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Manifestation Miracle Review

Manifestation Miracle Review

Manifestation Miracle Review

It is claimed by Manifestation Miracle that having the appropriate knowledge, you could buy the house you like and quit your job, as well as other such promises.  Since the secret was revealed, I’ve seen promises like these that don’t amount too much for those who believe.  However, the course is popular, and people to take part in and talk about it.  The reason I bought the course was to try it for myself then do a review.

The crheather-matthewseator of Manifestation Miracle is Heather Matthews.  She is an energy coach, life consultant and a professional in the flow of energy.


Manifestation Miracle – How it Works

This course contains varied elements working together to assist you in speaking the universal language – or getting in vibration with the universal vibration to attract what it is you want. When going through the course your thoughts, beliefs and feelings will shift. You will feel happier, be more successful and attract some things that you desire.

The course has quite a bit of information – both audio and video. I was impressed with all you receive for a reasonable price.  All the information can be downloaded either as videos (MP4 format), audio (MP3) or PDF (text).

Simply put, the course is a blueprint that contains steps to guide you in how to attract what it is you desire -to experience abundance. Every part of the program works together to assist you in raising your vibrational energy.

Heather calls it destiny tuning. When vibrating at the right level, you can more easily manifest, and there are people who are in tune naturally with that vibration. Others struggle when it comes to the right frequency to manifest. The course is similar to a hack for getting some of the things you want by communicating with the universe.

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Manifestation Miracle – What You Get

All the components are complementary to each other. They’re all included to boost your vibration.

The Manual

The book has 162 pages containing five parts, which are as follows:

  • Part 1 discusses a secret ingredient known as destiny tuning that allows attraction’s law to work. An exercise known as ‘heartstorming’ helps you become connected with your interests and passions.
  • Part 2 involves you getting in touch with your real self through an exercise, a meditation and information. You will also learn what you’re about and the things you’d like in your life through an exercise on self-assessment.  Other exercises include clearing negative thoughts and learning why an excess of things has a negative effect on your spiritually and emotionally.
  • Part 3 includes learning how your destiny and feelings go together to attract what you want. What you feel you create, and the information in this section can speed up the manifesting process. There is an exercise which helps you become aware of your feelings. There are also affirmations that are pre-made for you to use.
  • Part 4 will see you feeling positive vibrations.  This section teaches you that happiness isn’t  brought about by success. You will have an exercise that shows you a way to find a place that makes you happy, step away from your zone of comfort (where all the good stuff is).
  • In part 5 you will find Manifestation Miracle starting to take place around you. One tip here helped change my life. It’s a new idea about ways to make things happier and easier in your life.

Abundance Workbook

The exercises are done every day to help you in developing habits to tune in with your real intentions. The tasks are fun, easy and rewarding.

There’s also weekly exercises which are fun too and help compact what you’ve learned in the daily tasks.

Audio Edition

If you’re traveling or don’t like reading, you can  listen to Manifestation Miracle.  The audio version contains everything that’s in the printed version.

Recap Videos

Each video’s about 15 minutes in length.  You can either download them or live-stream them through your computer.

MindTrack – Abundant Wealth

This is an affirmation track which goes for about 5 minutes.  The background is rain and while not particularly relaxing, the track is hypnotic.  You listen to this for 21 days.  You can feel the strengthening of attraction as you go about your day.

manifest miracles

Also Included

What the webpage doesn’t state is that after purchase you will have a one-month subscription to Amazing Self, which is free for the first month.  So, if you want to end the subscription simply cancel before the first month is over, either by contact through the web page or cancel the payments via PayPal, or whichever third party you use for payment.


  • Builds upon a solid base covering all that’s required to boost your vibration and find what you would like to manifest.
  • A fun workbook to help with your commitment to the course
  • Discussions on chapters to recap what you’ve learned
  • Members area to access anything you need and receive support
  • Guarantee for 60 days or your money back

Who Can Benefit This?

I think anyone can benefit from Manifestation Miracle.  The information gives you a new perspective on your life and all the exercises can be taken by anyone. If you’re prepared to do the work for 21 days, you will discover life changes that otherwise may not have occurred – guaranteed.

A Sound Warning

Nothing will happen overnight.  The course takes time and determination to achieve results. You must work at changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits, to achieve the best vibration to attract what you want.

After buying Manifestation Miracle you will be offered additional products at a discount. I bought everything because it looked so appealing to me and so glad I did.  There is, however, NO obligation for purchasing anything other than the course itself.

Conclusion: Should You Purchase the Course?

I can’t imagine anybody not wanting to attract more good things into their life. This course is a way to help attract things to you.  Those things which help boost your awareness such as self-love, positive affirmations, good habits and gratitude are all covered by the course.

If you do not really understand everything I’ve discussed, that’s all right.  The program is easy to understand and the tasks are simple.  If you need help in attracting better health, more freedom, money or abundance then I strongly recommend looking into Manifestation Miracle.

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