VFX Body System Review

vfx body review VFX Body System Review

Losing weight has always been a very undignified and dreaded issue in many people’s lives. We’re living in a world that’s so hectic and image-obsessed that it’s become a very fertile ground for obesity to be on the rise. We’re stressed out to the max and suffocated with unhealthy food and drinks, all of which lead to a very static and sedentary lifestyle.

This is a sad reality mjohn-barban-vfxany women face today. Times have changed indeed, and more and more women every day choose not to give up neither their careers nor their families in order to life a more fulfilling life. This, however, creates a very specific situation where women are left unable to dedicate time to themselves and their own health and physical well-being. This leads to inevitable weight gain and an overall decrease in self-confidence, all thanks to the unhealthy, ‘desirable’ body image we’re constantly bombarded with by the media.

Juggling their everyday lives with the constant battle with that extra body fat, women often resort to drastic diets and dangerous exercise regimes they find online. This is not only reckless, but also very dangerous as many of the so-called ‘miracle’ diets are very unhealthy and can do more damage than good to your body. Following random exercise regimes presented by self-proclaimed ‘fitness experts’ almost always lead to injury, as many of them aren’t skilled or competent enough to instruct on those matters.

That is why many women opt for a paid regime, believing that the certainty of its success must come with a price tag. There are quite a bit of good programs available online, but unfortunately, many of them are just cheap scams designed to steal your money.

This is why we’re here to save you the trouble and recommend a guide tailored for you needs. ‘VFX Body’ is is a weight loss system designed exclusively for women. If features a nutrition guide and an exercise regime to be followed at home with absolutely no need for exercise equipment or drastic life changes.

Website: www.vfxbody.com

The Creator

‘VFX Body was created by a health and nutrition specialist John Barban. Barban has a masters degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition and more than a decade of experience in researching nutrition and exercise that target weight loss. He taught in the department of Health and Human performance at the University of Florida and is the best-selling author of numerous fitness and nutrition programs.john-barban-venus-factor

He started developing this program to target a very specific problem women face, which is unwanted body fat. Male and female bodies are very different and both require drastically different approaches to losing weight and maintaining weight loss. By studying the female body and the way it stores and utilizes fat, Barban was able to create a scientifically proven and safe weight loss regime.

Made for women of all shapes, sizes, and age, this program provides them with a healthy and welcome life change by following a step by step exercise and diet system. The program and the people behind it recognize and understand that drastic lifestyle changes are something no woman dreams about. That’s why they offer a detailed nutrition plan tailored for your specific body type and physical fitness, a one that focuses on a healthier approach to the foods you already know and love.

What You Get

When purchasing the program, you get access to a nutrition app that keeps your meals and calorie intake in check. It provides you with a list of foods you should try to avoid, along with the instructions on how and when to consume the foods you’re already used to eating. And don’t worry – the diet isn’t restrictive at all, and the app provides you with a detailed explanation as to why some foods are better than the other.

The part of the program that deals with the exercise doesn’t disappoint either. The exercises are brief and very well explained. There’s a video guide for every single exercise, where every movement is analyzed and explained so you can do the exercise safely and effectively. You can also make your own training sessions, personalized to your specific body type and fitness, which is one of the greatest benefits of this program. It makes it suitable both for unfit newbies that are just starting to get in shape and more active women looking to maintain their fitness and weight.

As you progress through the program, you’ll be able to create a more personalized experience, as it recognizes the success you have in the previous segments of the program and helps you build on that.

And if it all sometimes start to seem as too much to handle, there’s always the VFX community to back you up. By purchasing the VFX guide you’ll also gain access to the exclusive community of its users. Hearing about other women’s experiences with the program is surely something you will benefit from greatly. Don’t forget about the fun aspect of the community as well – a recipe and tip share may ensue, along with some new friendships.

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Not A Miracle Cure!

However, you must be aware that there are always cons to this kind of programs, even with the ‘VFX Body”. This is not some miracle solution to an overnight weight loss. You won’t be able to see results without patience and dedication, so keep that in mind if you consider yourself a serial quitter. This is also not a program that will magically give you a body of a model. It’s tailor for your body type and your fitness level, thus providing you with a better and stronger version of yourself.

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All in all, this is a program that’s surely bound to benefit any woman. The people behind it recognize any dilemmas you might have and worked hard to give you the best product possible. They offer a money back guarantee, meaning that, if for any reason you might not like it, you can just email or call them anytime within 60 days from purchasing and they’ll return your money in 48 hours, no questions asked. If you happened to purchase the physical collection of the program, just mail it back and you’ll get reimbursed as well.

When considering the dedication, effort and years of experience that went into creating this program, it’s no wonder there are so many satisfied customers. If you check out their website or the VFX community forum, you’ll come across hundreds and hundreds of before and after pictures, submitted by women that have completed the program and have nothing else to say but words of praise.

Do some research, educate yourself and decide what’s the best path for you to take to introduce a healthy change to your lifestyle. Don’t get mesmerized by unrealistic ads, but listen to the testimonials of other women with similar goals. That’s why the VFX program can’t disappoint. Even if you fail to follow through the end, the knowledge about your food, your weight and how to maintain it is bound to have a positive impact on your life.

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