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How Does Metformin Work – Ultimate Guide & Alternatives

How Does Metformin Work: Information and Alternatives

By the time you’re done on this page, you should know everything you need to about Metformin – including benefits of Metformin, Metformin cost, Metformin alternatives, how does Metformin work, and about dosage of the drug such as the most common one, Metformin 1000 mg. Diabetes can often prove to be quite a deadly disease, and incidences of it occurring are only rising. While diet and exercise are the primary ways of preventing it, simply put some people can’t avoid it. Once diagnosed, one of the most common medicines prescribed by doctors is metformin. Metformin has been decently regarded as far as effectiveness in dealing with Type 2 diabetes goes, but a lot of people don’t fully understand it. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about it, and we also provided some natural alternatives at the end in case you decide that you would rather treat your diabetes naturally.

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How Does Metformin Work?

metformin alternatives natural

Before deciding to take any medication in particular, it is highly recommended that people find out first the answer to the question how. Metformin works by reducing the level of glucose that the human liver produces. To do that, it will usually attempt to activate your AMPK. AMPK stands for AMP-activated protein kinase. This is a kind of protein that functions in a similar way to that of an energy sensor. Whenever it detects any cellular activities that may potentially lead to glucose storage, it will set off those activities. In addition to this, Metformin will also decrease cholesterol and fatty acid while at the same time enhancing glucose entry into the cells of the body.

Metformin 1000 mg and other Dosage

Now, the next logical step is figuring out your dosage. Most of the time, patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes are often suggested to consume the metformin 1000 mg tablets. This dosage seems to be the most ideal and effective dosage to treat people suffering from type 2 diabetes. For those who, for some reason, may not be able to take this dosage, they can also go for the metformin 500 mg, metformin 750 mg and the metformin 850 mg tablets. Of course, with different dosages, there is a different price that patients will have to pay for. You’ll have to negotiate with your pharmacy (and wallet) to figure out which dosage is ideal for your financial situation while providing you with the most benefit.

For example, those who choose to consume the metformin 500 mg tablets will often have to pay for somewhere around $8.56 for 14 tablets. Yet, the commonly accepted metformin cost for the 750 mg usually lies around $19.85 for 30 tablets. If you need an even higher dosage, 850 mg, you’re looking at an average price of $9.30 for 60 tablets. Lastly, for those who need to consume the metformin 1000 mg tablets, the cost that they will have to pay for often ranges from $13.65 for 30 tablets to $162.27 each for 20 tablets.

The Benefits of Metformin

After learning about how metformin works and the dosage they need to consume, it is a wise idea for people to also learn about the benefits of metformin.

  • Metformin is well capable of minimizing cardiovascular risk factors. These factors include hypofibrinolysis, low level of high density lipoproteins (HDL), high triglyceride, hypertension and visceral obesity. All of these factors can often lead to the body forming resistance towards the insulin hormone.
  • One of the benefits of metformin is that it can help people lose their body weight effectively as well. With that being said, this particular medication is really ideal for obese people. It can help prevent them from experiencing health disorders, outside of diabetes, that are often triggered by obesity.
  • The benefits of metformin also include the treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome. For those who are unaware, this is a condition in which women suffer from absent or irregular menstrual periods. In addition to that, those women out there who suffer from the polycystic ovarian syndrome often experience elevated androstenedione and testosterone. And, as if these symptoms are not enough, sufferers of this disease often have to deal with acne, either hair loss or excessive hair growth, obesity, infertility and abnormal bleeding as well. Thankfully, all of these conditions can be healed using metformin. In this case, patients are free to choose whether they want to consume the metformin 1000 mg tablets or other dosage available.
  • Metformin is also known to have the ability to increase the immunity of the cells towards cancer. It is well capable of preventing tumor growth and enhancing the function of anti-cancer medications.
  • Metformin is also beneficial to those people out there who have the potential to suffer from any of the following health disorders: excessive weight gain, infections, decreased immunity that may well lead to the cancer disease, nephropathies, retinopathies, endocrine issues, cardiovascular problems and, of course, diabetes.

Metformin Alternatives

Now, some people may think that there is nothing else they can do besides relying on metformin to deal with their type 2 diabetes. That, however, is not true at all. In fact, there are quite a few metformin alternatives that people can utilize, especially if they are keen on trying to beat their diabetes naturally. Even though metformin does have various benefits, the alternative methods are still work a serious consideration as well.

When it comes to metformin alternatives that can help people get over their diabetes, people can often choose from the following options:

  • Changing their habits to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Injecting the insulin hormone or other diabetes medications
  • Other oral diabetes medications besides metformin

If you want to go with the “healthy lifestyle” solution, I would highly suggest checking out David Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer guide to beating Type 2 Diabetes Naturally. The official website is . This is a good method to have a lasting treatment for diabetes, but keep in mind it will involve you changing up your diet and lifestyle to keep results. You have to weigh the changes versus requiring medication to treat your symptoms.

If you want to go with Insulin, be aware that while it’s the most common treatment for diabetes it’s always good to get all the facts before you jump into depending on it. Make sure you look up information on Insulin. Just be aware that the price is pretty high and will increase as you keep buying Insulin.

And click here for an introduction on controlling diabetes through other oral medications. Some popular ones include alpha glucosidase inhibitors, thiazolidinediones, meglitinides and sulfonylureas.

And there you have it folks, you know all you could possibly desire about the drug – benefits of Metformin, Metformin cost, Metformin alternatives, how does Metformin work, and why Metformin 1000 mg is the most common accepted dosage.

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