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Fat Loss Factor – Is the program worth the price?

 Fat Loss Factor Review

This Fat Loss Factor System is a pretty revolutionary diet plan from http://www.fatlossfactor.com/, and was created by Dr. Charles Livingston. Ladies, you might also recognize his name from his other guide to reducing cellulite, known as the Cellulite Factor.  FLF is designed to help people who are unable with their current weights lose weight fast, without needing to commit too much time and resources to an over-the-top workout or diet plan. Essentially, Livingston seeks to create an easy weight loss guide for people who have jobs and can’t dedicate themselves entirely to completely transforming their body, but still want to see a significant reduction in weight. By following this guide, these people are meant to be extremely surprised by the results.

Is this just another “weight loss” scam, or is it a legitimate fat loss guide that can be applied with almost no difficulty for any male or female that seek to slim down? I picked up the program to make this review that will  to the bottom of the mystery.

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What is the Fat Loss Factor program?

If you want, you can head over to the real website and see Dr. Livingston’s video presentation on his fat loss program. Otherwise, keep reading to see my thoughts on the program after trying it out for myself.

The system is 141 pages long, and is focused on teaching people how to slim down. Shame Livingston didn’t use it on his own book – HAH! But jokes aside, the 141 pages fly by and do not need to be read in one sitting for you to begin implementing the fat loss techniques featured in the guide. The book centers around natural methods to facilitate a greater than average fat loss, such as improving your metabolism. FLF achieves a metabolism increase by focusing on eating certain foods that improve your metabolism.


Other Aspects:

It focuses on core nutritional value in food that is necessary to promote maximum body function, which in and of itself can lead to you needing more calories for your body to run all of it’s processes at maximum efficiency (this means that if you get your body trying to run at maximum, it’s going to burn more calories naturally). FLF will also improve your fiber intake with a top 10 list of fiber foods to pick up immediately. Naturally, this book also places great importance on consuming more natural food, like organic turkey, salmon, and chicken. As you’ll learn, the fats in these foods will supplement organ function, help transport vitamins and facilitate mineral absorption, and improve fat mobilization.

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Click Here to Access the FLF Video Presentation Created by the Good Doctor Himself.

Book Contents + Breakdown

This is EVERYTHING you get when you purchase this program.

Part 1 of 10 in your FLF System purchase

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This review comes with a bonus. Fat Loss Factor is available from their official website. EDIT: and is currently on sale. You can snag it easily enough by clicking the button below. You can pay using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

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Clickbank products all receive a 60 day money back guarantee, by the way.

Fat Loss Factor Pros and Cons

  • There’s almost no time on filler “theory” that you have to read. They tell you exactly what to eat, and what not to eat. And explain why, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • This book is super chill. Even includes validation for times when you can take breaks from healthy eating, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • This book scrutinizes the fast food industry and tells you just why you can trust much of the claims being made by the big food industries that are killing you from the inside out.
  • This system also touches on the magic of intermittent fasting and how you can utilize that dieting plan.


  • This book is seriously going to stuff organic foods down your throat and watch you digest them. If you’re not big on organic food, this will definitely get annoying. I personally didn’t have much of a problem with it.
  • Book uses big, technical terms. Might want to have a dictionary with you while reading it over.
  • Overall Rating: 95/100  A

    What can I say? The pros highly outweigh the cons. FLF is pretty much the ultimate weight loss guide for anyone who wants to lose weight fast, wants to be told exactly how to do it so that they can follow their instructions, wants to eat organic food, and doesn’t have a ton of time to dedicate to mastering all the potential knowledge on their own. I’ve never heard of spoon-feeding and weight loss going hand in hand, but somehow this system accomplishes that perfect balance. If you’re looking to shed pounds, I highly recommend giving this book a good look over. I’ve lost 10 pounds since starting it two weeks ago, and the Intermittent Fasting introduction really set off most of this fat loss. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.

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