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The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Book Review


Herpes is a very serious illnesses that effects millions of people worldwide. Many have been convinced that their condition is permanent, and that nothing they do can get rid of it. I was one such person. But I was also committed to doing my best to rid myself of the virus through use of only natural methods. I tried a lot of crap, and one of the things I invested in was this treatment system. And boy, do I have some things to tell you in this review.

What is this?

It is a program developed by Ms. Melanie Addington. She created this to be her one-stop method of curing Herpes naturally.She wanted a method to deal with the virus that would have absolutely no side effects, and still work to eliminate the herpes simplex virus as quickly and efficiently as a sufferer could hope for.

As a herpes sufferer, I approached ultimate herpes protocol with more than just a grain of salt. I was carrying a beach. I contracted herpes two years ago from a one-night stand, and have been struggling to cover it up ever since. My friends think I have genetic cold sores that show up when it gets cold (I most often experience breakouts during the Winter). I was embarrassed and ashamed that one mistake was supposedly going to leave me with this virus for the rest of my life. Trying out this protocol was just my last hail mary.

And it actually worked quite well.

Who is Melanie Addington?

Melanie Addington creator of the ultimate herpes protocol

The first thing I did was look into Melanie Addington and her background. I wasn’t going to try out any regular schmuck’s program, no matter what it was promising. As it turns out, she is a pretty regular woman, but her dad is the person of interest in this story. He’s an extremely established doctor in California, and studies Herpes specifically. My guess? He is the one did most of the compiling for the book, and he simply allowed his little girl to get all of the credit for it. There is a story about her having suffered from herpes herself, which I sort of believe. But how does the daughter of a doctor whose primary focus is herpes get herpes? I proceeded with caution to purchase the book anyway. I was desperate.


I am not allowed legally to divulge all of the information that is provided in the ultimate herpes protocol. However, I will summarize what you will be exposed to when you decide to start reading this book.

I was skeptical when I began it, but there is serious merit in the book that makes itself clear when you start reading it impartially, only looking for facts.

  •      The Herpes Protocol begins by bolstering your immune system in order to immediately begin combating the herpes simplex virus in your system.
  • This is accomplished through various herbs and all natural treatments. From there, now that your immune system is in better shape, Addington aims to attack the virus. What made this system stand out to me is that it focused on attacking the root cause of the virus, rather than just treating it on the surface.
  • You utilize the all natural methods featured in the system to basically assault the virus as it exists in your body.
  • Following the assault begins the regime designed to prevent the virus from resurfacing, as well as preventing lingering strains from duplicating themselves and resuming control over your body.

herpes virus

 My personal testimony: This book is worth it’s e-weight in gold. The text itself is convincing to make even the most skeptical person give it a try. And once you try out the techniques, you’ll understand why people are raving for this treatment. It is effective, and you notice QUICK.


It was actually featured on Yahoo/Business Wire before. This another good reason I gave it a shot after looking into it.


Pros and Cons:

  • These methods teach you how to battle the virus directly at its root, assaulting all the base camps it has set up on your body.
  • Once you’ve beaten the virus down, it prevents it from resurfacing. This is the key that separates this treatment from a temporary one you could pick up at a pharmacy.
  • The book itself is easy to read.

Review – Cons:

  • Herpes varies from person to person. There is no guarantee you’ll see results, and definitely no guarantee that you’ll see results quickly.

How To Purchase:

This book is available right now through ClickBank, and even has a special discount going on for it right as we speak.


The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

This purchase is run directly through clickbank, meaning you can get a full refund at any point you feel like the product isn’t work – for up to 60 days. That makes this a risk free buy, which was a contributing factor in me giving it a chance in the first place.

Review – Conclusion:

Is  Ultimate Herpes Protocol a scam? No! I’m actually very glad that I decided to give it a shot, because I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it proved to be for me. Anyone who has a serious problem with herpes and is looking for pretty quick relief and treatment needs to try this book out.