Anabolic Running Review


Anabolic Running Review

My Story

Some people spend hours and hours doing cardio exercises like running. That use to be me before I discovered the Anabolic Running program by Joe LoGalbo.  What if I told you that it is possible for an average guy to build a lot of muscle, get rid of stubborn fat and increase their sexual performance just by running for 16 minutes per week. I know that sounds too good to be true, but it is possible. This program will have your testosterone pumping, and it is simple to use.   It changed my life, and it can change yours. joe-logalbo

I use to start my day with a morning jog to get my heart pumping and to get into shape.Running was a waste of time because I was still getting the same results, nothing.  My performance in the bed was not really good, and I was embarrassed to even show my body.  I was wondering was there something really wrong with me.  I decided to check out LoGalbo’s guide. This is a program for men that want to eliminate their belly fat and feel manlier if you know what I mean.

I learned that most cardio exercises feminize men.  So I wanted to do something that would make me stronger, build my physique and increase my testosterone.   So I started doing this running program. I stopped going to the gym every day, and I stopped keeping track of my miles. All I did was run for  8 minutes 2 days a week.   I added some other strength training workouts, but I realized that was not necessary. After doing the Anabolic Running for about 6 days, I noticed a change in my body and I had more action under the covers.  It seemed like magic to me, but it was actually a reality.

Having sex was better, and things went back to normal.  I had a lot more muscle and less belly fat.  It was like I was taking pre-workout supplements on a daily basis. It is a pretty cool feeling to have.  Other guys kept asking me what was my secret to getting ripped.  They wanted to know how many hours I spent in the gym and how much jogging did I do. They were surprised when I only told them 16 minutes.  I do not know if they would get the same result as I did but, they followed the program too and they had the same results.

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Who Is It For?

This  program is only for men who want to see serious results.  You will never have to worry about feeling less of a man again. You will get a ripped and strong body. This is the only cardio workout that can also increase your sex hormones which are an added bonus.  If you want to change your life and your physique this program is for you.

What You Get

Here is what you are going to get when you order the program:

  • You will learn the number one big mistake guys make when they try to do an intense workout. Doing an intense workout will lower your testosterone so you should break that habit. You will find information on how to do that on page 34.
  • You will discover an ancient oil that was discovered hundreds of years ago that has been confirmed to increase your testosterone.
  • A three-minute mind trick
  • You will receive an attraction cheat that really helped increase my sex appeal
  • You will learn about the testosterone myth millions of men believe. I even believed the myth myself.
  • 3-minute shifting and mindset techniques that will increase your confidence.
  • The king Anabolic Vitamin that you must take daily if you want to increase testosterone levels.
  • You unlock the dream hormone that everyone wished they had which is the fountain of youth.
  • Discover why traditional interval training is limiting your testosterone and human growth hormones.
  • You will also learn a breathing hack that is proven to give your veins nitric oxide that is out of this world muscle pumps without using weights. Sometimes I do not like using weights, so this was very beneficial to me.
  • You will learn Joe LoGalbo’s running trick that he used to save his marriage. His trick was a lifesaver to my marriage and let’s just say my wife is happy.
  • A simple libido charging method that is way stronger than any erectile dysfunction pills.

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  • The Shock and Awe Strength program which was a 6-minute exercise that really helped me with my frame and I developed a lot of muscles and best of all it is a $27 Value.
  • A testosterone hacker handbook which is also a $27 value. It is packed with 41 of the fastest testosterone boosting shortcuts that will help your male sex organs be over the top.
  • 17 foods to boost your libido which is a $27 value. There are 17 foods that you probably would not think of in this book that can increase your sex drive.

Final Thoughts

I hope this review of the Anabolic Running Program has given you all the information you need to decide whether or not it is for you.   My life has changed tremendously because of this program.   You can’t beat the price, and you get so much out of the program.  In just a few weeks I began to notice a difference in my body and so did others.  I saw my midsection go in, and I have more definition In my abs.  You cannot put a price on how much this program will change your life.  I am now more happier and so is my wife. If you are ready to make a change in your body and build that testosterone back up, order this program today and you won’t be sorry.

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