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The Laserless Tattoo Removal

The Laserless Tattoo Removal Review

Tattoos are the oldest and most primal way people decorate their bodies. Tattoos used to serve as rights of passage, or as a way to associate yourself with a specific tribe or class. It’s not that different today, either. Tattoos are a great method of self-expression, they can serve as permanent reminders of certain events or people, and can turn the entire human body into art. However, more often than not actually, tattoos stop being beautiful art and turn into a skin-deep nightmare. There are too many reasons to list as to why someone ends up hating their tattoo, and those are people I wouldn’t like to trade places with. There are only two steps you can take from there, one of them being to come to terms with your destiny and continue living your life with the unwanted ink embedded in your skin forever. Bear in mind that this is the best out of two evils, as it’s completely cost and pain-free. The second, less popular option, is to have your tattoo removed by a laser. The laser technology has seen major improvements in the past couple of years, but it still fails to make the entire process less painful.

The laser tattoo removal industry is, as it name says, ultimately an industry and every industry’s goal is to generate as much revenue as possible. Laser tattoo removal treatments are very painful and expensive, and can range anywhere from $200-$800. If you’re looking for a way to remove your tattoo, but don’t want to spend hours and thousands of dollars on laser treatments, you might want to continue reading.

‘The Laserless Tattoo Removal’ is a newly published guide that promises a natural, pain-free and permanent tattoo removal. It’s an all-encompassing book on tattoos, written in the form of a guide that instructs you on all the steps necessary to ensure your tattoo gets removed and stays that way forever. The guide was written by Dorian Davis, a seasoned tattoo artist that had enough of the fact that people who remove tattoos make more money than the ones that create them. Seeing how many people spend thousands of dollars on treatments, only to find they’re not as effective as everyone claims they are. Using his knowledge about skin and how it interacts with ink, along with years of experience tattooing, he set out to find a better way to remove them. What he came up with was a safe and natural way to remove all ink from the skin, all without any pain or irritation.

How it works

The Laserless Tattoo Removal is a surprisingly detailed and comprehensive guide. Although it all may sound a bit far-fetched, the facts presented in the book are pretty solid. It starts off with a detailed explanation of tattoos in general, how they work, why are they permanent and where exactly are they in your skin. It’s useful knowledge for anyone that already has or wants to get a tattoo, as it really breaks it down to you and makes you understand the entire process better. The guide then proceeds to educate you on all the natural herbs that have the ability to break down ink pigments. It explains where those herbs grow, how and why they manage to do that and how you can find most of them at your local stores and farmer’s markets. As you go through the guide, you’ll find out how to combine these herbs with other natural, easily-available ingredients in order to create creams and ointments that’ll dissolve your ink completely.

The author and the team behind the guide made sure that you get the most out of the book. They obviously take the matter very seriously and dedicate a part of the book to describing and analyzing other tattoo removal methods. They advise you on what other methods work, and what don’t, so you can avoid any potentially dangerous treatments. They also explain how lasers work and educate you about all the side-effects lasers have, both immediate and long-term, and how they can interfere with your health in the long run.

Last but not least, you’ll get an exhaustive, step-by-step guide through all the steps you need to take in order to remove your tattoo in the shortest amount of time. There are specific instructions on how to deal with tattoos of any shape and size, and certain tips and tweaks to ensure every ink color get’s flushed out of your skin evenly.

What You Get

The Laserless Tattoo Removal guide can be purchased on their official website for just $37. The original price it was advertised at was $69.99, so bear in mind that this is a special offer that might expire soon. If you manage to get your hands on the guide at the discounted price, you’ll receive quite a bit of bonus content. Six more books to be exact, along with a lifetime subscription to any new books that the author might publish. Not all of the books are that closely related to tattoo removal, but they do a great job of complementing the original guide and providing you with a more wholesome experience. Among others, you’ll receive a book called Tattooing 101, which goes to great lengths in explaining the history and meaning behind tattoos. It’s a great guide for a first-timer, as it answers many questions you might have before having your first tattoo. How to choose a tattoo, how to choose a tattoo artist, how to make sure you communicate with your artist, how to make sure you stay safe and how to take care of your new tattoo are just some of the questions you’ll find answered in the book. The Tattooing 101 guide is followed by another guide called Perfect Skin Secrets. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about having perfect, healthy skin and maintaining its youthful glow. This is a guide that can come in handy after you’ve removed your tattoo and have to take care of the treated skin. ‘Anti-Ageing Made Easy’ is not that related to the topic of tattoos, but can provide you with useful information about your specific skin type and the best way to treat it by using only natural ingredients. Another book included in the offer is ‘Lessons From Miracle Doctors’, and it has more than 180 pages of advice and strategies on how to get healthy and stay healthy by using organic, natural medication. Lastly, the ‘Scoring Your Goal’ e-book is included as a gift, and it teaches you a few simple tricks and tactics that’ll help you achieve your dreams.

All of these books can be bought separately, directly from their respective authors, and are worth more than $200 combined! I’m not quite sure about how long this offer will last, so I suggest buying it as soon as possible to ensure you get great value for your money.

I have a fairly new and quite a large tattoo, is this going to work for me?

I’m sure it will. The guide provides you with a universal way to remove ink, no matter how fresh or old it is. The size of the tattoo doesn’t matter either – you’ll just have to adjust the amount of ingredients you use.

How long will take for my tattoo to disappear completely?

That entirely depends on you. If you follow the instructions and do everything correctly, you should be seeing results just hours after you start the treatment. Your tattoo can disappear completely in under two weeks if the ink is lighter and the lines thinner. If your tattoo is heavy in the darker colors and has thicker, fuller lines it may take a few weeks for the ink to completely dissolve.

How can I be sure it actually works?

It’s natural to have doubts about these kinds of products. Do a bit of research online, and you’ll find different websites and forums with discussions of this guide. Read the reviews and comments made by satisfied customers, weight them out, and feel free to contact the author directly if you have any additional questions about the guide. I believe that testimonials from hundreds of satisfied users are more than enough to help you decide.

To help you decide, they’ve even offer a great return policy. After you purchase the guide, you’ll have 30 days to use and review it. If during that time it fails to give you the results you wanted, or you just don’t like it, email the customer service and they’ll return your money. Every last cent of it! It’s a no-hassle, no-questions-asked, completely guilt-free return policy, so you can be sure your money remains safe and secure.

So, should I buy it?

Well, it’s ultimately your choice, but I personally recommend that you do. It’s a great value for your money, you get tons of additional content, you can easily return it if you don’t like it, and it’s bound to help you get rid of that pesky little tattoo you’d really like to forget about.

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