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Old School New Body

 It is said that without proper nutrients and exercise our bodies begin to look and age at a faster pace. The rage to look and feel young has been around since the beginning of mankind. It is said that ancient Indians used saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and other ingredients to look younger. Today we see many people use processes like Botox, plastic surgery, and other artificial means to look younger. Though these processes may help them look younger, the body still continues to age. Many claim yoga, tai chi and other forms of exercise helps slow down the process of aging, but can it stop and reverse the process? What if there was a method to naturally reverse the process of aging by restoring the body’s natural youth hormones? Steve and Becky Holman the authors of the book, “Old School New Body” claim they know the 5 key principles to do just that.

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Author Backgroundsteve holman old school

Steve Holman has been the editor in chief of the Iron-Man magazine for years. Steve and his wife Becky Holman have picked up various tricks over the years to reverse the process of aging. Together they have built a workout system called the F4X Training System, which they themselves have used to stay in top health. Even though they are in their 50s they look a lot younger and fitter. Steve has a 6-pack body, while Becky is slim, toned and looks 10 years younger.

How The Book Works

The FX4 Training System is completely opposed to “conventional wisdom” of following strict diet and exercising hard at the gym to stay “fit”. In fact, its 5 core principles on which it is built, advocate just the opposite:

  1. Forget Low –Fat diets – fats are required to regenerate the strength hormones in the body
  2. Stop running in circles – long duration exercises accelerate the aging purpose
  3. Stop blaming everything on how old you are – people can change their physique at any age, whether they are 25 or 95
  4. Avoid chronic dehydration – water not only suppresses hunger, but is also essential for all organs to work efficiently
  5. Work-out less

FX4 is a cardiovascular workout regime which can be done in a few minutes. It has mainly 3 phases:

Phase 1 – F4X Lean – a few variations in movements along with FX4 Lean meal plan will help you loose unwanted at

Phase 2 – F4X Shape – helps you shape your body to look like a competitive swimmer or a figure competitor

Phase 3 – FX4 Build – helps you build more muscle mass

The entire F4X Protocol requires you to spend just about 90 minutes of your time per week.

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What You Get 

This book can be downloaded from their official website for a price of $27. Everything that is needed is found in the condensed easy-to-use handbook. After you make the payment online, you get to download the following:

  1. Old School New Body Manual – The FX4 Youth enhancing, body shaping system for men and women
  2. F4X Quick start workout guide – gives the bare essentials of the three phases Lean, Shape and Build
  3. Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets – Explains how to burn fat faster than the rest
  4. Ultimate muscle burning secrets – Talks about the best food which helps to build muscle faster
  5. Ultimate Sex and Anti-aging secrets – Helps you to get greater intimacy and youthful vigor at any age
  6. Ultimate health and happiness secrets – discusses the simple steps to a more energetic, healthy and happy life

This book comes with a 60 days no questions asked 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this system work for both men and women?

Yes! This system has been developed by a husband and wife couple, who have vast experience in the fitness world. They have taken the best of what works for both while designing this system.

How much time does it take to do the FX4 Protocol?

This system requires just 90 minutes of your time per week.

I am 66 years old. Can I really use this technique?

Age does not matter. The oldest person who has tried this successfully was 95 years old. So 66 is no big deal.

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Pros and Cons

The pros of this book are:

  1. It is fast efficient and safe – unlike working out long hours in the gym, this technique requires you to do some hard workouts for a just a quarter of the time, to reap maximum benefits
  2. No low fat diets – Though this technique requires you to diet, it is not a low fat calorie counting diet.
  3. It is completely natural and does not require you to use any drugs or pills

The cons of this book are:

  1. It is available only in the online format, cutting off access to people who are not tech savy
  2. It is not for people who enjoy long workouts at the gym
  3. It does not work if you are not ready to work very very hard for short durations of time.

My Experience


Being a mother of two highly energetic twin boys just zapped my energy levels. I was always busy running behind them, along with the house hold chores. When I was at a play date at my friends place, one of my friends kids asked if I was their grandmother. That was when it hit me. The stress and the work load had taken a toll on my body and I started looking more like a 45 years woman. Nearly 10 years older than I really was. I needed to do something to start looking young again. That was when I came across the FX4 workout system. Its 90 minutes per week workout really helped me get into a better shape and also gave me more energy to run behind my twins!


There are many techniques available in the market which claim to have “Anti-aging” effects. But none of them are natural. If you have tried other methods and are not happy with it or skeptical about trying unnatural means, then the F4X method is worth a try.

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