does eczema go away
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Does Eczema Go Away?

Does Eczema Go Away

Topics covered: Does Eczema Go Away (obviously), how to clear up eczema, how to stop eczema from spreading, and how to treat eczema on feet (more info below – but its a personal case).

Eczema is a unique topic for many people. Most people who are currently trying to figure out how to get rid of it are either teenagers or young adults who have grown up with this skin condition and are absolutely sick of it – or they are mothers who have discovered that their child has eczema and they want to know how to get rid of it or at the very least know how to stop eczema from spreading. As a woman who has suffered from eczema growing up and a proud aunt who helped get rid of a nasty case of eczema in my niece, let me tell you, it’s easier to beat than you might realize!

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Before I begin, I assume that if you’re on this page you’re looking for natural eczema cures, and would rather not try a bunch of experimental nonsense that may or may not work. If you are indeed interested in just natural methods, here’s a list of the top three solutions to eczema that I’ve personally tried and found to be effective.

  1. Eczema Free Forever by Rachel Anderson  This is an excellent, all-encompassing guide on how to quickly find relief for eczema, and how to eliminate it completely through all natural methods. For more information, check out the official websites at . This is the main guide I personally used to get rid of my eczema (and it showed me how to treat eczema on feet for my niece)

2. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream A bit on the pricey side but rave reviews back this cream up! It works great on skin regardless of if you have eczema or not and is great from providing quick relief, but naturally once you stop using it you’ll probably see symptoms returning.

3. Eczema Pills from Ayurverda – Now THESE I personally have not tried, but I know a few people who live and die by ayuverdic remedies who saw decent results dealing with their eczema through these pills. Personally I’m not much a pill popper, but an option is an option. Check them out on amazon.

Most of these methods are pretty self explanatory, but if you want more information on how and why they work, or to learn more about eczema as a condition itself, keep reading! Learn what I did so you can better equip yourself to fight it off for good.

How to Stop Eczema from Spreading

No big surprise that people want to know how to stop eczema from spreading. By now you should be able to recognize it when you see it – itchy, red skin and small papules on the skin that are just generally unappealing. The term ‘eczema’ is used for denoting apparent inflammatory process that involves the epidermis layer of the skin fundamentally marked by those symptoms. From there you go to scaling and skin pigmentation.

What is atopic dermatitis then?

Atopic Dermatitis is what eczema is most commonly denoted as. It is a chronic skin issue that generally begins during infancy and continues all through the childhood days. When some children outgrow the issue, some will continue to experience the problem even through the adulthood.

As it develops in childhood, many parents with kids having this skin condition have a question ‘Does eczema go away?’ The answer is that there is actually no way to tell if it will go away completely. However, it is highly possible that the symptoms might lessen as the kids grow. There are chances that the individual might have occasional flare-ups, particularly during the times, when the skin is highly sensitive and gets affected by some environmental changes.

Personally, I prefer to take an active approach when dealing with the unknown, so I started trying out a bunch of random/researched cures for eczema. I’ve done the hard work for you above if you want to know the top 3 cures that I’ve seen work/heard great things about. I just couldn’t stand waiting to see if it would resolve on its own – especially not with so many various versions of eczema out there.

Types of Eczema:

  • Stasis dermatitis: This is a type of eczema, wherein the skin irritation will be experienced by patients on the lower legs due to circulatory issues.
  • Seborrheic eczema: This is a type wherein patients will experience just greasy, yellowish and flaky patches of skin, particularly on the face and on the scalp
  • Nummular eczema: For this type, the patient will experience circular patches of irritated skin that is encased associated with itching and scaling.
  • Neurodermatitis: With this type, the patients will experience scaly spots of skin, specifically on lower legs, wrists, forearms and head. These symptoms might have been triggered by short-term problems like insect bites.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema:  The patient will experience irritation on skin, particularly on the soles of feet and in the palms and this will be associated with blisters as well.
  • Contact eczema: This type is caused because of an allergen confined to any area of the skin that gets in contact with the allergen.
  • Allergic contact eczema: This is a type, which is also known as dermatitis. With this type, the problem arises in response to the contact of immune system to a foreign agent that is not suitable for the body.

How to Treat Eczema On Feet

This may seem like a random question, but it’s what lead me to try out my recommended eczema cures on my infant niece (to great results). My sister started noticing eczema on her little one’s foot at the age of 2 and was just starting to get concerned when she asked me about it (even though I grew up with eczema, she was lucky enough to never have a problem). I convinced her to trust me enough to try out something that worked for me personally (Rachel Anderson’s program that I mentioned above) to try to see if it would work, or at least point me in the right direction of figuring out how to treat eczema on feet. The skin on your foot is quite different in texture than other areas of your body, and I didn’t know how effective the treatment would be.

Luckily, my Niece saw remarkable improvement after just a few days, and in less than two weeks her eczema was completely clear from her feet! Just goes to show you that the natural methods can work effectively, and should at least be safely tried before you jump to medications that you might be signing up to have a lifetime prescription of.

More Info On Eczema

Hereditary factors:

It is also found that children are more likely to develop this issue, if one of the parents has had eczema or any other atopic diseases like asthma or rhinoconjunctivitis. If both parents have atopic disease, the chances are even more.

Furthermore, the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases have discovered that nearly half of the kids with any type of atopic dermatitis diseases might develop another atopic disease like eczema.

Environmental factors:

  • Irritants
  • Allergens
  • Microbes
  • Temperature changes
  • Foods
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes

Treatment and preventing triggers:

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific answer to the question ‘Does eczema go away’. However, the treatment for this issue generally aims at healing the affected area. The remedies also aim at preventing the flare ups. Doctors will generally suggest a tailor-made treatment plan, based on different factors like age of the patient, present state of health and symptoms experienced.

Tips to alleviate the symptoms and improving skin health:

  • It is recommended to use a moisturizing cream or lotion regularly
  • Taking regular warm baths for twice a day will help
  • To lock in the moisture content of the skin, it is important to apply moisturizing cream or lotion immediately after bathing.
  • It is also suggested to avoid tight-fitting costumes and also it is better to use soft clothing that will not irritate the sensitive skin.
  • It is better to use a mild soap for bathing
  • It is also suggested to keep the finger nails short to avoid scratching of skin as it might trigger irritation
  • Using a humidifier in home can help
  • After bathing, the skin should not be rubbed with towel and it can be left to air dry or patting can be done.

Medicines prescribed:

When you seek the help of a doctor with the question ‘how to clear up eczema?’ he might suggest the following types of medicines:

  • For external application some creams and ointments with corticosteroid properties might be recommended. The reason is that these anti-inflammatory medicines should be able to relieve the symptoms of eczema like itchiness and inflammation.
  • If these creams are not effective, he might suggest systemic corticosteroids. These might either be injected or might be taken in the form of tablets for a shorter period of time.
  • Antibiotics might be recommended
  • Also, some medicines will be prescribed for treatment of fungal and viral infections
  • To reduce the risk of nighttime scratching, medicines falling under the category of antihistamines will be prescribed to induce good sleep at nights.
  • The medicines falling under the category of calcineurin inhibitors might be suggested for topical application as they can suppress the activities of the immune system for prevention of flare-ups and for bringing down inflammation.
  • For preventing water loss and for repairing the skin, barrier repair moisturizers might be suggested.
  • For treatment of moderate and mild eczema, phototherapy treatment might be suggested. This is a treatment, wherein the patient will be exposed to UV A or B Waves either both of them together or alone.

Sounds like a lot right? Because it is.

Eczema can be a scary thing at first, but seriously – try the natural methods FIRST because you jump to relying on medications! It worked for me and it worked for my infant niece. It might work for you too! Now you know that eczema does go away – if treated properly.

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