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Memory Repair Protocol Review

Thanks for stopping by to read my review on the Memory Repair Protocol.

A mother once told her son, after noticing that he was letting his grades slip, that “the mind is a terrible thing thing to waste”. He had been spending weeks trying to come up with a scheme to bamboozle the situation, cover his grades, and keep slacking off with his “buds”. Ultimately, his demise was him simply forgetting to hide a graded paper while he was off with his fellow delinquents, and his mother found the sheet in his room. He thought he would get a beating or some sort of punishment, but instead, she simply spoke those words to him. Then left him alone to solve the problem himself… this approach resonated with him.

So much so, that my Husband told this very story to me years later, long after we married, while we were trying to figure out how to deal with a similar situation with our own son. And although he thought it was just a simple anecdote to prove his point, it resonated with me as well.

Decades after sharing this story with me, he no longer remembers it himself.

To be a caretaker of a man with Alzheimer’s is a painful process for everyone involved. It hurts, watching the person you once know slip away in front of your eyes. Since you’re on my blog, I imagine you’re in a very similar position to where I was – desperate for answers or solutions, just trying to restore your loved one to the way they used to be. And the way you think they still are, deep down inside. It is this desperation that leads us to looking for products like the Memory Repair Protocol and others that claim to be the solutions we need, and that unfortunately, many scammers are aware of this and try to take advantage of people like us trying to improve mental health.

Which leads us to the topic of the day: The Memory Repair Protocol Program.

What is The Program?

MRP is a downloadable ebook that is aimed at helping with a variety of mental issues related to memory loss. The contents include a nutrition plan composed of natural foods and methods for you to stay healthy, rather than loading up on chemicals or medications (it suggests that it’s methods can completely overwrite the need for medicine, but rather than trust in it blindly, we combined with the instructions with whatever our Primary Care Doctor recommended or prescribed).

The bulk of the guide is constructed around the ketogenic diet, which is a newer diet that revolves around reducing the amount of carbs and sugars you eat, instead focusing on meats, fish, veggies, and a minimal quality of fruit. The book posits mental deterioration can be linked to a high intake of carbs and sugars. This was news to me, but there are various sources out there that support this claim, including PsychologyToday.

The Author

Martin Reilly is the author of the program – a professor at Stamford who teaches Mental Health Disorder Courses. He developed this program in response to his wife, Sandra Reilly, developing dementia. Watching her have difficulty performing the simplest chores, such as operating a microwave or using the television, spurred him into action – a feeling I can very much relate to. His desperation lead him to a woman from Ballabgarh, India, who suggested to him natural methods to deal with dementia.

I don’t know how Martin felt when he was first told this, but personally, I would be VERY HESITANT to blindly follow the suggestion of a woman from North India, who wanted me to use natural methods to deal with mental repair. There are too many cases where people depend on only the natural methods and completely forgoe Western Medicine, and it backfires. I might have stopped reading right here, but I was surprised to look into it and see that the lowest rates of Dementia are in Africa, India, and South Asia.

So there was actually a basis for Martin to trust her advice. And he did, while combining it with his own research, culimating it methods he used to gradually improve his wife’s mental capabilities, and later compiled into his famed Memory Repair Protocol.


When you purchase the book, you get:

The Memory Repair Protocol Fast start Guide eBook
Bonus: The Memory Repair Protocol 21-Day Protocol eBook
Bonus: The Fact Retainer
Bonus: Meditation Mind Power

The total for all of this is $37 (CLICK HERE FOR THE DISCOUNT), a fair price.

Pros and Cons


  • The book is an easy read, and simple enough to implement. Meals are easy to prepare. I could see some people having reservations about the ketogenic diet, so make sure you’re OK with following those parameters before purchasing – as I said above, it’s a HUGE part of this book.
  • The research is sound, and even the tidbits from the book that I mentioned in this review have sources that I provided. There is a scientific basis for what it suggests, which is important to me, and I hope it’s important to you as well.
  • It’s a digital download, so you can access it immediately if you’re on a device that can open ebooks (computers, phones) or you can even send it to a Kindle if you so wish.


  • There is one MAJOR con that I can think of: The book promises results in twelve days, but I honestly believe that’s just to try and get people using the method. I don’t think you can realistically expect any tangible improvements in mental health in at least a month, and that’s what I would suggest you wait for before deciding that the program is working for you.

In Conclusion

I pray for the day where we will be able to simply take a pill and repair any issues with memory that we or any of our loved ones have. Unfortunately, it seems that those days are still very far off. For now, I think programs like the memory repair protocol are the best available option we have to combat ailments like Alzheimers and Dementia – natural methods can work if you give them the time and care to do their best. And while it’s not a perfect solution, it is a way that we can, at the very least, fight back a little.

Overall Rating: 93/100


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