Trick Photography And Special Effects Review

By: John Cho

Author: Evan Sharboneau

What Is Trick Photography ?

This is an ebook for upcoming or aspiring photographers. The author, Evan Sharboneau, is also the creator and founder of  He specializes in giving unique tutorials to photographers, artists, and photo manipulators. In this particular book, he is aiming to give out tips and tricks which will help the reader create awesome photos. He’s well respected in the community in  the photography community, with some of his stuff having been well received in bigger reading circles such as Amazon. Step by step instructions are Evan’s speciality, and are featured heavily in this book. The book is designed for every photographer, from beginner to advanced, who wants to create splendid photos with little unknown tricks.  I’ve included some samples of the photos he teaches people how to create in the ebook.. He teaches both simple and complex tricks.

TPSE gives more focus to creativity than money spending on gear and cameras, catering to people who don’t have an endless supply of it (me and you).


Very simple

  • Straight forward step by step instructions.
  • He doesn’t stress on costly gear. Gives priority to ideas.
  • Perfect for every type of photographer.
  • You get inspired by these ideas and you start thinking some of your own.
  • There are links to supplementary products that will help you out.
  • Evan is an establish professional.
  • Free bonuses with the book that have value.
  • Nice editing shortcuts and tricks.


  • Evan frequently goes too much into details. That much detail is not required at times.
  • Some of of it you will NOT understand until you do it by hand.
  • You may have to buy small and inexpensive items to pull of certain photos. Most of the tricks are not like this, thankfully.


If you are considering purchasing an expensive DSLR camera, you should definitely purchase this book before. It could save you literally hundreds of dollars. Trick Photography is geared towards people with more affordable cameras pulling off shots that would make you think otherwise. The book also clearly details the fundamental rules of photography so that you can take better pictures for various occasions. This purchase makes sure to give you the most bang for your buck as well – you also get these 4 additional bonuses with the purchase of the program.trick-photography-bonuses

Screenshots from The Book

These screenshots are taken directly from the book. Not too revealing, but this pretty much sums up how much I think you guys should consider getting the book. I’m showing you the material now and you’ll either agree with me or realize it’s not really for you, but i guarantee you that this book is LEGIT INFORMATION.


                                        He explains everything beginning with the basics.

He has also uploaded an awesome video to explain budding photographers everything with ease.

 trick photography and special effects sample sneak peek

                                   Above are some vivid example he uses for the visual learners.

Evan also explains what happens to a photograph depending on the different modes a picture is taken with. Most of the programs just explain the best way to take it, but Evan on the other hand explains every mode with the intention of making you adequate and self reliant.

Overall Rating: 97/100  A+

It’s going to be impossible for you to read this book in a few sittings without trying out the material as you go through it – it’s way too interesting and compelling. There’s a moment of joy you reach when you progress through the book and your skills develop along with it. After reading this book, I can now figure out tricks behind many photos I see on the internet. As your skills develop, Evan has a bonus book titled “How To Make Money From Photography” that you can use to make back your initial investment. If you’re into photography and want to take it to the next level, Evan spoonfeeds you everything you could possible need.

special effects and trick photography

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