diy smart saw review

DIY Smart Saw Review

diy smart saw

DIY Smart Saw Review

People have a very special bond with wood, a one that dates back thousands of years, all the way back to the earliest human ancestors. Woodworking and carpentry have always been and even still remain a much-respected line of work. For centuries it’s been limited only to a handful of master carpenters and considered a prestigious job, not a pastime. However, more and more people are starting to take interest in woodworking every day. Thanks to the availability of tools and manuals available, there’s a surprisingly high number of people making it both their hobby and an additional source of income.

Unfortunately, newbies often find that woodworking is a far cry from an easy, carefree hobby, and are surprised at how money and time-consuming it is. Developing good skills takes a lot of time – years, even decades! Mistakes in woodworking can’t be erased, so you’ll find that spending a fortune on lumber takes all the fun out of it.

Seeing how many people ended up facing the same problem, one guy set out to find a solution. What he came up with is so simple and practical, you’ll be annoyed you haven’t thought of it.

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Introducing the DIY Smart Saw

Alex Grayson, an engineer with a flair for woodworking, is the author of the guide I’m about to present to you. alex graysmithTaking up carpentry as his favorite way to spend his free time, Alex soon became aware of the amount of time and effort it takes to master it. When researching on how to master complicated cuts with precision, he found that the best solution would be to use a wood carving machine. However, wood carving machines are something you can’t rent that easily, and buying them would be a really, really bad idea, seeing how they’re outrageously expensive. A brand new machine would set you back anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000, and even an older, used one will rarely be cheaper than $2,000.

With all that in mind, Grayson put his engineering knowledge to good use and set out to find a solution to this problem. What he came up with almost seemed too good to be true. Namely, he managed to construct his own fully functional wood carving machine for under $200. How can seemingly such a complex machine be made with so little money? Allow me to explain.

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How does it work?

Almost all machines today work on basically the exact same principle: they have a specific software that completes the requested command using its hardware. So, the bottom line is that no matter how simple or complex the machine may be, it’s probably going to work using this exact principle.

Therefore, even the big industrial-grade wood carving machines work the same way. The machines are automated by something called CNC – meaning Computerized Numerical Control. As its name probably suggests, CNC works by uploading a specific plan or draft to a computer within the machine. The computer will then guide and control the machine using the given blueprints. Seems like a breeze, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it really is.

After extensive research and a couple of failed trials, Alex managed to employ this exact same principle and built his machine around it. By only using parts easily found at your nearest hardware store, he constructed a fully automated and an insanely precise wood carving machine. Grayson’s machine works exactly like any other wood carver: it has a drill mounted on a motorized stall controlled by a computer. The only difference is that the stall’s made out of OSB boards, and the drill’s just your regular hardware store drill controlled by any recycled motor hooked to your own computer.

What does it do?

Unsurprisingly dubbed the ‘Smart Saw’, Grayson’s invention works as well as any other wood-carving machine. Download any drawing you find online, or better yet make your own, upload it to a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program and watch the magic happen. The computer will guide the machine three-dimensionally, cutting and carving the wood according to your blueprints. Just think of all the possibilities it opens up! You’d be able to produce so many different objects with such ease, you just might find yourself slowly getting addicted. Say goodbye to buying furniture ever again! Being able to produce unique, store-quality furniture in the comfort of your own garage is not a chance you can afford to miss.

DIY smart saw reviews

Will it actually help me save money?

It sure will! This is really a fail-proof machine. The computer program that guides it is able to successfully self-correct, therefore avoiding any chance for mistakes. You can always count on the human factor when doing any carving by hand, and a single wrong cut makes the entire piece of lumber basically unusable. With the Smart Saw, you can count on the impeccable precision it’s renowned for, with zero chance for mistakes, thus efficiently removing any additional costs caused by errors.

What sort of stuff does it make?

You can use the Smart Saw to build almost anything you set your mind on! Make all kinds of engaging toys for your kids, beautiful wooden boxes to store the toys in, or even rocking horses with intricate carvings. Use your DIY Smart Saw to quickly build small, practical objects to be used around the house: knife holders, drawer separator, shoe racks, you name it! Or, put your Smar Saw to good use and build furniture that really will stand the test of time.

How can it cost so little to make it?

Well, easy! Everything you need in order to construct a fully functioning Smart Saw can be found in almost every hardware store. Most of the parts are very small, cheap and simple – nails, screws, L-profiles, rails, those kinds of things. Even the more expensive parts can be bought at a bargain. Check the flea market for recycled motors and cables, they’ll work just as well as the new ones. It also works with any kind of computer you already have. Do your research well, ask around, and you won’t spend more than $160 on the entire thing.

Is there anything else to keep in mind?

Although this undeniably is a great thing, it does come with a few setbacks. It’s significantly smaller than other similar machines, but you’ll have trouble fitting it in an apartment. Unless you have a really big closet to store it in, I suggest skipping out on this until you move to a house or get a basement. Also, if you don’t already own the tools necessary to construct the Smart Saw, buying new ones might prove to be a setback.

How can I be sure it works?

Sometimes things like this can sound too good to be true. But have no worries, this is something that really works. Take our word on it, or if it’s still too suspicious to you take a look online. You’ll find pages and pages of testimonials given by satisfied customers.

Where can I buy this guide and what’s in it?

The creator of the Smart Saw and his team at made sure you get all the information you need there. They also put in a lot of hard work into creating this revolutionary guide. You can purchase the guide online for $39, and choose between the downloadable and the physical version, which is then mailed to you. You receive a DVD with detailed video and text instructions on how to assemble the Smart Saw. There’s also a very helpful list of all the tools and other things you’ll need to use during the assembling. If you happen to run into a special offer, you can also receive some bonus content about all the ways to use the Smart Saw you created.

Can I get my money back?

Of course, you can. If for any reason you find yourself disappointed with the DIY Smart Saw guide you can always return it. Just call or email them anytime within 60 days from purchasing it, and you’ll get reimbursed no questions asked. It no problem with the physical edition either – the process is basically the same, you just mail the DVD back.

Should I buy it?

Yes! Just to the math and it’ll be as clear as day that this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. With the crazy good return policy and the ridiculously small price of the entire thing, it’s something you’re sure to benefit from. Whether it’s just for creating something fun for your friends and family or for starting a real business, the Smart Saw just can’t let you down.

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