3 week diet review

The 3 Week Diet Review


The 3 Week Diet Review

Losing weight has continually proved to be the biggest problem people face regarding their health and appearance. Often limited by the pressures of their everyday life and unable to find a permanent solution, people soon tend to start feeling anxious and losing their self-esteem. There are numerous falsely advertised diet and exercise regimes which leave most people thinking that losing that extra weight that’s holding them back is almost an impossible task.

Well, as crazy as it may seem, those days just might be over!

‘The 3 Week Diet’ is a recently published weight loss guide with a goal of losing all that extra body fat in just 21 days. It’s a guide that relies on combining a series of rules regarding your diet with an exercise regime in order to successfully and efficiently burn your body fat.

Official Website: www.3weekdiet.com

The Authorbrian-flatt-author-and-creator

‘The 3 Week Diet’ book was created and written by Brian Flatt, a certified sports nutritionist with a degree in biology and almost 15 years of experience being a personal trainer. In his line of work, he saw a lot of people relentlessly trying every weight loss method available and still not achieving any results. After reading numerous medical studies, researching nutrition guides and immersing himself in learning about every detail about the human body, he came up with a guide guaranteed to bring results. He managed to identify what the 5 major problems that prevent successful weight loss are and used them as guidelines for his program.

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How It Works

‘The 3 Week Diet’ is a weight loss guide that promises a 23-pound weight loss in only 21 days. The key to its success lies in a very clever combination of strict diet rules and exercises that engage your body in a way that significantly speeds up fat loss. That’s what makes this program so much faster and more effective than any other weight loss programs you can find. It’s based on a principle that, although inherently very simple, not many people know about. The basis of that principle is that the human body doesn’t require as much time as you might think to start burning its fat. By engaging the right muscles in just the right way you triple or even quadruple the speed at which your metabolism burns fat. This is a program that completely dismisses the age-old belief that calory counting is a crucial part of losing weight. Instead, it utilizes the body’s own reaction to specific exercises and fuels the entire process by carefully selecting a variety of foods that complement it.

If you follow all the author’s instructions you should be seeing progress in just a few days. By sticking to the rules through the entire length of the diet, you’re bound to experience at least a 20-pound loss – and that’s in less than a month. Keep in mind that the weight isn’t the only things that’s going to change. You’ll start feeling better just hours into the program. You’re cholesterol and blood sugar should become drastically lowered, you’ll start feeling more energized and self-confident. Don’t be surprised if both your skin and hair get softer and healthier – it’s an unavoidable side-effect of the diet. And for all the ladies out there battling with cellulite – it too will disappear. The exercises presented in the workout guide are great for targeting cellulite-affected problem areas, and the food you’ll consume will keep it from forming again. By losing all that fat your muscles will become more visible and emphasized, and the exercises will make them stronger and more toned.


What’s Included In The Guide

‘The 3 Week Diet’ guide consists of four separate books in the form of manuals. Every manual explains each of the steps essential to a successful weight loss.

First is the introduction manual, where you’ll get more detailed information about the guide itself and the premises on which the author based it. You’ll learn about the science behind both weight loss and weight gain, and how they’re affected by the food we eat. You’ll also be presented with the very basics of nutrition and advice on how to prepare yourself for the drastic health change you’re bound to experience.

The second book is a diet manual like no other. Unlike every other diet that uses the very wrong ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, the Three Week Diet offers a diet that’s customizable to every client’s specific need. It instructs you on how to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage and then offers a regime that’s tailored for your specific body type and need. It’s been thoroughly tested and this method proved to be almost fail-proof at providing every person with an equally effective and rapid weight loss regime. The book contains a very simple, yet detailed step-by-step nutrition guide made to complement the designated workout regime.

3 week diet meal plan

It does the work for you and takes all the troublesome thinking out of it, leaving you just to enjoy the process. It’s not one of those rigorous diets that offer just instant results. Along with the day-to-day program for every one of the 21 days, there’s also a very helpful manual on how to maintain the weight you’ve worked hard for. It’s very effective as it’s designed in a way that isn’t restrictive at all and doesn’t require you to give up almost any foods you like.

In book number three you’re introduced to the exercise regime that is going to melt those extra pounds for good. Although the diet manual alone is enough for you to see amazing results in no time, following the exercise guide will significantly speed the entire process up. Unlike others, this guide isn’t about spending countless hours at the gym in order to see even the slightest improvement. Instead, it focuses on specific exercises that when done, even for the shortest amount of time, provide your body with a metabolic boost better than weeks at the gym. Intervals and intensity are what burn fat the fastest and along with the provided diet really are as effective as it gets.

The fourth and final book that the guide consists of may come as a surprise. It’s not more diet or exercise advice, but rather a mindset and motivation manual. As any other life changing process, this weight loss journey also must start with a certain set of mind. It provides life advice, motivational messages and other tips and trick you can use throughout your entire life, not just the 21 days of this program.

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Where and when can I buy this guide?

This guide is available on the official ‘3 Week Diet’ website (click here) and can be purchased anytime you want. You can even choose to buy a downloadable version, and start using it just minutes after buying it.

How can I be sure it will work for me?

The program is designed to fit the individual needs of anyone using it. If you follow its rules and guidelines you’re bound to see results. To ensure you stay satisfied and your money stays safe, they offer a free, no questions asked return policy. If for any reason whatsoever it fails to work for you or you simply don’t like it, just send them an email and you’ll be swiftly reimbursed.

How old or young do I have to be to use this guide?

As the program gets tailor specifically for you and your individual needs and body type, there isn’t an age or gender restriction. Anyone willing to shed those extra pounds is welcome to use it.

Are there any cons I should be aware of?

Although the effects and benefits of this program are more than obvious, it does come with a few setbacks. If you expect it to be a breeze and work with little effort from your side, you’re bound to be disappointed. This primarily is an exercise guide, and it does require doing the recommended exercise regularly and with dedication. The diet may also pose a problem to some people, especially if they’ve never dieted before. However, if you’re willing to put some effort in it and keep a positive attitude, then no diet is going to be a problem for you.


Taking everything into consideration, ‘The 3 Week Diet’ really is a great and effective weight loss guide. If you do some research you’ll find pages upon pages of testimonials made by satisfied users worldwide. The books have been selling out like hotcakes, so we personally recommend you get your hands on a copy and start your journey to a dream body you want and deserve.

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