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Bulletproof Home Review

Bulletproof Home Review

Introduction to The Bulletproof Home

No matter what your personal background, experience in life, or interests, we all have one thing in common – we want to be safe in our homes. We expect that the world outside of our homes can be a mess, dangerous, and scary. But our homes are our sanctuaries, keeping us safe and comfortable. We do everything that we can to keep our homes safe from the outside world. Most of us feel comfortable with the defenses that we have put in place for our home defense.

But what if I told you that everything that you thought about home defense was wrong. Even scarier, what if I told you that all of your defenses were not only useless, but putting you in danger? The Bulletproof Home is an indispensable tool for homeowners, replacing our faulty logic about home defense with accurate, tried and tested strategies to actually keep your home safe in the case of an emergency.

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Author Background

The man behind this book is Steve Walker, whose life experiences give him the credibility that homeowners need if they are going to throw out everything that they thought they knew about home defense. He served as an officer in the United States Army for 22 years, going to war zones and deployments all over the world. He saw first hand how to keep not only his own unit safe, but how the civilians in war zones protected themselves and their property. 

But it was his experience living through two weeks of the Arab Spring unrest that gave him specific insight into how to defend a home properly. He saw what kind of strategies would really keep a home safe, securing the people, food, and other supplies safe inside when looters and mobs came looking for anything they could take. After surviving two weeks in what was essentially war zone Cairo, Walker decided he wanted to take his new knowledge and strategies back home to the United States, showing people the proper way to defend themselves.

How the Book Works

This book is designed to lead you to a better home defense system that can be easily implemented into your home, no matter what kind of place you call home. You can live in a mansion or a shack, and these strategies and ideas will still apply to you. Rather than using strategies which will tell looters and mobs that you have something valuable, these strategies are designed to keep your home inconspicuous. By using walls, cameras, and keeping all of your valuable supplies in one place, you make it easy for looters to know exactly where to go to find the goods.

But this book uses war zone strategies to keep you and your supplies safe from anyone who may want to steal from you. These strategies are designed for war time, and will be more than adequate for those in the United States. These strategies will cover everything, from where to hide your food to how you should go out to find more supplies if you need to. It prepares you for every possible scenario that you may come up against, and better yet, it won’t cost a fortune.

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What You Get In the Book

The Bulletproof Home is a complete home defense strategy book, giving you everything that you need to know in order to defend your home completely. It does not skip any steps, and is clear and concise in telling you exactly what you need in order to succeed. When Walker describes each strategy and tip, he gives readers an explanation for why they should follow his advice, and what it will mean for their home defense.

But you will not only get The Bulletproof Home. Walker wants his readers to be completely prepared for any and all emergencies. You will also get a guide to surviving an economic collapse. As the United States comes closer and closer to an economic collapse, this becomes more necessary.

You will also receive a book that will tell  you how to administer emergency medical if something happens to you or someone else when there are no doctors in the area to assist you. On top of this, you will get a special home defense and preparation book that is designed specifically for those who are sixty and older. Finally, Walker gives readers a special guide that will help you keep your electricity and find other forms of energy in the case of a complete power outage.

Frequently Asked Questions

With any new product, people will understandably have many questions. One of the first questions that come up is whether or not people need to have experience in home defense or prepping before they read this book. And the answer is no. You can be a complete newcomer to home defense, or someone who prides themselves in their home defense skills, and this book can be equally beneficial.

Another common question is whether people need to buy a lot of extra things in order to have the most well defended home. And again, the answer is no. You will be able to use basic supplies and minimal changes to your home and lifestyle in order to adequately prepare your home for an emergency.

Is this program time consuming? No, it does not take a lot of time in order to sufficiently prepare your home for an emergency. And the best part about prepping and home defense, is that once it is set up, you will rarely have to do anything else to it.

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Pros and Cons to Using The Bulletproof Home

When you think about implementing a new kind of home defense system into your home, you want to be sure that it will be effective, and consider all of the pros and cons that it will come with.

One of the best advantages to using this system is that you will know that it uses strategies which have been tried and tested in some of the harshest and most dangerous environments in the world. If these strategies work for people who are fighting for their lives, they will work against the common threat of thieves. These strategies are easy to implement, taking little time and resources to strengthen the defense of your home. These strategies are easy to understand yet effective, so that even if you have never been a home defense guru, or prepped for emergencies before in your life, you can use this book.

However, these ideas will often go against what the common home defense strategies in the United States say. They are different and radical, and many people may say that they are ineffective. However, Walker’s own personal experiences say otherwise.

My Personal Experience

In order to test the validity and ease of use for this book, I had to try it out for myself. I wanted to see if it was as easy as Walker and other reviewers said it was, and if I would feel any safer or prepared for an emergency while using this program. After reading the book, the strategies were easy to grasp and see the logic behind. It felt normal, and right. It was easy to change the way that I looked at my home, preparing it for any emergencies which may come my way.

My family was able to follow along with the ideas. When we ran a practice emergency, even my young children were able to follow along and listen. It was not too challenging for anyone. We felt much safer in our home, and we knew that if something happened, we all knew what we needed to do to stay safe and secure.


When looking at this book, it is hard not to see the various ways that it helps its readers. There is nothing more important than keeping yourself, your family, and your home safe against any kind of intruders, disaster, or emergency that may happen. The Bulletproof Home is the best response to the threats that we face in the future, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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