Half Day Diet Review

Half Day Diet Review

I didn’t really know what to expect with a book titled “half day diet”. A diet should be all day, right? Dieting for half a day didn’t sound like something that was possible to me. After giving the book a read however, I was pleasantly surprised and have an appreciation for the tips and techniques provided within this plan.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the concept of this book/plan, is to only diet for half of the day, while at the same time; burn body fat throughout the day. The author of Half day diet, Nate Miyaki, has been featured in some well-known publications like Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness, both of which I read on a monthly basis. I was familiar with Nate’s name and vaguely remembered reading some of his articles in the past, though this is the first time that I’ve actually dived into any of his nutritional philosophy properly.  authors-of-the-half-day-diet

The book focuses on what most other fat burning diets suggest, and that is carb management. As you’re probably aware, in order to achieve a high level of fat loss, lowering carb intake from refined foods, like sugars and breads is essential. Foods high in refined carbs tend to cause all kinds of chaos in our bodies – inflammation, high blood pressure and that hard to lose belly fat. Foods high in refined carbohydrates also might affect our mood throughout the day. All important stuff.

The book highly suggests, that while reducing carb intake is necessary, it is not essential to be in a low carb state for 24 hours. In fact, we only need to be in a low carb state for a few specific hours each day. This is understandable to a degree as our bodies do crave carbs for a reason.

Nate highlights how full-time, low carb diets can cause a host of problems that can be more detrimental to the dieter. The book aims to get the reader into a state of weight loss without having to make any extreme lifestyle changes, as to eliminate the urge to give into cravings and binge eat. Nate is a firm believer that carbs, in moderation should be an essential part of any diet.

Carbs, in general are still seen as a bad thing within the health and fitness industry. Nate Miyaki tries to dispel this concept by teaching us that how we time our food, is important. We should still be allowed to enjoy foods that are rich in carbs, and not have to suffer due to cutting them out completely.It’s all about balance, timing and the right kind of foods. I thought I was well informed about nutrition, but Nate has taught me a lot during the process of reading this book.

Personally, I’ve tried the conventional method of cutting carbs many times myself.Of course, I’ve seen results – though it’s always been short term as in the end, I always crash due to becoming way to carb depleted. These crashes included feeling dizzy and light headed, shaking, headaches and a constant tiredness throughout the day.Not a good place to be in.

This problem is not just limited to myself. A high percentage of dieters on low carb diets tend to crash after a matter of weeks, as it is so difficult to maintain a state of little to no carbohydrates.

You are probably well aware of the problems associated with low carb diets though and have also had to suffer through them too.

Nate explains that the majority of sugar and basic crab cravings are controlled by a specific part of the brain, known as the LH-VTA loop. Nate has simplified this by simply calling it the “carb loop”. Timing our meals according to the carb loop, is extremely important – Cutting carbs at the wrong time leaves us at the mercy of this loop and is what causes us to give into cravings and binge eating.

Nate is convinced that the health industry has been lying to us for years, and tricking us into assuming that we have to cut carbs completely. The focus of this book, is to change our thinking. Carbs should be eaten and enjoyed, but at the right times, in order to get rid of cravings.

The surprising part of the program, was the idea that all carbs should be eaten at night. Again, I was really surprised with this suggestion, and to be honest couldn’t see why or how it would work. It was a bit hard to get my head around, but Nate explains that this is how our bodies are primed to work, his example being that in the past – our ancestors hunted during the day, and feasted at night. An idea that made sense, but didn’t seem practical.


Interestingly, it worked. While dieting throughout the daytime and maintaining a low carb intake, I was able to enjoy carb-rich foods at night. Doing this, totally killed my cravings and set me up for the following day. Nate explains that this way of eating, breaks the carb-loop cycle and is the reason why it works so well. It really is dieting for half a day. It’s important to follow the tips in the book carefully, as even though we can consume carbs at night on this program, they have to be the correct kind of carbs. There is a science behind it all.


Nate himself still realizes that a lot of people will criticize this method of dieting, but he backs his program up with hard facts and presents us with the results of others that he has trained.


The program was easy to follow, but you do have to follow it exactly in order to see some decent results, but if you can do so, I highly recommend this program. Nate Miyaki is a professional nutritional coach so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Even though there is quite a bit of science behind the methods in this book, I never felt that it was hard to follow, as Nate breaks everything down into an easy reading format. A lot of it was eye opening and I think I’ll be using this method of dieting on a regular basis. For the asking price, you do get a bunch of quality advice that you’d probably pay a nutrition coach a lot of money for. So in that sense, it’s definitely good value.

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