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Pure Natural Healing Review


Pure Natural Healing Review

The fast paced hectic lives we all lead often prove to be the main cause of many recurring health problems people face today. As modern medicine continues to grow and develop, so does the number of debilitating modern illnesses people get diagnosed with nowadays. Although modern medicine has the unprecedented success of accurately diagnosing these illnesses, it often fails to treat them successfully or provide patients with a relief they desperately need.

Lacking options and feeling like a slave to only one available way of healing, people have sought alternative treatments for years. By studying all kinds of oriental medicine, people soon realized the benefits of alternative Chinese medicine and started using it as part of their treatment. To the surprise of many, it proved to be a very effective and safe way to treat many diseases and injuries, and soon became the preferred choice of treatment by many people in the Western world.

There’s been many studies and books published on this subject, and if you ever did any research you might have stumbled upon a book called ‘Pure Natural Healing’. ‘Pure Natural Healing’ is a health guide meant to introduce you to the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure. Accompanied by various other audio and video content, it comes as sort of a training manual for mastering this ancient method of treating illnesses and injuries.

Official Website: www.purenaturalhealing.com

About the authorkevin richardson

This guide is written by Kevin Richardson, a former health columnist who dedicated his life to researching ancient oriental medicine and how to use it in order to help people heal. His flair for gaining new knowledge and experiences brought him to a famous practitioner of Chinese medicine, a man called Master Lim. Although already pretty familiar with the practice of acupressure, he was surprised at how quickly and efficiently Master Lim was able to treat certain illnesses and injuries. A shy and humble man, Master Lim rarely held any large seminars or workshops, thus making himself not easily available for teaching. Richardson, seeing how all this useful knowledge was going to waste, decided to take action. The two of them partnered in order to create a manual that will instruct people on how to master the art of acupressure, enabling them to treat their injuries on their own.

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How the guide works

Although the guide itself sure does seem very revolutionary, the basic principle it’s based on is everything but. Practiced all throughout Asia and the Middle East, acupressure has been used to help people for thousands of years. It originated in China, and along with acupuncture it was made to complement treatment done with herbs and other natural remedies. The whole idea is based on a very simple premise. The Chinese believe that your body contains something they call the ‘meridians’. They’re basically lines that go up and down your body that contain focal points. These lines are where your ‘life energy’, or qi as the Chinese call it, moves through your body, maintaining your overall health and vitality. Even though this may seem like some kind of spiritual mumbo-jumbo, rest assured it’s definitely not. The existence of these meridians has been confirmed in numerous studies done at prestigious research centers and universities using modern techniques. Blockages in the focal points of these meridians are what the Chinese believe the root cause of every injury and disease a person might experience. By applying pressure to these focal points the blockage is released and the body immediately starts healing itself. Every single body, without exception, has this self-healing ability. It’s just a matter of recognizing your potential and using it to your benefit.

The ancient Chinese believed that every organ in the body is perfectly mirrored on your hands and feet. Also, every organ is located in one of the 800 focal spots in the body’s meridians. Starting to see the connection? When you gain the knowledge about where these points are mirrored on your extremities, you’ll be able to treat any and every pain you may have with unbelievable ease. This is a method that treats not only minor discomforts such as headaches, toothaches, and sore muscles but also serious debilitating conditions such as arthritis, chronic back pain, osteoporosis, menstrual and prenatal problems. Forget about ever having any post-surgery pain, as it will take you just seconds to successfully relieve it.


What’s Included

You can rest assured that purchasing this guide is the best way to teach yourself everything you need to know about acupressure. You’ll receive a detailed book about the history of acupressure, its benefits, the research that’s done on it, how and when to perform it and why you’ll get better from it. This book is probably the most comprehensive guide ever written on the subject. It’s also very well written and engaging way, so you’ll have no trouble reading or understanding the content. You’ll also receive a workbook – a very useful addition to the guide, as it provides you with schemes and tables that will make the learning and treat process much easier. There are many charts presented that will help you pinpoint what exactly is bothering you and treat the problem with ease. Along with the main guide and the workbook, you’ll receive a DVD with videos that complement everything you’ve already learned. They’re great tools for revising what you read, and you can even use them as the sole method of learning, as they’re very informative and do a great job of visually explaining everything you need to master.


Will it help treat my chronic pain?

Yes! Acupressure is a method that often succeeds where others fail and provide the best results when treating a chronic condition. Western medicine generally resorts to toxic and dangerous drugs to treat these conditions, and the Pure Natural Healing method is a safe and effective alternative to that.

How can I be sure I’ll master the art of acupressure?

Look around online and you’ll find pages on pages of testimonials made by people whose lives changed thanks to this method. The guide was created with great care and dedication and tested thoroughly. The matter in its essence is simple enough for everybody to successfully master in no time. However, if you do find yourself unable to perform acupressure, or just don’t like or need the guide anymore, there’s a free return policy to ensure your satisfaction. Just write an email and you’ll get your money back in no time, no feelings hurt!

Are there any cons to this program?

As it often is with good things in life, this program comes with a few setbacks of its own. Firstly, this isn’t some sort of a miraculous healing power you’ll suddenly gain with just a glance of the guide. This is a matter that requires focus and dedication in order to master, and some people might find that it’s a task too troublesome to bother with. You also have to be patient and persistent, seeing how experts in this field a take decades to train.


I truly recommend buying this fantastic guide. If you are someone who tends to get injured or ill often, or someone that suffers from a condition so chronic even western medicine can’t heal, then this is a book for you. Even if you’re currently as fit as a fiddle, The Pure Natural Healing Program is a great present for friends and family. What’s better than ensuring you and the people you love and care about stay happy and healthy, all without any need for pills and potions.

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