get rid of cold sores fast by ellie gadsby reviewed
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Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast by Ellie Gadsby

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Can this book really help you cure cold sores naturally? Gadsby promises so.

Cold sores, also sometimes referred to as fever blisters, are a seriously hated affliction by many people. They are typically caused by an infection of a variation of the herpes-simplex virus (HSV-1 or HSV-2). This virus causes blisters to be formed on and around your lips, growing in patches that will then bust and crust over. Without treatment, the blisters tend to heal by themselves in 2-4 weeks without scaring, but are still painful and embarassing to have. During an outbreak, cold sores can be spread from person-to-person contact. But keep in mind, they are still contagious even when a breakout is not happening. With that said, it’s no surprise that people are desperate to be rid of them.

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What is Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast?

This book was created by Ms. Ellie Gadsby. She found that her own cold sores, which she has suffered from for the past 22 years of her life, would continuously return no matter what sort of treatments she concocted. Even when she went through periods of accepting her condition, she still had to deal with the embarrassment of people pointing out her blisters and acting like she needed to be quarantined for having cold sores, which the average person immediately interprets as extremely contagious herpes.

I completely understand where Gadsby is coming from with her motivation for creating the program. The only reason I even gave it a try is because I’ve been suffering from cold sores since I was about 15, and they seem to particularly flare up only in the Summer. I’m tired of dealing with them, and I don’t like the negative stigmas that come with them, so I’ve been trying a lot of different programs out there to see what is the best, natural treatment for my cold sores. This is the only reason I decided to give Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast an honest chance.

What do others have to say about Ellie Gadsby’s Program?

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Ellie Gadsby

Naturally, like any smart customer would do, I decided to look into see what sort of reputation the program already has. There is definitely some positive customer feedback, and I took a screenshot of a few comments, but there isn’t a whole of proof of other people being satisfied customers. This can either be because the program is relatively new, or not well advertised, but it can be a red flag, so make sure you keep it in consideration. Personally, I found NO negative reactions, so I believe that the program is simply not as well advertised as it should be.

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Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast has a pretty simple layout, and while I can not legally divulge all the information in the treatment system, I’ll try and give you all the best idea of the book I can without you having to buy it.

Keep in mind that at this point I was a little excited to get started immediately, since it seemed as though this book could have some serious merit to it.

  • First off, the book immediately tells you why you’re not going to find this sort of information readily available or given to you by your doctors. As with most products we’ve reviewed, this book takes a stance of “It’s us versus them”, where the “us” is people like me and presumably you who are looking for a cure to cold sores, and the “Them” is the big medicine companies who profit off keeping us dependent on recurring sales on treatments rather than just outright curing us.
  •  From there, The book goes into the actually meat of the program. Gadsby discusses exactly what her method is that has the power to eliminate cold sores in as little as 8 to 48 hours.
  •   The method itself works by targeting the very virus pathogens (HSV-1 and HSV-2 as I stated earlier) that are causing the outbreaks in the first place.
  • Besides that, there’s a lot of supplement information such as an explanation of what cold sores are at their very core (which helped her figure out how to fight them), some ingredients and recipes that will give you fast relief, and scientific evidence of how and why her method works (which is VERY important to me personally, as even after reading a technique I want to see evidence that it might work before I even waste my time).

 My results:

Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

I loved the way the book was structured, it made it very easy to follow the natural progress of information to method and explanation, just to win me over to even really giving the proposed method a chance. After implementing the necessary changes, I saw a significant reduction in my cold sores after 24 hours. I had a cluster of about 3 formed blisters, and by the end of the 24 hour period they were all gone, although there was a bit of redness still in the area (probably from damage from them being formed in the first place).
It’s been two weeks since then, and I have yet to see a return of my cold sores. I don’t know if I would go as far as to call this a cure for herpes, but it does certainly literally get rid of the blisters.

Pros and Cons:

  • Book is well written, and let me tell you, after some of the other products we’ve checked out this is definitely a strong bonus. It’s also formed with very strong scientific evidence backing its methods.
  • The techniques in the book are entirely natural and holistic.
  • These methods are promised to be long lasting, and I’ll return with an update to see just how long I can go without dealing with another outbreak.

Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast – Cons:

  • I have to include the con that it might not work for everyone. Furthermore, there is a chance that you won’t see as fast results as the author is promising. Besides those…there are no serious cons.

How To Purchase:

You can get GRCSF right off the official website by pressing the big yellow button below. We took the liberty of throwing in a discount code. The process will be through ClickBank’s system, which means you are entitled to a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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This guarantee means that if you are in need of a cold sore treatment, you might as well try this program. If it doesn’t work out, you can just get a refund.


Based off my research prior to trying Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast  (through looking into the book and the author) as well as my own personal experience with the treatment, I’m fairly certain that it’s not a scam. Ellie Gadsby has created a very effective method of reducing and eliminating cold sores, although only time will tell if this is really a method to stop them permanently. For the time being, I’m a satisfied customer.

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