How to Lose Cellulite Fast

How to Lose Cellulite Fast

Let’s get the facts straight – there are way too many women getting frantic asking questions like this “how to reduce cellulite on thighs and buttocks? ” “how to stop cellulite?” “how to beat cellulite?” “how to lose cellulite fast?”. Dr. Oz talks about it regularly.

Cellulite is not a medical condition or a disease; it actually refers to the lumpy, dimpled flesh on various parts of the body especially the abdomen, the thighs, the hips and the buttocks. It is not related to being over-weight as it is prevalent in many normal adult and adolescent women. Cellulite also does not cause any pain or suffering (directly) , but it surely leaves a bad impression on your over all looks, especially if you like to show off your skin. Women who are self-conscious about their looks take it very seriously and are always on a look out for means on how they can eliminate it as quickly as possible. 

How to Lose Cellulite Fast

As this condition affects the women around the world, questions like this are quite common on the net. Unfortunately, far too many women are ready to spend huge sums of money on getting rid of their cellulite quickly before looking into what they are actually spending their money on. Many companies thrive on this naivety, selling bogus or subpar products to women and profiting off their desperation. We’ve tried quite a few of these products (my sister and I) and have come up with a top three list of the most effective methods we’ve personally had the pleasure of losing. 


  • The Cellulite Gone program by Joey Atlas worked pretty well for me. It’s how I first learned the history of cellulite (the term was coined by European spa companies to market women’s insecurities) and has excellent natural methods to deal with cellulite through a targeted workout plan. To learn more yourself, go to the official websites at if you really want to see cellulite disappear quickly.
  • Methylxanthines – like theophyilline, aminophylline and caffeine, are known to work extremely well with women. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the popular “coffee cellulite scrub“. This makes #2 on the list because it’s also a natural method that is said to work fast, but to be honest I personally didn’t see too much results with cellulite elimination. Based off what I’ve heard from friends though, it’s definitely worth a try for a woman who wants to depend only on natural cures.
  • There are a number of other dietary supplements available in the market which contain ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, soy and fish oil that can help you get rid of cellulite as well, but the problem is that a LOT of these supplement companies make their main money off fudging the numbers as far as dosage and even reviews goes (as they’ll hire people to leave fake reviews and take down negative reviews).

How to Stop Cellulite

Once you notice that you are getting that lumpy and dimpled flesh we know as cellulite on various parts of your body (especially your legs and buttocks ), you need to make sure to stop it from spreading. Finding the answer on how to stop cellulite spreading further is of major concern. Below is a list of the most common solutions that will stop the development of any further cellulite (which is essentially caused by damage to the muscle tissues directly beneath the skin).

  • One of the most popular solutions on how to stop cellulite is stop eating fattening foods. Even though cellulite is not directly related to body weight, these foods high in fat are causing damage to cells all throughout your body. This includes those muscle cells in the areas your cellulite is forming.
  • Since the first method we advertised was to fix you diet, you should already know what to expect from the second method. Exercise. Start going for walks or jogs (whichever one you can keep up for a decent length of time) every 1-3 days.
  • If it is severe you need to take drastic measures on how to reduce cellulite – resort to joining a gym
  • There are some fat-burning pills and dietary supplements available in the market you can use to find the “quick and easy” solution, but we can’t even begin to tell you how many scams there are out there. Scroll back up to see our personally recommended cellulite treatments.

How to Reduce Cellulite on Thighs and Buttocks

Ah yes, the main problem areas that women hate to have to deal with cellulite on.

Although cellulite can appear on any part of the body, most women are primarily concerned when it appears on thighs and buttocks. So naturally, they wonder how to eradicate it.

Sounds like a job for another bullet point list.

  • Squats! Lunges! Leg Presses! A good way to reverse the muscle damage that is causing the cellulite is to start building muscle in the desired area. This means squats and not skipping leg day are going to be your new best friends.
  • There are some Mesotherapy treatments available which involve injecting certain medications in the effected tissues to burn the extra fat to address cellulite.
  • If you have a lot of money and don’t need to save money, just to know how to reduce cellulite on your thighs/buttocks/legs you can always go to laser therapy or light therapy. It worked for Kim Kardashian after all.

How to Beat Cellulite

It is always a good idea to know everything about cellulite, what causes it and how to handle it so that you are able to make sure it does not show up in the first place. Realizing getting rid of cellulite is only possible if you are familiar with the factors that cause it and try to avoid them. Hopefully our guide has been illuminating enough for you to realize exactly what the best options are for you personally.

Almost any of these treatments will work quickly if you give them the proper time and effort to. Let this be an end to the questions. No more of this:  “how to reduce cellulite on thighs and buttocks? ” “how to stop cellulite?” “how to beat cellulite?” “how to lose cellulite fast?”. You know everything you need to.

UPDATE: My Top Recommended Cellulite Beating Program

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