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Brain Revitalizer Review

Brain Revitalizer Review By: John Cho

Author: Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis

Can the Brain Revitalizer really cure Alzheimer’s?

About Brain Revitalizer

The Brain Revitalizer program was created by Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis. The program features brain training techniques that Edstrom and Lewis claim will, if practiced twice daily, will improve the reader’s memory, focus, and concentration. The duo then go on to claim that the exercises in Brain Revitalizer are capable of even treating, preventing, and reversing symptoms associated with neurological conditions – particularly Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Brain Revitalizer works by utilizing brain-stimulating techniques designed to “fire up dying neurons” and “restore your brain’s communication network.” Rachel claims that ultimately these technique will increase your cognitive health dramatically, resulting in the memory, focus, and concentration of a 20-year old (hopefully one that has spent their life attached to an iPhone or Android, of course).

The program is targeted for anyone who seeks to improve their brain’s health, regardless of their age or how long the person has been suffering from a mental decline. All the program asks is that you devote a few minutes of your time each day to achieve the results that it guarantees within a few weeks. A major pro is that the program can be completed from the comfort of your own house..


  • Intro
    This eBook and audio CD guides you to the concepts of the program. It explores how the brain works and shows you the steps you need to take to get your mental prowess functioning at the optimal level.
  • Guide to Memory Killing Medicines
  • 24 of the most powerful and effective brain training techniques and tricks, a 21-day protocol, and worksheets for each exercise.
  • Dr Edstrom and Rachel Lewis combine their extensive knowledge in order to bring you a complete guide to the most damaging medication for your brain. There are many examples which will come as a big surprise.  You will have to order the package to discover for yourself.
  • Mind Control Bible 
    This section is all about learning all you could ever need to know about gaining and maintaining control of your mind and brain function. This section of the program includes in-depth analysis of techniques to improve memory and always remain in control of your mental prowess. This section focuses on bringing out your innate potential.
  • Meditation Mastery
    I’m sure by now that everyone knows about all the benefits that can be reaped by meditating…right?! Communities in which meditation is regularly practiced have observed lower incidences of dementia, even in the elderly populations.Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis have dedicated a whole section to the practice of meditation to help you achieve the highest metal capability. I personally believe it’s true that potential lies within the individual and not outside sources. This section, in this way, expands on the previous way.
  • Brain Damaging Dangers
    To guard against brain damage you need to keep a look out for the most insidious dangers to your mental state. This last section gives an enumerated guide to the most damaging elements for your brain that must be avoided at all costs, if at all possible. This part of the program should be utilized forever as a handy reference just to make sure – It’s all accurate information that can be verified easily enough with a Google search. Although, with this program you may not need to save it all. Your brain should be able to memorize it!



This Alzheimer’s cure is priced at $37 and is available for immediate download after your payment has been processed.


  • Can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • These methods really will improve memory/concentration/focus which can help with Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Comes with bonus CDs and ebook is very easy to read.
  • Focuses on all natural solutions: foods and lifestyle choices that can damage the brain


  • No hard copy is available
  • Program is relatively new, so not a whole lot of long term results are available

Overall Rating: 91/100  A-

This program has some serious potential, and definitely can improve mental health. I recommend anyone who is interested in improving their mental health, regardless of their age or mental capacity, try this program out. You can get it RIGHT NOW by clicking here. Enjoy it! This review has determined the program has some serious merit.


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  1. Brain Revitalizer Program says:

    Along with inositol, another key osmo-protectant and a
    precursor for second messenger action within the nerve cells, you have
    one amazing brain formula.