The Ketosis Cookbook

The Ketosis Cookbook Review

It’s always a good time for a change of habits, and eating healthier is something that should be on the top of everybody’s list. People are getting more and more concerned about the quality and sustainability of their food, thus creating a climate perfect for the diet industry to thrive in. The media and internet make for a very fertile ground for marketing all sorts of crazy miraculous diets and produce new schools of taught by the dozen every day. Some of them might be valid, but, believe me, most of them are a far cry from reality. Not only are those health plans and diets advertised by using the sleaziest marketing techniques, but they’re all based on a very wrong premise that our body needs to burn carbs and sugars in order to lose excess weight. This is not only wrong but potentially very dangerous, as it puts people’s bodies through an unnecessarily stressful low-carb diet.

You see, your body makes energy by converting glucose (that’s your blood sugar) to a type of acid called pyruvic acid. By maintaining a high level of activity and an adequate intake of carbs, you hit that sweet spot where your body is at its healthiest and most efficient. However, any excess calorie intake or reduced activity leaves the body with an excess of energy, which it then stores by turning it into fat. When you eventually get sick of being a binge-eating couch potato, you’ll just get on that newest fancy diet and lose that fat in no time, right? Well, think again. Many popular diets rely on calorie restriction and put a lot of stress on your metabolism, leaving you starved and anxious, which makes you feel lousy and makes your diet unsustainable.

What you need to focus on the most when you want to lose fat is ketosis. Ketosis is another way your body can produce energy, but instead of the above-mentioned glucose, it converts something called the ketone bodies to acids. Your liver produces ketones from fatty acids after prolonged periods of fasting. To make it simpler, it basically means that after a while of eating right, your body automatically shifts from carbs to fats for energy. This is by far the best and most efficient method of losing fat, but the reason it’s not that widespread is that it just sounds too complicated. People dismiss it as it sounds like too big of a hassle, and miss out on the healthiest way to stay healthy!

Well, not for long. I’d like to introduce you to a book that’s on its mission to change the way you see ketosis. It’s called ‘The Ketosis Cookbook’ and its main goal is to familiarize you with the concept of ketosis and how you can use it for your benefit. Apart from being a great educational tool, it also is a fantastic cookbook. It’s very well written and easy to read, and it includes more than 370 recipes. It was created by a group of health and nutrition specialists that all shared the same goal of educating people and offering an alternative to restrictive diets.The cookbook was approved by certified nutritionists and continues to get recommended by doctors and diet experts around the world.

What’s in the cookbook

Rest assured I’m telling the truth when I say that this is the best and most comprehensive ketosis cookbook out there. It relies only on the most recent studies and research conducted at leading universities in order to provide you with the most accurate facts about ketosis and how it affects your body. The book is very well written and easy to read, with simple explanations and step-by-step guides. Its creator understood the need for a comprehensive guide to getting healthy, nutritious food and did their best to make the entire process easier for you.

In the main cookbook, apart from information about ketosis and how your body work in general, you’ll find a huge collection of recipes that’ll enable and maintain the process of ketosis in your body. The ketogenetic diet doesn’t rely on calorie restriction in order to provide results, but rather on restricting certain foods and cooking methods. The recipes you’ll find won’t be much different than the food you’d normally eat, so you can easily implement the diet without completely turning your life around. The dishes you’ll prepare from the recipes are easy enough for a complete novice in the kitchen to prepare, but often come with an unexpected twist that’ll keep even the most seasoned cook interested. The recipes are conveniently grouped into 16 different categories, based on things such as which course it belongs to or what type of food it is. While 370 recipes might sound like a ridiculously large number, I guarantee every last one of them was selected and written with equal care. The recipes only use natural, unprocessed ingredients in order to produce the healthiest and most nutritious meals. These recipes will also help you get rid of those awful cravings, as it offers healthier options for all the junk food you’d ever want. Craving something savory and spicy from your local Mexican food truck? No problem, the Ketosis Cookbook has you covered with an easy recipe for crispy cheeseburger fajitas. Not only will it satisfy your every craving, but believe it or not it will keep your cholesterol in check. Everybody’s coming over for game night, and kale chips aren’t the best alternative to a party food such as a greasy nacho plate. Serve your guest bite-sized buffalo chicken stuffed mushrooms and keep them happy and your fat melting. Having picky kids is an issue many hard-working moms face when it comes to healthy eating. The Ketosis Cookbook offers modified versions of classic dishes no kid will able to refuse. Make the ham and cheese stromboli your little ones will literally devour, or pack the chocolate-walnut brownies in their lunch boxes and they won’t come anywhere near a vending machine.

What you get when you purchase this product

There’s currently a special offer going on on the Ketosis Cookbook website, so read carefully and think fast! If you manage to get your hands on the original cookbook during this special offer, you’ll get four more books related to the topic free of charge. That’s five books for just $47. The bonus books are meant to complement the main cookbook and provide you with a more wholesome experience. The first book you’ll receive is called ‘The Ultimate Guide To The Ketogenic diet’, and it takes the fact presented in the main book and explains them further. It gives you a complete understanding of your body and how to turn it into a fat burning machine with. It explains how and why you’ll end up feeling better and more energetic, and what really makes ketosis so effective at burning fat. The second book is my personal favorite, and I’m sure it’ll also be yours. It’s a comprehensive 12-week diet plan that gives you a detailed meal and exercise plans so you don’t have to come up with them yourself. It comes with charts and tables to keep a better record of your meals, along with detailed shopping lists for every week of the program. It takes all the planning and thinking out of it, and leaves you to enjoy the welcome change to both your mood and metabolism. The other two books you get are additional cookbooks. You get the same well-written, simple recipes to complement your diet, but this time just more specific. One cookbook focuses on keto desserts and the other on all the slow-cooker meals you can enjoy. I told you it wasn’t restrictive!

Can I buy the Keto Cookbook as a hardcover?

Unfortunately, not. The Ketosis Cookbook and all accompanying books are sold only as ebooks. The books are filled with vivid, high-resolution photos of the mouthwatering dishes, and it would cost a lot of money (more than $200 to be exact) to print it as a hardcopy. The main goal is to keep the books as cheap as possible, and making them more affordable and available to everyone is more important than making a lot of money.

I’m not trying to lose weight, just eat right. Is this cookbook for me?

Sure it is. Although weight loss is a welcome side effect of the keto diet, it’s not its primary goal. It leaves people feeling fulfilled and satisfied, regulates their glucose and insulin levels, lowers their cholesterol and generally improves the quality of their life. So, yes, you can absolutely use it as a cooking, not a diet guide, and I guarantee you’ll never need to use another cookbook again.

What if I want to lose weight? How can I be sure it’ll work for me?

Take their word for it! Or mine, or anybody else’s. If that’s not enough, then take a look around online, and you’ll find pages upon page of reviews of the Ketosis Cookbook. People that have already bought and used it have nothing but words of praise for it, and you can feel free to contact any one of them to give you their impressions first hand.

However, if for any reason, the cookbook and the accompanying guides fail to provide any results, there’s a great return policy involved. Use it for a month, and if nothing happens, just email them and they’ll reimburse you, no questions asked. Either way, you’ll learn something new and get your money’s worth.

Where can I purchase the cookbook?

Just google them and go to their website – it’ll take just a couple of clicks for you to become a proud new owner of the Keto Cookbook. Your transactions are secured by Clickbank and you’ll find lots of useful information on the book.

So, should I buy it?

Yes! I can’t recommend the book enough. If you weigh the pros with the cons, you’ll find that there are literally no hidden setbacks, and all you’re left with is a great opportunity it would be a shame to miss.

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