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Children Learning Reading Review

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Children Learning Reading Review

What life skills do you think are the most valuable for an adult to have as they navigate their life? There may be many answers, but I will bet that not many of you thought about reading. It is such a basic skill, which many adults take for granted. But reading skills are not a given, and not every student reads at grade level. In order to get students reading at grade level, we need to begin teaching them to read at an earlier age. But the current acceptable method of using sight words is not only outdated, but can harm a child’s ability to read as they get older.

The Children Learning Reading program is designed to help children learn and master phonetics, the basic sounds of language, in order to teach reading. Rather than learning how to recognize specific words that they know, children will learn how to recognize and sound out the parts of words, giving them the ability to read any word.


Author Backgroundjim-yang

Jim Yang wrote this book based on his experiences and knowledge as a reading teacher and as a father of four children. He saw his experiences with his own students, and saw where they were going wrong with their reading education. We are teaching our children based on the recognition of specific words, known as sight words. Yet, this method leaves students in the dark with new vocabulary that they have never encountered before. He wanted to change that as his children were born and began to read. He wanted something better for them, and his students.

His goal was to create a reading program that would effectively and efficiently teach students not only how to read, but how to be readers. He wanted his students and his children to be able to read on their own regardless of the sight words that they know.

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How The Program Works

This program works as a step by step guide to teaching your children the basics of phonetics. The lessons are short, efficient, and easy to implement, so that parents of all educational levels and confidence levels can begin to teach their children. You do not have to be a teacher, or have any teaching experience. You do not even need to have a college degree. All you need to have is patience and confidence in your child, and the will to help them succeed.

Parents can also email Jim Yang for special, private email counseling during the twelve weeks of the program, so that if parents ever get stuck, or need extra assistance during the program, they can gain the advice and aid of the program’s creator. The purchase of the Children Learning Reading book will also give you seven extra Super Bonus books, which will further your children’s reading through more lessons.


What Do You Get With Children Learning Reading?

When you purchase Children Learning Reading, you will get 2 different e-books. Each of these e-books will detail a total of 50 lessons that you can guide your child through. The lessons are designed to be short, so that they can completed in a short amount of time, at the most around 5 minutes. We all know that children have a very short attention span, especially when you are trying to teach a 2 year old.

The lessons will take you and your child through everything that they need to know in order to identify the different parts of words, and their pronunciation. This will help them in the future learn how to identify and pronunciate words that are new to them. They will no longer have to rely on only the sight words they have practiced with their parents and at school. They will have the skills to easily identify new words on their own.

The seven extra Super Bonus books will then further the basic education in reading for your child. They will build on their reading skills, furthering identification of words and the comprehension of what they read.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions of customers who are thinking about buying Children Learning Reading is how much reading knowledge they as the parent need to have. Of course, this is an important question. However, your knowledge and skills as a reader do not matter. All you have to do is follow the lessons, participate in the activities with your child, and the results will follow.

How soon can I start teaching my child to read?

With this program, the suggested age to begin is at 2 years old. The human brain is able to remain a great deal of information, core information, starting at the age of 2. The toddler years are some of the best years to teach children basic skills such as reading.

Pros and Cons

There are many positives to using the Children Learning Reading book program. One of the most important positives is that it teaches children how to read. Reading is one of the most important skills that a child can learn. By teaching children to read effectively early on, they will be more successful in school. This program also teaches good reading habits, teaching students how to identify new words when they come across them, rather than flounder when they come into contact with new words. Your children can get ahead, learning skills that they will need in life before they even get to preschool. Your child will not get left behind in school, but will lead their class.

However, there are always some cons to using any program. In order for the program to be as effective as possible, parents need to keep up with the lessons, and continue to allow their children to practice their reading even after the program has ended. This requires a dedicated period of time for the parents to devote to reading. If your child has already entered preschool, teachers may not necessarily teach your child the same way that this program does. This may cause confusion for the child, but will only require extra assistance from you to keep up with the lessons.

My Personal Experience

In order to correctly judge the benefits of using this program, I had to test it for myself. I used this program with my own child, who just turned two years old. She loved the program, and quickly picked up on the ideas. The short lessons were perfect for her attention span, giving her just enough information for the day before she began to get distracted by everything else around her. Despite the short lessons, she quickly picked up the ideas, and quickly began recognizing words around her, reading them as she encountered them. As quickly as she began to recognize words, she began to read full sentences. She did not just know how to read, she loved reading.

When we went out and about, she wanted books, and she read everything she could. I never thought that this program would not only effectively teach my daughter reading, but to create in her a love of reading.


Overall, I loved this program, and would recommend it to anyone. As parents, we look at the statistics that tell us how many students do not read at grade level, from elementary aged students to high school students about to graduate and join the workforce and college. There is so much uncertainty about education today, that parents want to give their children the best chance that they can. This program gives that to parents, and more. It successfully teaches young children how to read much better than children twice their age. You can give your child the best chance as possible, as early as possible.

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