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Luci Survival Lantern Review

Luci Survival Lantern Review

If you’re an avid hiker, biker, and camper, or even just an outdoors enthusiast, chances are you may have already come across this problem. Spending time outdoors is a beautiful pastime, but connecting with nature can be quite hard if done in the dark. Flashlights are everyone’s primary method of illuminating without electricity, but they’re far from an ideal solution. Flashlights often break, they require frequent battery changes, and they can be quite bulky and heavy. You’re expected to carry those things with you at all times, getting nervous and distracted by thinking about whether you’ve charged it or lost it. This is the main reason a lot of you cut your camping or fishing trips short, as you just can’t be bothered with the lack fo safety that comes after nightfall.

There’s a product I’ve come across I believe might help a lot of people with this ridiculous problem. It’s called the Luci Survival Lantern, and its creators swear it’ll transform the way you see lighting.

The Survival Lantern is an inflatable lantern that uses solar-powered LEDs to illuminate. It’s a product that fills out all the needs you’ll ever have for outdoor lighting.

How It Works

The Survival Lantern is a 100% solar powered device. That means that no additional batteries or electricity is needed in order for it work. There are similar products online, but almost all of them require an additional power source, making the Survival Lantern the only solar charging device available.

The mechanism that powers the Survival Lantern is very simple, not unlike any other solar panel you might have encountered. The principle on which solar energy is harvested is the same no matter the size of the panel. What basically happens is: particles of light hit atoms and rip them apart releasing electrons, and those electrons go on to produce a simple electrical current. This the exact same process that happens in both a gigantic solar farm and your old Casio calculator. So, the Survival Lantern is equipped with such a tiny solar panel, which keeps harvesting the Sun’s energy during the day. When it starts getting darker, and the Sun finally comes down, the automatic light sensor on the panels activates and turns the charging off.

All of the electricity harvested is then used to power 10 powerful LEDs, giving out almost 50 lumens worth of light. Lumens are a unit used to measure the intensity of light, and to give you a better picture of how much is that – it’s equivalent to brightly illuminating an area of about 150 square feet. Although being that bright and powerful is a quality that already sets this product apart from others, it’s not its biggest selling point. The main thing that makes the Survival Lantern so popular is its practical size and weight. You see, this lantern is, as I’ve stated earlier, inflatable. It’s made of a very light but durable PVC, which is also see-through so get to peak inside and see how it works. You can inflate it just as easily as you would any other balloon, remember to close the opening tightly, and you’re good to go. When deflated, the Survival Lantern is less than an inch thick and literally as light as a feather, so you’ll have no problem carrying a lot of them with you.

The lantern also has a handle you can hang it by, but it also makes handling it a lot easier, as it’s convenient to grab a number of them by the handles. The handle’s also made from the same durable material, making sure it won’t break or get ripped out. The casing’s also completely waterproof, and it would take almost an apocalyptic downpour in order for it to break.

What do I get when I purchase this product?

A bargain is what  you get! For just $19.97 you get one lantern shipped to you for a small fee. Despite this being quite a bargain, it’s actually not the best value for your money. I highly recommend taking any of the other deal the Survival Lantern company has to offer. It’s not just about getting your money’s worth – you really should own more than one of these lanterns. By buying more than 2 lanterns, not only do you instantly qualify for free shipping, but you also receive a free present. With every three lanterns, you get two free paracord survival kits. And don’t laugh these small bundles of rope away – they just might save your life one day!

What’s in the survival kit?

The survival kit contains 10 items essential for maintaining your safety if lost outdoors. The survival kit is tightly packed and wrapped in over 9 feet of 550-pound strong paracord. It’s very convenient to have as it can be carried around in your pocket or used as a keyring.

Are there any limitations as to where I can use the lantern?

Absolutely not! The Survival Lantern is meant to be used in all kinds of spaces and occasions, and you can use it freely wherever and whenever you want. Never got the opportunity to install that garage light? Never mind, use the Survival Lantern there! Having a backyard party? Illuminate it with a few of these lanterns and you’ll make an unforgettable atmosphere. Going out camping with friends and family? Keep them safe at night with the Survival Lanterns. Whenever you’re outside or doing any kind of outdoor activity (hunting, fishing, rafting, hiking, trekking, you name it!) I recommend you bring this lantern with you and make your life a little bit brighter and easier.

Is it going to break easily?

I don’t think it will. The only impending danger is that the batteries will eventually get used up and stop working. It will take quite some time for them to do that, but when they do just buy a regular rechargeable lithium polymer battery at the nearest store. It’ll cost a dime and your lantern can keep on working for a long time. Seeing how it’s also completely water and shatterproof, I really don’t see another way it can break.

How long can it work before the battery runs out?

The Survival Lantern is powered by a surprisingly small and efficient solar panel. It only takes 8 hours of sunlight for it to reach full charge. When charged fully, the lantern can then keep working on the brightest mode for 12 hours continually before losing power. Talk about efficient! However, seeing how it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever leave it on for so long, the batteries in the lantern can keep its power for a long time. Even if the panels aren’t exposed to a single ray of sunshine for three whole months, the batteries will retain almost 95% of their power. These lanterns can literally sit in the trunk of your car for years, and still be bright enough to use when you eventually turn them on.

Are there any cons to this product I should be aware of?

The only con to the Survival Lantern I was able to find is the fact that everyone will keep bugging you and asking where you got them. Jokes aside, if you’re in need of a lot of these lanterns, the whole order can get quite pricey. Try looking for discount codes or other deals online before buying a bunch of them.


The internet is full of phony, paid-for reviews, and I don’t expect you to be especially moved by this one. But think of it as an honest recommendation of a very useful product. A product we’ve personally used and inspected, and highly recommend buying. Feel free to look elsewhere online, and you’ll find a lot of other customers that are as satisfied as we are, and have nothing but words of praise for this device that, although simple, really does make your life a bit easier.



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