Survive in Bed Review

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Survive in Bed Review


After years of suffering from, and searching for trustworthy material on ED, I was happy to finally have found survive in bed. My journey with erectile dysfunction has been a frustrating one – first going onto (expensive) testosterone replacement therapy and then being prescribed Viagra, I’ve always felt that treating my problem with prescription drugs was never really addressing the issue properly.


The survive in bed guide makes some bold claims – Like obtaining results in a matter of days (15 days to be exact). You’ll forgive me if I was a bit skeptical, but I’ve had issues with ED for years and this seemed a little too good to be true. I gave it a shot though, and lo and behold I did get some results.


The survive in bed guide, isn’t overly long or complicated – the book has about 120 pages of insightful information. For me the main focus was on erectile dysfunction, though the book did cover other issues such as premature ejaculation and a bunch of other impotency-based problems. The guide reads easily and it didn’t take long to finish. After implementing some of the suggestions, I did see some changes.


If you find yourself in a similar situation as myself with ED, I would suggest giving this book a read. The condition can be quite traumatizing and can wreak havoc on your self confidence. For myself, it almost cost me my marriage at one point. I’d suggest not letting this issue get to that point. Here’s how this book helped me-


The survive in bed guide, is a program using all natural techniques, this is especially helpful for people such as myself that don’t really want to pay ridiculous monthly fees for testosterone treatment. The program didn’t seem to be aimed at any particular age group, so it could easily be recommended for all ages affected by this condition. Though most sufferers tend to be middle aged and above, I’ve since learned that men as young as 20 can be affected by Erectile Dysfunction!


The book clearly points out that ED is a condition not of our own fault, and that the condition is actually more complex than we think. Often times, erectile dysfunction can be due to a number of issues and not just one simple one. The book helps us understand all the reasons that might be at play, helps the reader to pinpoint them, and hopefully make progress.


The author of the book (Jack Bridges) has been tagged in an expert in the field of men’s health, and in particular, erectile dysfunction. One of his main claims throughout the book, is that low testosterone is not a the main factor in ED (as most doctors would subscribe to) – but that it’s more to do with blood flow and circulation.


This kind of makes sense, because if you consider it – most ED pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis. So, it’s not really a low testosterone issue. The main thing I took away from this book, was how to increase blood flow naturally.


The program taught me a lot about how diet affects blood flow, something I was quite ignorant to beforehand. The book also lays out some decent diet plans too, which makes it easy for the reader to make some dietary changes. Exercise was something I also neglected, and the survive in bed guide clearly highlights the importance of it, with some easy to follow guidelines.


Some of us fell that when ED hits, it’s “game over” unless we go on prescription medication. This doesn’t have to be the case though. With some minor, lifestyle adjustments, we can cure this problem quite easily.


The book also concentrates on building self confidence and self worth, which are also contributing factors with ED. The guide reinforces the desire to bring you and your partner closer.


One of the things I took away from reading the survive in bed guide, was a feeling of health and well-being. I definitely feel a lot younger, that’s for sure. It’s had quite a positive effect in my day to day life. I feel more confident and well-rounded.


Following the plan with this guide not only helps with erectile dysfunction, it’s also given me a new burst of energy, more than likely from the diet plans and the exercise routines.


The changes that I personally had, came quite quickly. I was able to get noticeable results more or less within the 15 day claim, you have to stick at it though – but it’s definitely worthwhile.


There isn’t much need to be worried that the program is too hard to follow. As for myself I found it relativity easy. There are no hard exercises and the foods suggested aren’t complicated recipes. It’s all stuff that can be easily applied.


The program was a success for me and I’d encourage others to give it a go too. If it isn’t for you, the book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so I guess you can always get a refund if it’s not for you. I got my program on ebook format, but it’s also available in video and audio, if you’d prefer.



A list of what to expect from the book include –


The causes of erectile dysfunction and how to improve it. This section goes into the multiple reasons that we may be suffering from ED. Remember, there is often more than one reason and most times, the issues are very complex. It’s important to get a clear understanding of ED and the reasons behind it.


Listings of healthy foods to include in day to day life, and easily implement into your daily routine. Not only is it important to understand what foods may be of benefit, it is also important to understand the reasons why.


Various, easy to follow exercise routines, designed to increase blood flow and help to fire up the private region – the very thing that can get us back into business in the bedroom.


A complete list of cost effective supplements, that may help with boosting our blood flow potential. The guide explains the specific functions of each supplement and gives us precise information of when to take them, for best results.


How to modify the program in order to fit your own needs and specific schedule (everyone is different). There are various ways in which you can use the techniques in the program. It isn’t rigid, fortunately; flexibility is a key feature. The book is also full of other neat little tricks and tips that help along the way.


For being able to see noticeable changes within a matter of weeks, I think the asking price is money well spent. If you’ve been experiencing any problems with erectile dysfunction then I say, go ahead and give survive in bed a read. It helped me, so I’m an advocate. As mentioned before, it doesn’t appear to be limited to any particular age group and I’m sure the techniques in this book could also be applied to prevent ED coming up in the future.



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