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Language of Desire Review

Language of Desire Review

Although it’s been a long time since the feminist and sexual revolutions of the past century, it’s effect and benefits are still felt by women from all around the world. Women now make up for the majority of the workforce worldwide, women’s rights movements are on the rise, and we’re doing things and making money our mothers and grandmothers could have trouble even imagining.

However, all women, no matter how educated or emancipated they are, are prone to feeling insecure about themselves. As we manage to juggle our careers, our families, and our friends at the same time, we often underestimate the importance of confidence in leading a happy life. This leads to many of us feeling unattractive and undesirable, which then leads to other problems regarding our love and sex lives. How many of you have ever felt as if their husbands or boyfriends were no longer that interested in you sexually? How many of you aren’t satisfied with your sex life and fear your partner isn’t either? No matter the type of relationship you’re in, many of us share this exact problem. Seemingly small and uncomfortable to talk about, it can often lead to bigger problems that can’t be solved easily, and bring your relationship to a breaking point.

I’d like to introduce a guide that’s equipped with the best advice on how to handle this very uncomfortable matter. It’s a guide I’ve personally benefited from and believe many other women will too. It’s called ‘The Language of Desire’ and it’s a book that teaches you how to make your man fall head over heels for you, both sexually and romantically. It might seem like a far-fetched selling point, but it made it a best-seller that keeps selling out.

The Author

What sets the author of the LOD apart from others is the fact that’s she has almost zero previous experience of writing in this niche. Other similar guides are all written by sex-therapists or women working in the adult film industry, and often lack connection to the real-life problems real women face. Felicity Keith is a hard-working, single mom in her forties, and never in a million years did she think she was going to write a bedroom guide that’s going to help thousands of women with their sex lives. About a year into a new relationship, she found the quality of her sex life rapidly declining. With every other aspect of the relationship in perfect order, she never gave much thought to the fact her boyfriend kept losing interest in her. However, she soon realized that it was her fear of experimenting and trying new things that drove him away. She associated that with acting like a slut, and so hung up on suppressing any kind of whore-ish behavior, both she and her boyfriend failed to get any satisfaction in bed. After walking into him watching porn, she reached a boiling point and made it her mission to solve the problems they were facing. After months of extensive research and consulting experts on the matter, she came up with a solution. As soon she started implementing the newly uncovered tricks, she began seeing a change in her boyfriend’s behavior. It didn’t take long for them to become as passionate as they’ve ever been, and for her friends to start begging for the advice that made that happen. Feeling moved by seeing other women facing the same problem, she decided to write a guide that’ll benefit all of them.

How it works

This is a guide that relies on teaching you about how men and their psychology work, and what makes them tick. You’ll learn about many things men do you’ve always wondered about, and why they keep doing them. You’ll get a detailed explanation on why men keep watching porn even if they have a beautiful, real woman right beside them. You’ll also learn about what kinds of stimulation, both sexual and emotional, men respond to and why, along with how to use it to your advantage. After you’ve become familiar with the basis, the guide continues to provide you with a few simple steps to take in order for you to make your man fall hard for you. The steps are all grouped in separate chapters, each one dealing with a specific problem or a situation. The goal the author had in mind is to wake up the primal, or the animal inside your man and have him focus all of that passion and lust to you.

I’m aware that it all might sound quite cheesy and fake, but believe me, it’s not. It’s no magic or witchcraft involved – just cold, hard science! By learning about what words and phrases men have the strongest reaction to, you’ll be able to use them to enhance their desire. It’s something the author calls the ‘Lust Mirror’ phrase, and it’s a phrase that will when said in the midst of your lovemaking, make your man literally go crazy. By selecting your words carefully, you’ll be able to project all of his hidden fantasies, and he’ll love you for it!

The guide will help you find the naughty in you, and teach you the technique you can use that instantly makes you man turned on. Using classical conditioning, an unconventional learning method used mostly by psychologists, you’ll be able to make your man vibrate with desire just by saying one phrase. The author calls it the ‘Pavlov’s Erection Phase’ and it’s the thing that kept the flame burning in the sex lives of thousands of women.

You’ll also get detailed, step by step instructions on how to make him feel more protective and caring of you, by releasing a so-called ‘Cuddle Hormone’. Along with that, you’ll find advice on how to make your man never want to watch porn again. It’s a real problem many women don’t know how to handle and talking about it openly is often very awkward and uncomfortable.That’s why the author came up with a just a few simple tricks to solve the problem for you. Your man will have no idea you’re secretly responsible for this welcome change, and you can rest assured you’re secret will stay safe!

What you get when you purchase this guide

When you buy this program ( and, trust me, you will eventually!), you’ll receive the main Language of Desire book, along with some other bonus content. Although the original book is more than enough to provide you with the necessary knowledge, the author and the team behind the guide thought it would be a good idea to complement it with additional guides. ‘The Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty’ relies on the knowledge you’ve gained and instructs you on how to use it to up your text game. It gives great examples and guides you through the sometimes scary process of dirty texting. And for all of you that just lack the imagination, there’s also an extensive list of pre-written texts you can use instead. There’s another book included, called ‘The Silent Seduction’, and it teaches you how to use your body language to provoke desire and keep the fire burning without saying a word. When you’ve finished reading all the content, you can sit back and relax while listening to the ‘Unstoppable Confidence’ – an audio DVD that features more than 90 minutes of conversation between renowned relationship experts Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold. You can learn a lot about how men perceive your confidence, and how to use your feminine vulnerability to wrap almost any man you want around your finger in no time.

I’ve been married for almost 15 years, can it help me ignite the flame in my relationship?

Of course, it can! This guide was written for women by a woman, and there’s no age limit for it to work. It’ll work the same for a 22-year old looking to spice up a summer fling, as it will for a 70-year old woman that’s been married since the Nixon administration!

How can I be sure it’ll work for me?

Honestly, you can’t. This is not a magical love potion that’ll solve your problems in a whim, but rather a comprehensive guide you’ll need to follow strictly. You’ll need to make sure you follow all the rules and guides correctly and try to have patience. Different men react to this at different speeds, so don’t give up easily. If you still fail to be satisfied with the guide, they offer a great return policy too. Just email them within 60 days of purchase, and they’ll reimburse you in no time, no questions asked. That’s the thing that made me buy the guide, as I thought I could easily return it guilt-free. Little did I know I’d be joining the thousands of women with a story to share on how it helped them improve their sex life!

Are there any cons I should be aware of?

As almost all good things in life do, the ‘Language of Desire’ does come with a setback of its own. The amount of dedication which it was researched and written with made the advice in the guide very, very effective. Some women may find it uncomfortable how easy they seem to influence their loved one and make him almost blindly fulfill all of their wished. If you have a moral problem with this kind of subtle manipulation, I’d advise against this book. Rely on other methods to improve your relationship, and leave the guide for another time, a one that may need more desperate measures.


Taking into consideration the testimonials of numerous satisfied customers, the price of the product, its return policy, and my own personal experience, there’s nothing more I can do than, once again, recommend buying this book. There’s no price high enough for keeping your relationship passionate and healthy, and all your needs fulfilled. So don’t miss out seeing how the Language of Desire is only $47 and just one click away from being yours!

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