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How Long Does Sciatica Last? – My Experience

How Long Does Sciatica Last? – My Experience Beating It

I  sufferhow-long-does-sciatica-lasted from sciatica for many years. It is a chronic illness that is hard to live with.  Anyone who deals with this condition knows how painful it can be.  I have felt it all. I had pain that went all the way down to my leg and numbness and tingling that went down to my foot.  I had to learn how to sleep with sciatica because of my constant pain.  Having sciatica use to stop me from enjoying my life. I use to wonder how long does sciatica last and would I suffer from it forever.   I learned that I could be free of sciatica because of the Sciatica SOS Program. It is by far the best solution I have found.

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I have tried other alternative sciatica solutions before I found the Sciatica SOS Program.  The one that helped me out the most was Sciatica Care which was a nerve pain relief supplement.  I found it on Amazon, and it had a lot of good reviews, so I decided to try it. It relieved some of my pain, but only temporarily. It is less effective than the Sciatica SOS Program.  It would most likely be my second choice, but I wanted something that could permanently take my pain away.  I wanted to learn how to treat sciatica while not having to take no more pills or have any surgery.   Before I talk about why the  Sciatica SOS program is the best solution for Sciatica. I am going to give you some basic information about sciatica just in case you have no idea what it is or if you know someone that suffers from it.

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What Is Sciatica?

For those of you, that do not suffer from sciatica, I bet you are wondering what it is exactly?  Sciatica is pain that radiates along the scantic nerve which goes through your lower back, hips, and butt and down your legs. Usually, it only affects one side of your body.  Sciatica mostly occurs when the herniated disk compresses part of the nerve.

Who Does It Affect?

Sciatica affects people with a  herniated spinal disc but, honestly, it can affect anyone, but it is less common in children and adolescents.  It can also be caused by a back injury or over-exertion. People with diabetes can also be affected by Sciatica.  Almost every family in the U.S.  has at least one family member that suffers from Sciatica but, with the Sciatica SOS Program, you can easily get rid of it.


What To Look For In A Solution For Sciatica?

There are a lot of solutions for Sciatica. It is kind of like trial and error situation. I went to my doctor as soon as I realized I had a problem.  Of course, he prescribed me pain medication which is a great solution when you are treating sciatica. Some other solutions for sciatica are muscle relaxers, and nonsteroid anti- inflammatory medication.  I tried all of these, but I just ended up with stomach cramps and nausea. So I knew that the ultimate solution was the Sciatica SOS. 

Why is Sciatica SOS Is My Chosen Solution?

So I have told you some basic information about sciatica and now you have an idea as to why it is so painful.   If you or a friend suffers from sciatica, the Sciatica SOS program is the solution for you.  What is the Sciatica SOS program? The Sciatica SOS program is a program by Glen Johnson. I found it while I was searching on the internet for a solution to sciatica. Sciatica SOS is a book that contains hardcore solutions to cure your sciatica permanently! It sounds too good to be true because he talks about simple and natural ways to cure it. I was skeptical at first, but I followed his step by step guide, and my pain went away.


Here Is What You Can Expect To Find In The Book:

  • You will discover the reason for your sciatica and why it is so common. It will also tell you what your pains are trying to communicate to your body.
  • A drug-free solution that will relieve your pain naturally. It will teach you how to add the right remedies using herbs, and it will give you a sense of tranquility.
  • Secrets that turn back the clock on your body’s You will learn about a Nepalese system that will rid your joints, muscles, tendons, nerves of intense energy that comes up every time you have a jolt of pain from sciatica. The book also puts emphasis on healing and rebalancing the affected area.

Sciatica SOS is also my chosen solution because it only took me 7 days to get rid of my sciatica! When I saw that there was a 60-day money back guarantee, I knew that I was going to see results. It is also a  natural way to treat sciatica, and it is %100 safe. One thing I learned through this program is that you do not have to take medication or drugs, which is good because you do not have to deal with the side effects.   Natural ways of healing pain are always the best solution, and the Sciatica SOS program proves that.


The Sciatica SOS  is the best solution for Sciatica, and it is the only proven method that takes away sciatica permanently.  Forget the drugs and the medication. You should go the natural way and do a favor to your body by ridding yourself of pain. The Sciatica SOS is the only guide that will show you how to permanently and naturally get rid of your sciatica. You cannot compare any other treatments or methods to the Sciatica SOS program.  If you buy it now, you get the guide and 5 e-books for only $37 which is much cheaper than taking medication, visiting your doctor or going to therapy.   So take advantage of the deal now because the Sciatica SOS program is the only lasting solution out there. I am no longer in any pain because I made a decision to find the best solution for my sciatica. If you’re wondering how long sciatica lasts, or how to sleep with sciatica, you can get rid of your questions by defeating sciatica altogether. Now I can enjoy my everyday life pain-free and you can too when you order the Sciatica SOS program.

Visit Sciatica SOS's Official Website! Read My DETAILED Review Of Sciatica SOS!


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