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Diabetes 60 System Review – The Best Natural Solution?

Diabetes 60 System Review

As a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes, I like to make sure I give all the various popular diabetes ebooks a chance to really impress me. I’ve suffered for 2 years now, and after trying a lot of different natural methods (Paleo, meditteranien diet, ADA diet, Metformin etc) I’ve gotten good at telling what really works apart from what’s crap. While diet and lifestyle changes can’t cure Type 1 Diabetes, they are VERY effective for managing Type 2. The question is whether Ryan Shelton’s treatment program is something I would personally advise my close friends and family to use in order to treat their diabetes.

So let’s get right into it.

The Diabetes 60 System is a VERY recently created diabetes management system (came out this month I believe) from, created by Dr. Ryan Shelton, M.D., in order to help Type 2 Diabetics manage their condition through natural methods. The goal is for people who follow his program to be able to rely on medications (such as daily insulin shots and blood glucose monitoring) less and less everyday until their symptoms are pretty much gone. Shelton is a big supporter of the natural way of doing things, and there’s plenty of evidence that supports Type II diabetics being able to take control of their disease through lifestyle and diet changes. He provides such evidence to support his overall claim: through following his guidelines, you’ll still technically have diabetes but you won’t be affected by the disease in any way.

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Now does Shelton’s treatment actually accomplish this goal is the question. I’ve come across plenty of diabetes treatment scams before, so I know pretty well what I want to see and what I don’t want to see when I give a treatment program a review.


What is The Program?

First glance from looking at their website is that it’s very well designed nice. This is important for only ONE reason: most diabetes scam programs don’t take the time to even design a good website. Even less include an actual video of their creator talking, but that’s the first thing you get when you visit this site. Don’t get me wrong, the most important thing is the content, but someone who takes the care to design a site like this is less likely to be in it for more selfish reasons.

Onward to the actual treatment itself: This book comes with a guideline about what exactly this “60 seconds a day” system is, a protocol for you to follow to make it easier on you, and also comes with a video collection. The entire program is focused on teaching readers about diabetic nutrition, medicine, and lifestyle changes that promote an overall improved quality of life. There’s also a distinct lack of any medicine/pills etc. involved, which I personally view as a bonus (I MUCH prefer natural methods).

The Diabetes 60 System is pretty effective at guiding you through exactly what you Shelton’s protocol is. I can’t reveal the exact nature of the book because then I’d be liable to be sued for exposing the contents for free, but if you wish to check it out for yourself there is a free 2 month guarantee that comes with it. If it doesn’t work for you, and it may just not because of genetic/uncontrollable reasons, you can get your money back. But the methods of the book are so well laid out that you don’t have to worry about your results being dependent on whether or not you followed instructions. The book is too concise for that to happen.

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More Inforyan sheltons diabetes 60 system

The system is concise as I said above, but it’s not revolutionary in it’s base ideas – just creative in how it goes about solving your typical diabetes problems. Some things that are touched upon, such as types of sugar and foods that lead to blood sugar spikes, are pretty commonly included in diabetes treatment books, but this isn’t a bad thing. Shelton takes this time to explain what foods are the most damaging to diabetics, and therefor should be avoided in order to see a decrease in their blood sugar/blood glucose levels. You should be familiar with a few of these already: high sugar or high fat foods, high carb food (especially so), and excessive salt are big culprits of complications for diabetics.

The first start is eliminating or severely limiting your intake of such foods. SIDENOTE: Even if you end up not trying out or not liking Shelton’s program, I highly recommend (personally) that you reduce your intake of such foods. They absolutely wreak havoc on your internal organs because of the inflammation caused by consuming them.

Besides a focus on diet, this book also mentions exercise (you thought you could avoid it, didn’t you?!). But don’t worry, it’s not rigorous exercise. In fact, it’s just a very simple exercise that you can perform for 60 seconds a day to see a serious reduction in your Type 2 diabetes symptoms – according to Dr. Shelton. The fact that he took the time to design an entire treatment system around this one exercise says a lot about his faith in its ability to work.

Besides this one, central exercise, the book does make sure to supplement you with a good amount of general information, scientific backing for the claims that the good doctor is making, and really breaking down a guideline for you to follow to make sure that you have no problem with the material. Even if your blood glucose doesn’t go down from following the procedures of the book, at least your blood pressure won’t go up from trying to comprehend the material. Haha! …Bad joke?


Ryan Shelton’s Diabetes 60 – How It Works

Part 1 of the treatment is identifying what factors are currently in your life that are putting you at risk of developing more diabetes complications, or simply making any treatments you are trying or will try less effective in the long run.

There’s more to the system than just identifying these factors, however. The Diabetes 60 System is all about easing you into making gradual changes to your overall lifestyle and diet to live a healthier life, but catering to the innate laziness of human beings. Asking someone to completely overhaul their lifestyle, even to deal with diabetes, is a tall order – and Shelton understands this. That’s why he wraps a very easy change (a 60 second workout) in a comfortable package of gradual life and food changes with a pretty soothing and easy to read dialect.

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Feature 1: The System Itself

This is the main guide that has everything you want to know about diabetes, diabetic diets, the 60 seconds a day workout for diabetes, evidence, Shelton’s credentials, and more. Also included in this is the 8 Week Protocol which breaks down what exactly you want to do to see significant changes after…you guessed it, 8 weeks. The 8 Week protocol will guide you day-by-day.

Feature 2: Video Collection

This is something I don’t normally see included with diabetes treatment programs, but Shelton also has a video collection in which he has an instructor guide you through all the various exercises (60 seconds a piece) you can perform to combat diabetes. This is meant purely for convenience, and Ryan Shelton has made it so you can access these videos from your computer, laptop, cell phone, or even tablet.

BONUS 1: Recipe Collection

This was a big plus towards the system as a whole for me. After spending some time talking about how dietary changes can be beneficial, Shelton takes it a step further and actually includes a recipe collection to make it even easier to alter your diet. You can look through these recipes and pick anything that sounds good, knowing that whatever you cook has been proven to lower blood sugar levels and alleviate diabetic symptoms.

BONUS 2: Health Tracker

This is free software that also comes with the system, and basically makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress on your computer or tablet. This way, you can real-time monitor any changes in your weight, blood sugar, or blood pressure levels. Like I said, Shelton REALLY made it easy to follow this guide and see success


How To Get The Diabetes 60 System

Sheltons’s system (bonuses included) is available in its entirety on their site right now. You may press the button below to be taken to their information page.

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As I mentioned before, you do get a free 60-day refund policy when you purchase this, that means you can try it out for 2 months, keep track with the Health Tracker, and determine whether or not the results were satisfactory enough to continue using this system.

 Diabetes 60 Review – Pros and Cons

Perceived Pros

  • This program is full of nothing but all natural methods (diet and exercise)
  • The studies and evidence included in the book are from recent times.
  • Not a single thing is mentioned that doesn’t come with a guideline for you to understand why it works as well as seeing how you can apply it to your own life.
  • Has merit for both new and long-term diabetics
  • You get to try it for 2 months without a worry.

Perceived Cons

    • It is newer, so there is not too much other testimony – yet. Going to have to wait a few months before all the success stories (or failure stories) start to become more readily available.
    • There is still exercise in this program, even though it is only a small amount (sixty seconds). If you’re absolutely adamant about not having to exercise, this isn’t really the book for you although the dietary parts are still worth a look at.
    • This won’t fix all your problems overnight! You’re still going to have to put on your big-boy pants and stick with it for a decent amount of time to see the results you want.

Try It Out

Right now, they have a special, FREE report available for anyone interested in just seeing what types of information they’ve gathered, and solutions they are suggesting for diabetes. You can download their 7 Biggest Diabetes Lies report by clicking here.7 BIggest Diabetes Lies free report from Diabetes 60[thrive_link color=”green” link=”” target=”_self” size=”big” align=”aligncenter”]> Download the 7 Biggest Diabetes Lies FREE[/thrive_link]

Overall Rating: 99/100  A+

This system by Dr. Ryan Shelton is impressive in its scope alone. Not too many diabetes treatment systems include videos, recipes, and a health tracker. The health tracker being included effectively makes it easy as pie to tell whether or not the treatment is really working, and with a 60 day refund policy it could end up killing Shelton’s profits. The fact that he includes this tracker for free speaks volumes for how much he evidently trusts his program and its ability to severely reduce Type 2 diabetics’ symptoms, to the point of basically being cured of their disease. I don’t want to just sing too much praise upon this book, but I can tell you that the information in it, and the way that it outlines that information for you to follow, are absolutely rock solid.

Comments (12)
  1. Jordan says:

    This programs sounds decent. I’ll check it out and report back.

    1. Steam Spoils says:

      Please do, and make sure to actually report back with your results 🙂

  2. Rita Gardner says:

    Let me tell you, I actually used this program and it worked absolutely fantastically! I’ve been off Metformin for 2 months now because of it. Theres no reason to not try it!!

    1. Steam Spoils says:

      Glad you liked it!

  3. Yeah Right says:

    This feels like a spinoff of the original site by Diabetes 60. Similar flow of the text, headers etc. I think it is beyond credible that a real diabetes sufferer would say that D60 website is designed nicely! That website is designed EXACTLY like dozens scammy sites, and that lengthy video that drones on and on without actually saying anything of substance is exactly like dozens of similar videos on scammy sites. Now, I am not saying D60 is necessarily a scam, but the red flags are there. Spouting off alleged peer review support without actually citing any peer reviewed publication? I don’t think so.

    1. Steam Spoils says:

      Fair criticism, but this review flows in the same manner of the book intentionally. As for the publication citations, those are all included in the Diabetes 60 program itself. You could order it and view it yourself (as stated in this review, they have a 60-day guarantee and you’d only need one day to browse through it and see whether or not the information in the system is valid or not).

  4. I tried to order this on line yesterday Dec 6th and never received a reply after I gave all the credit info, please advise if it was received and if I am going to receive the information I paid for?

    1. Steam Spoils says:

      I’m not quite sure, if nothing shows up on your card I would try buying it again tomorrow. If it double charges, contact ClickBank Support to get one of them removed.

  5. Jason says:

    I’m thinking about ordering but I’m tired of scams every one trying to get rich and I’m dieing slow from this is there any one who is not some how getting payed from this company that I can talk to thank you

    1. Steam Spoils says:

      You always have a 60 day money back guarantee, you are more than welcome to refund the book if you don’t like the info.

  6. Caye wood says:

    i have been trying for an hour to buy this program with 2 different VISA Cards. It won’t take my card. Please advise
    Phone. 210. 241-4577

  7. Steffen Holst says:

    Question: Am I in the target group for this system?:

    65 years old, male, slight overweight, slightly high blood pressure (1.25 MG Ramipril a day, blood fats under sontrol but I do take 20 Mg Simvastatin each day + I take ASS 100 Ratiopharm blood-thinner dayly. Autumn 2012 chestpains, catheder-check and placement of a stent.

    Before this “Stent-“Incident” in 2012 I gradually felt worse, and my doctor took general blood test and we hereafter started the anti-diabetes program described below. Important “strategic” question

    As far as I understand I am not “within” the diebetes II group with an active diabetes II.

    But I may be what you call “pre-diabetes -depending on whether “pre-diabetes” includes pre-diabetes II. So QUESTION: Does “pre-diabetes” actually include not only diabetes 1, but also Diabetes 2. If it does include also Diabetes 2, then I supoose that I am in the “pre-diabetes”-group and thus within your target group! Please answer me that “strategic” question and I will decide whether to buy the system.

    Some details: Since 2012 I follow a health insurance-paid program of Antidiabetes II control, taking a quarterly blood test for the sugars and blood fats etc. The HbA1c Glycohaemoglobin (GHb) longterm percentage is simmereng around 6.0, currentliy 6.2, and according to my doctor the allowable maximum is 6,5 -and if I am over 6.5, then I would be “within” the Diabetes II group.


    steffen Holst, Germany -email, mobile phone +49 1604447230

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