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Natural Clear Vision – Time To Put Down The Glasses?


 Natural Clear Vision Review By Emily Johns

The system was created by Kevin Richardson. He made the program in order to cure damage done to eyes and to eliminate the need for eye glasses or other eye wear – through holistic methods. Kevin Richardson is known as a doctor who has quite a few holistic methods for various ailments on his many websites, and people can be kept up to date by agreeing to become one his many subscribers.

But does the book work as well as advertised, or is this system a scam? Does this eye treatment actually work? Our review finds out.


What Is The System?

natural clear vision review

Natural Clear Vision was designed to alleviate (immediately) and cure (long term): eye strain, dyslexia, cataracts, glaucoma, poor night vision, astigmatism, near-nearsightedness, far-slightness, damage to eyes due to old age, oracular degeneration, lazy eye, and light sensitivity. Basically, anything less than perfect 20/20 vision is put under the magnifying glass of the program.

Kevin Richardson is a normal person just like any of us, except at the early age of 5 he was prescribed reading glasses. His eyesight continued to deteriate as he got older, until he reached the age of 21 and was declared legally blind. Embarrassed and ashamed of his need to wear classic coca-cola glass bottle glasses, he began to search for methods to treat his eye damages. He purposefully avoided corrective eye surgery, because the cost was too steep and there was always a chance that the surgeries could go wrong. Kathy griffin is his example of LASIK surgery gone wrong. With that set, he turned entirely towards all natural methods.

You can get more information from Kevin Richardson’s program HERE!.

 natural clear vision

Breakdown – The Principles of the Book

1. Learn the secrets that your optometrists get paid not to reveal (through prescribing your treatments instead of CURES)

2. Learn and practice scientifically founded eye exercises

3. Learn habits that cause the majority of eye disorders around the world

4. Learn drugs and food that can cause blur vision

5. Avoid them, and then adopt the rejuvenation ritual that will relieve eye-strain and other pain.

The book also comes with several instructional videos to make following exercises easy, and a seeing eye chart to make it easy for users of the book to measure their progress as vision increases.

How to buy the system

Natural Clear Vision is available on their official website by pressing the button bellow, and as an added bonus you’ll receive it for a fraction of the price other people have to pay. You can be with your credit card or PayPal.

natural clear vision review

This purchase is run directly through clickbank. All clickbank products get an automatic 60 day refund policy applied, so you have 2 full months to try this system and determine if it is worth your money or not.


  • Book is founded on science and anecdotes with good testimonies attesting to it’s effectiveness.
  • These are all natural solutions


  • Progress time will vary from individual to individual.




Overall Rating: 97/100  A!



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