hcg diet recipes handbook review

HCG Diet Recipes Handbook Review

hcg diet recipes handbook review

HCG Diet Recipes Handbook Review

It is very hard to find someone who is perfectly happy with their weight. For most of people, losing a few pounds would be great. However, for some of us, we need to lose more than a few pounds. Life can get hard, stress and the daily worries of life can be overwhelming, and we let ourselves go a little bit. Our clothes don’t fit as well, and we find ourselves more fatigued than usual.

The HCG Diet Recipes Handbook is made to help its readers lose weight quickly, and regain their confidence. It is filled with delicious recipes that are meant to be used in conjunction with the use of HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. It helps the body lose weight naturally without the need for any exercise. It works with your body, rather than against it. It is easy to implement and follow, using delicious food, so you do not even feel like you are on a diet at all.

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Background of the AuthorVanessa Roberts

Vanessa Roberts, author, founder, and CEO of The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook has been leading her readers to a healthier, realistic lifestyle for the past six years. She has been working tireless to bring her readers the latest research and ideas to help bolster their HCG diets. She has a strong educational background in health, nutrition, and disease prevention. She combines all of this knowledge in order to bring her readers the most comprehensive, complete, and informative handbook to the recipes and foods which are available to users of the HCG diet.

She holds the belief that food should always be organic and sustainable, and that we should always watch what we put into our bodies. Unnatural and processed foods cannot be processed in our bodies, and help build fat. Numerous studies have also linked processed foods for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Roberts wants to spread her knowledge with as many people as she can.

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How the Book Works

The HCG Diet Recipes handbook is built to help guide readers through the second and third phases of the HCG diet. The first phase of the diet is focused around the injection and use of the HCG supplement, and should be followed precisely before users can move onto the second and third phases.

The second and third phases are designed to help the user transition into healthier eating habits on a strictly controlled calorie count. The recipes in Roberts’s book ease dieters into these phases. It can be very difficult for people to suddenly remove white sugar, white flour, and many other junk foods from their diet and replace them with healthier options. Many people are wary about “healthier” options, believing them to lack flavor and taste. However, this book is filled with recipes that will shatter these assumptions, bringing you healthy, weight-loss fueling foods, that are at the same time delicious.


What Do You Get In the Book?

The book comes with over 200 recipes, which is much more than most diet programs. Each of these recipes will follow the guidelines of the HCG program. You do not have to worry about thinking ofhcg recipes ideas for meals, and trying to find ways for them to work in the program. This handbook does all of that for you, giving you an exact grocery list of items that you will need for each recipe, and telling you exactly how to make it, and how much to make. This eases the pressures off of you, giving you the chance to focus on your diet. All of the recipes were created by world class chefs, ensuring they are practical yet delicious.

The handbook also comes with a Phase 3 Bonus Report, which allows you to better monitor your progress and showcase it to others. It also comes with a copy of Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons, the original creator of the HCG diet. By reading this, you can better understand the history and the rationale behind this unique diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

With any new diet, people will understandably have many questions about it. One of the most common, is if there is a money back guarantee? People want to know that they will not be wasting their money if they invest in this diet, and it does not work for them. The HCG Diet Recipes Handbook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so that if you read through the book, and decide that it is not for you, you can return it and get your money back.

What do you get when you purchase The HCG Diet Recipes Handbook? When you make the $29.95 purchase, you will get a PDF file of the handbook, detailing the recipes that you must follow, as well as bonuses that will help you as you progress with the diet.

Do you need to buy anything else to use this handbook? This handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with injections of the HCG supplement. The information and recipes all will aid the effectiveness of the HCG supplement.

Do the recipes follow the HCG 500 calorie requirement? Yes, of course all recipes will follow the 500 calorie requirement for use with the HCG supplement. All recipes are designed to seamlessly connect with HCG use.

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Pros and Cons

In terms of positives, this diet handbook is very easy to use, and easy to follow. The recipes are ordered based on the kind of food. If you want seafood, or soup, you can easily find recipes for that kind of food.

The recipes come with a grocery list, telling you exactly what you need to buy to make each meal. Each of the meals are affordable, and do not require you to buy a lot of ingredients.

Many people complain that there is no variety in recipes, and that all  diets have the same kinds of food. The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook provides users with a wide variety of recipes, so that you never have to have the same kind of food twice.

The results in your weight and your overall health will show quickly. You will regret not using this plan sooner once you see how fast you lose weight.

It uses scientifically backed research, to ensure that you are not sacrificing the health of your body for your weight.

Of course there are also several cons to using this handbook. You must use the recipes in conjunction with HCG. This requires additional purchases, as well as injections.

Using this handbook also requires that you cut out all junk food, as well as some foods that you may not realize are bad for you. For some people, this is a difficult process. For others, it is easy. It all depends on you as the user.


My Personal Experience


In order to truly get a feel for this handbook, I decided to use it myself. The only way to truly gauge the usefulness of a product is to use it yourself. I found that the meals were not only delicious, but filling as well. Limiting myself to only 500 calories a meal was easier than I thought it would be, and I did not find myself looking for something else to eat later in the day.

I could easily follow and make all of the recipes, despite not being the best cook in the world. It was fun to make my own food as I watched the pounds melt off. I enjoyed the variety, which made me at times forget that I was on a diet at all.

I lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks, and I loved every minute of it. Not only did I see the results quickly, but I enjoyed each step of the process. I felt better, I looked better, and I was more confident after using this product.


All in all, this is a great diet book for users who want to quickly lose weight. It is easy to follow, and still gives users plenty of food to each each day. You will not be starving yourself, but you will cut out the unnecessary and unhealthy foods in your diet, replacing them with healthy options.

If you have tried other diets, and found them lacking, then using the HCG Diet Recipe Handbook may be a good option for you to try. It is affordable, easy to implement, and easy to follow. Anyone can use it easily.

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