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With many different diabetes treatment programs available today, choosing the right one can be difficult. The Seven Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie and the Diabetes Destroyer are undoubtedly one of the two most popular diabetes treatment programs today.

I decided to take it upon myself to purchase an experience both the Seven Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie as well as the Diabetes Destroyer guide. There are a few similarities between the two but differences are pretty easy to see.

In this review I will be comparing the two products in looking at their efficiency, cost, ease-of-use, simplicity, effectiveness, safety, and more- even their customer support. I’ve also written in a more detailed review of each program would you can see to understand more about each of them. You can see these review at the Seven Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review and the Diabetes Destroyer Review.

Big Diabetes Lie vs The Diabetes Destroyer

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Here is my Max Sidorov’s Seven Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie versus David Andrews Diabetes Destroyer side-by-side visual comparison of these two highly trusted diabetes programs for people of all ages. I hope this will help you understand how well they compare.


Max Sidorov’s Big Diabetes Lie and David Andrews diabetes destroyer or Digital Products. They are sold online on their official websites using a third party payment processor known as ClickBank. ClickBank itself is very reputable and has been online since 1998. Once you purchase these books you get immediate access to the members only area to download the e-books on your computer smart phone or tablet.

However only Max Sidorov’s The Big Diabetes Lie also has a hard-copy available. But this hard-copy does cost an additional amount (because it’s a physical copy). Because Sidorov included this option I’m going to give him the win in the efficiency department.

Winner: The Big Diabetes Lie – Having a hard-copy available at all is a big bonus, even if it is more expensive.


Both diabetes programs consist of exercises, tutorials, and information backed by science in order to help you manage your blood sugar and blood glucose levels. Both also focus on educating you on the natural ways to buy off the symptoms of diabetes. They also both make sure to use very easy to understand language.

Winner: it’s a tie between both programs. They use a slightly different format but they make sure that whoever picks up the book understand it in as little as a day or two.


David Andrews provided the most detail to a backup everything that he was saying in the book, and he also has the added bonus of being Dr. trusted on his official website for the diabetes destroyer. Andrews also provides very easy-to-follow videos for most of the information that he is giving as well as the exercises and even some diet tips.

Winner: The Big Diabetes Lie. Both offer very good information and significant backing but Sidorov goes the extra step to provide video demonstrations for almost everything he gives you.

Customer support

Customer support is an extremely important factor for purchasing any sort of product online. You don’t want to end that would a product that you can’t ask the owner was some sort of support system about because that could end up missing you up in the long run. Both Sidorov and Andrews provide customer support. However how long does it take them to reply to you when you send them an email? I’ve contacted both of their customer support and they were both decently responsive. However I did have a little more trouble reaching Andrews on the weekends where as Sidorov was responsive all throughout the week. I would say that both the noble get back to you within 24-hours on a week day, but Sidorov takes the advantage on the weekends.

Winner: The Big Diabetes Lie – Support throughout the week is fantastic.


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Ease Of Use

You are able to immediately begin both programs once you purchase them. Can also be run from home, at work between breaks, or at the gym. Both programs entail lifestyle and diet changes so anywhere do you eat or exercise you will be able to immediately begin enacting the diabetes fighting solutions. The only downfall to both of these programs is that if you don’t already have the foods that they suggest you eat will have to go out and purchase them. But even that is not really true con in my opinion.

Winner:Tie – because both programs involve a lifestyle change, they are careful to ease you into it so that you don’t naturally rejected altogether.


Both plans are safe and not difficult to follow. Nothing more to really add here.
Winner: Diabetes Destroyer – even though both are reasonable safe, the Diabetes Destroyer comes with video tutorials which make it even easier to stay injury-free.


The diabetes destroyer wins in this category hands-down. It comes with a special video course on how to use insulin sensitivity to lose weight, and insider report on how to reverse type II diabetes, the video recipe guide for diabetic diet construction, a 30 second workout for reducing metabolism, and even a snack guide for diabetes destroying.
Winner: The Big Diabetes Lie – you can order additional ebook guides.


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Both programs because they’re hosted by ClickBank as a third-party retailer, they both come with a 60 days no questions money back guarantee. This means that you can try either program to treat your diabetes completely risk free. That’s eight weeks that you get to try and see which one you prefer. The only thing you have to lose at that point is possibly a little bit of your time. Both books are focus on natural methods and natural dieting so there’s no major health risks to trying them.

Winner:Tie. Both share the same money-back guarantee policy because of ClickBank.


Both human programs are effective. They involve dietary changes such as eating foods that will cause of blood glucose to spike, and lifestyle changes that will lower your blood pressure and blood glucose levels through good old-fashioned blood sweat and tears. If you choose the diabetes destroyer you get to use a 30 second workout to try and increase your metabolism as well. If you stick to the Big Diabetes Lie you’ll have to do a standard workout which is around 30 to 45 minutes each day with some rest days allowed.

Winner: It’s a tie between both of these programs. You pretty much can already guess what kind of foods taken a want to cut out such as white starchy carbs and of course sugar. And in general will 10 exercise you do does not really matter as long as you enjoy and you are -in fact- doing exercise.


Both programs cost exactly $37 initially, although they do have various additional programs that you can add on if you so desire. Additionally the seven steps to health cost $54 initially if you want the hardcopy instead of the digital copy. But that’s better than having no physical copy available at all. However the diabetes destroyer comes with more programs especially if you get the additional packages and also includes video tutorials with a lot of information. You simply get more for your money to the diabetes destroyer that you do with the seven steps to health.

Winner: The Big Diabetes Lie – you get similar amounts of information, but with additional bonus ebooks (to slow aging and reduce blood pressure). It’s just a lot more value for your money

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So David Andrews or Max Sidorov?

david andrews vs max sidorov diabetes

Both David Andrews and Max Sidorov’s treatment systems are both equally effective. However based on a comparison above the Big Diabetes Lie wins out above the Diabetes Destroyer..

Why Does Sidorov’s Big Diabetes Lie Treatment Wins Over Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer?
1. Sidorov has the more complete diabetes destroying guide with verified medical solutions.
2. You get several additional ebooks and supplementary guides as a free bonus.
3. The support is near-constant, and most of the time I spoke to Sidorov himself rather than being bounced through agents or robots.
4. You get a free diet plan with the purchase of 7 Steps to Health.
5. It comes with a 30-second workout designed completely for ease-of-use.
6. Overall, Sidorov’s program is way more bang for your buck.

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