus, pulsatile tinnitus, and even nerve pathway tinnitus. Coleman sought to ensure that his program would use only noninvasive methods of fighting off tinnitus at its roots, to complete eradicate condition for good. This is Coleman’s long-lasting solution to a wide spread program.

Want to hear more? Coleman describes his Tinnitus Miracle himself here. If you prefer, there is a text version instead. Optionally, keeping reading this tinnitus miracle review.

More Info

the tinnitus miracle

  • Tinnitus is not a disease, it is merely a symptom of various underlying causes. This distinction makes it possible for it to be treated by first narrowing down what the cause of your specific type of tinnitus is, and then dealing with that cause at its  base. Some common causes of tinnitus include (but of course are not limited to):  noise-induced hearing loss
  • Ear infection
  • Disease of the heart or blood vessels (in which case perhaps the 3-Step heart cure could be of use)
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Brain tumors
  • Overexposure to medications (more reason to put down the pills)
  • a previous head injury
  • and…earwax. Yes, even earwax can cause tinnitus.

This treatment is a 250 page “cheat code” to eliminating your tinnitus, packed into an easy to read guide full of various scientifically validated information that can be used to cure tinnitus. Essentially, think of the book as a sort of aggregation of all the information and treatments that you would have had to spent weeks or maybe even months sifting through to find the information you need on your specific brand of tinnitus.

This guide cuts out all the bull **** you could have been exposed to, leaving you only with natural methods that are sure to either cure your tinnitus, or at least do no harm to you (as is the nature of natural solutions). This made it an easy sell to get my uncle to try out the methods in the book. According to Coleman, the “Tinnitus Miracle” guide is composed of only holistic (natural) solutions without any harmful drugs, injections, or pills.

Testimony of Patient Zero: My Uncle with Tinnitus

With the case of my uncle, it was pretty simple to get him to try these methods on his tinnitus once he understood that it was all natural methods, and actually gave the book half a second to impress him. He comments on how “easy to read” it was and that he spent the rest of his day absorbing the knowledge from the book.

Then, when he was ready, I took a small survey to measure his current tinnitus (how it felt/sounded/how persistent and annoying it was) and the next day he began to apply the methods of the book. Over the next 2 weeks he began to slowly feel relief from his tinnitus as he progressed through following the book’s protocols, but it was admittedly pretty slow at the start. On the third week, my uncle completed the fourth protocol. He said at that moment it was like he broke through a wall, and his tinnitus was reduced to a mild hissing that he could only hear at extremely quiet moments. A few days later, his tinnitus was completely gone.

So yes, this worked for him. The only reason he isn’t writing this tinnitus miracle review himself is because he’s not much a worker (construction worker, and incidentally part of the reason he developed tinnitus in the first place).

tinnitus miracle real review testimony


Who is Thomas Coleman?Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman Review

Coleman is a medical professional and Tinnitus sufferer, who had to deal with the constant ringing in his ear for 10 years before he amassed the knowledge necessary to dispel it himself. Growing up into a pretty anti-pharm family, Coleman went into the medical field for primarily financial reasons, but avoided using anti-biotics and commonly accepted medicines himself when he could, advising his patients to do the same. This is why he spent so much time developing a natural cure for tinnitus instead of just trying whatever new experimental treatment was hitting the block that weekend.

Coleman worked arduously to create the protocols of the Tinnitus Miracle using knowledge he collected from various medical journals, science journals, professional colleagues, coworkers, friends, and family. Didn’t hurt that he could experiment on himself as necessary, either.

And thus, the tinnitus miracle treatment was born.

Book Breakdown:

The Tinnitus Miracle isn’t full of the type of information one might find if they google search “best cures for tinnitus” only to be assaulted by spam. Instead, it’s full of scientifically validated information designed to target the causes of the symptom. Naturally, like other tinnitus miracle reviews we can not go into too many details of the book less we enter that dreaded “copyright infringement Im-Going-To-Sue-You” land, which we definitely do not want to visit. But a short summary should be enough to detour that route:

  • Part 1 of the Tinnitus Miracle is the basics of tinnitus, filled with helpful information that actually aided me in writing this review itself, as I do not personally have tinnitus so a lot of the information was new to me. Coleman explains some common misgivings that people have about tinnitus, and dispells myths surrounding the condition. Basically, it’s the fundamentals.


  • Part 2 of the Tinnitus Miracle is the core of the guide, focusing on how to cure tinnitus and end the ringing or humming in your ears that the tinnitus has manifested itself as. This is where Coleman starts getting seriously, firmly asserting that tinnitus holistic treatment is vastly superior to anything you would find from the mainstream healthcare system. He then proposes his 5-step formula to cure tinnitus from the inside. This section is the most important part of  the book, so if you’re going to engage in it you better read it multiple times.

How to Buy Tinnitus Miracle

The Tinnitus Miracle is available on their official website for a fraction of their original price. You can snag it easily enough by clicking the button below. You can pay through Clickbank using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

tinnitus miracle download

There are two versions of the official site, one with the informative video above and one with the text itself. If you prefer the text version, click here:  http://www.tinnitusmiracle.com/


  • As far as me and my uncle can tell so far, is a permanent solution packaged in “all-natural” wrapping. Sounds amazing to me.
  •  Because it’s all natural, there’s the added benefit of costs. Money saved on drugs, pills, or surgery is the best kind of money.
  • Real testimonies for the program are abundant, people are raving about the program and that helps boost its validity. Unfortunately, there’s always a few people who won’t see results.
  •  The best bonus is that Thomas Coleman offers LIFETIME SUPPORT with the product. This means that if you find it isn’t doing what you expected of it, you can contact him and get the breakdown on how you can improve the tinnitus treatment.
  • And of course, with the money back guarantee there’s almost no risk involved and a metric ton of reward.


  • As I said above, not EVERYONE will see results.
  • It’s 250 pages. That’s a lot, and it can easily seem overwhelming to someone new to the program at first, until they persevere. But I feel as though it definitely could have been abridged if Coleman had tried.

Overall Rating: 97.4/100  A+

There are bonus guides which are available for free with the program purchase of the program as wellThis is a phenomenal resource for you to use in curing Tinnitus, and our own real experience with it has turned me and my uncle into staunch supporters. This book is getting an A for sure. Give it a whirl, see if you do or don’t like the way the treatment system reads and you can A. outsource all your questions directly to Coleman instead of reading the book to get your answers hand-delivered to you (not recommended) or B. Return the book.

Other Tinnitus Miracle Reviews may avoid making shy claims, but I was never very meek. I say if you have Tinnitus, give the miracle cure a shot to cure it – for good.

For your time, a recent media reference to Tinnitus:

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