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Coconut Oil and How to Make the Most of it

Coconut Oil Secret Exposed Review By: Bernardo Samora

Coconut Oil Secret Exposed

Author: Jake Carney

This book reveals the hidden secrets and unique methods of a Taiwanese Master who used coconut oil to heal. She selflessly and unconditionally healed many patients for whom this was their last resort. Medical Doctors had deemed many of these patients as impossible to cure. It also includes the story of a Medical Doctor who used his own unique and peculiar way of using coconut oil to heal patients. In this book, there are many real life examples of patients who used this coconut oil technique and had a miraculous healing.

If you have yet to start learning about or using coconut oil, this book is going to pretty much change your life.

Coconut Oil Info

Our health doesn’t depend entirely on the sliding scale of “this is good for you” or “just kidding, this is terrible”. Who can forget the whole eggs fiasco? Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally possible to maximize your body’s nourishment your body for optimal health – and it’s time for me to put my nutrition degree to some use.

Mother Nature is a wonderful benefactor- providing for us mere humans plenty of perfectly packaged foods in the form of whole, natural plant foods. When we take these foods and process them, we pervert their perfection.  The more processed foods  become, the less effective their isolate nutrients and the more controversial, problematic, and unpredictable the food becomes. The health benefits of the coconut are on a whole ‘nother level as far as natural plant foods go, and many of its attributes are passed on through coconut oil.  We have to understand that all oils are extracts of the original food, providing isolated fat — something that does not exist anywhere in nature.

The scientific community may have demonstrated that coconut oil is not as unhealthy as we once believed, but that conclusion is still a big leap from demonstrating that it is healthy.

Severine Kirchner, Ph.D. The Coconut Wars

Despite this, it’s important to note that it doesn’t mean that coconut products have no value – just that we need to be smart and effective in our usage of them. No more following the mainstream BS that we’ve come to rely on. For example, virgin coconut oil is an outstanding moisturizer and nourishes skin effectively. Common coconut oil usage includes regular skin, hair, and even oral care routines, in the form of oil pulling. You even use coconut oil to create mosquito repellent. Being mostly composed of saturated fat, coconut oil is also one of the few oils that is stable in the presence of some heat, which makes it a viable option for those who use any oil for cooking (not frying), as opposed to unsaturated oils. It is also associated with improvement in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It is HOWEVER important to remember that about a tablespoon of oil is equivalent to about 120 calories and for many people several tablespoons of this a day adds up to hundreds of extra calories of pure fat! Regardless of how coconut oil is metabolized or the kinds of saturated fats that it contains, excess calories are excess calories and saturated fat is not ideal for us in large amounts. Not to mention, high-fat diets can be hard on our major organs and precipitate all sorts of health and weight problems.

In the midst of the many seductive, yet questionable claims, we have to understand that coconut oil in no way gets the “all-you-can-eat” green light. So aside from using coconut oil topically (skin, hair, teeth) or as part of some medically-sound therapy, if you choose to consume any coconut oil, it is essential to use it sparingly. This is not only a smart way to approach this food for your health, but also for our planet’s health and ecological sustainability. To get more wholesome health benefits of the coconut, consider consuming it fresh when available, or dried (unsweetened, unsulfured), or as coconut butter.

Book Info

coconut oil secret exposed reviews

Book Info

Coconut Secret Exposed is the work of Charles Chou who learned about the healing powers of coconut oil from a Taiwanese healer referred to as the Master. There are many anecdotes about the success her patients had with the treatment from ailments ranging from a simple cut to life-threatening diseases. From the outset of the book, Chou indicates that he will not be presenting the scientific data behind the efficacy of coconut oil as a healing force as this data can be easily found on the internet. Chou does provide links for many of the existing studies and articles by scientists and medical professionals. The Master’s techniques for administering coconut oil are fully described with illustrations where necessary. Chou also discusses the different types of coconut oils available and the advantages or disadvantages of each type.


– Super Cheap

– All Natural Remedies!

– Cost effective solution to multitudes of problem

-Also aids in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight


– It wont work for everyone, especially if you have coconut allergies.

– Can’t tell your doctor you’re on to his game.

Overall Rating: 97.8/100 A+

The Coconut Oil Ebook is by and large and amazingly useful resource and is priced at a complete and total steal. If you use coconut oil or want to use coconut oil, there is absolutely no reason in my mind for you to not pick up this guide. You’ll learn methods you didn’t even think of as far as utilizing that oil goes, and you skin will surely thank you for it.

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