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The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review

Believe it or not there use to be a time when the only source of food was in nature. We live in a day and time where we are very lucky that with a touch of a button we can heat up a frozen meal or quickly go to a restaurant if we do not feel like cooking. What if that luxury was taken away from you? What if you had no power, gas or any means to buy food? What would you do? I often think about that when we have hurricanes or severe weather that could leave us without power for days. Sometimes I believe that it is great to go back to how people in the past has handled situations. I was looking for some information on how to survive in case something terrible happened. I came across the Lost Ways program by Claude Davis. It is a program that taught me all I needed to know about being a survivalist. It taught me how to be able to find food which is the primary key to survival and how to live without today’s technology.

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Claude Davis Author of The Lost Ways Ebook

When I was on the hunt to find information on how to survive through hard times, I searched on google for a lot of different information. I finally decided to go on Amazon and find a book that will give me tips on how to survive during hardships, famine, and unexpected emergencies. I found the How to Survive Anywhere Handbook. It was basically a book of survival skills for any situation. It had some valid points, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted advice from an expert, someone who knew what it meant to be a survivalist. I found Claud Davis’s program, and I got to say I learned from the best. Before I get into the wonderful program I discovered, I am going to talk to you about what survival means and how it affects people.

What Is Survival?

Survival is the act of surviving, especially under adverse or difficult circumstances. In this economy, you never know when a global drought can happen or when you can lose power or all of the necessities that you need to survive in this world. Before technology was ever created, there were people that knew how to survive with what they had. They did not have the luxuries that we have today. Anything is possible especially with the weather. You never know when you need to find food by just growing vegetables or how to make nutritious food out of basic ingredients. Learning the ways of the people before us is not always a bad idea. There can be a lot of life threatening situations that is why the Lost Ways program is the best guide to teach you how to survive.

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Who Does It Affect?

Finding the means to survive affects all of us in certain ways. All around the world people are trying to survive in their own way, especially in third world countries. We may not live like them, but there can be an unknown disaster that could happen one day and then you are going to need to know how to survive. Some of us do not have clean water. This program will teach you how to conserve clean water and other vital things that you need to survive. We all need a solution just in case of famine or natural disasters.

What to Look For In A Solution?

When you want to follow the ways of let’s say how Native Americans survived so you can get the best advice in case of a disaster you need to find an expert. In the Lost Ways guide, you are getting advice from survivalist. You should also look for a solution that is easy to understand, and that will show you step by step ways on how to survive in tough times. I was looking in all of the wrong places for advice. There is so much information on the internet so you have to figure out what is helpful and what is not. The Lost Ways guide is the best solution for when you want information on the basics of survival.

Why Is The Lost Ways Program My Solution?

When I was researching ways to survive, I wanted to find something that was unique instead of the standard survival tips. What did I find? I found the Lost Ways guide it is a unique guide that teaches ways of survival by using things that our ancestors used. The Lost Ways is a survival guide that has important information that is imperative for survival.  One of the most helpful tips for the program is a guide on how to make superb nutritious food that will last forever using everyday ingredients.

The Lost Ways guide will teach you:

  • What every survivalist should have in their garden.
  • A step by step guide on how to build a can rotation system.
  • How to survive an EMP the early pioneer way.

You will learn the knowledge of sailors that will also help you preserve clean water. You will learn interesting things like how to create shelter like the Native Americans did. It teaches you everything you need to know in order to survive in life-threatening times. Claude Davis knows first-hand of how it is to survive so he created this guide to share his knowledge. This guide helped me so much I know now that I am prepared for any situation.


Being able to survive during tough times is very important. I can sleep well at night knowing that I have all of the information I need to survive if something bad was going to happen. Life is full of surprises, and you can never be too safe. The Lost Ways guide is available in digital and in a physical copy. Both copies are $22 dollars which is a good deal compared to a lot of other survival books.  You cannot put a price on knowing how to take care of yourself and your family through unexpected hard times. When you order this guide, you are not only just reading some information you are also learning how to protect your life.

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Pure Natural Healing Review



Pure Natural Healing Review

The fast paced hectic lives we all lead often prove to be the main cause of many recurring health problems people face today. As modern medicine continues to grow and develop, so does the number of debilitating modern illnesses people get diagnosed with nowadays. Although modern medicine has the unprecedented success of accurately diagnosing these illnesses, it often fails to treat them successfully or provide patients with a relief they desperately need.

Lacking options and feeling like a slave to only one available way of healing, people have sought alternative treatments for years. By studying all kinds of oriental medicine, people soon realized the benefits of alternative Chinese medicine and started using it as part of their treatment. To the surprise of many, it proved to be a very effective and safe way to treat many diseases and injuries, and soon became the preferred choice of treatment by many people in the Western world.

There’s been many studies and books published on this subject, and if you ever did any research you might have stumbled upon a book called ‘Pure Natural Healing’. ‘Pure Natural Healing’ is a health guide meant to introduce you to the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure. Accompanied by various other audio and video content, it comes as sort of a training manual for mastering this ancient method of treating illnesses and injuries.

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About the authorkevin richardson

This guide is written by Kevin Richardson, a former health columnist who dedicated his life to researching ancient oriental medicine and how to use it in order to help people heal. His flair for gaining new knowledge and experiences brought him to a famous practitioner of Chinese medicine, a man called Master Lim. Although already pretty familiar with the practice of acupressure, he was surprised at how quickly and efficiently Master Lim was able to treat certain illnesses and injuries. A shy and humble man, Master Lim rarely held any large seminars or workshops, thus making himself not easily available for teaching. Richardson, seeing how all this useful knowledge was going to waste, decided to take action. The two of them partnered in order to create a manual that will instruct people on how to master the art of acupressure, enabling them to treat their injuries on their own.

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How the guide works

Although the guide itself sure does seem very revolutionary, the basic principle it’s based on is everything but. Practiced all throughout Asia and the Middle East, acupressure has been used to help people for thousands of years. It originated in China, and along with acupuncture it was made to complement treatment done with herbs and other natural remedies. The whole idea is based on a very simple premise. The Chinese believe that your body contains something they call the ‘meridians’. They’re basically lines that go up and down your body that contain focal points. These lines are where your ‘life energy’, or qi as the Chinese call it, moves through your body, maintaining your overall health and vitality. Even though this may seem like some kind of spiritual mumbo-jumbo, rest assured it’s definitely not. The existence of these meridians has been confirmed in numerous studies done at prestigious research centers and universities using modern techniques. Blockages in the focal points of these meridians are what the Chinese believe the root cause of every injury and disease a person might experience. By applying pressure to these focal points the blockage is released and the body immediately starts healing itself. Every single body, without exception, has this self-healing ability. It’s just a matter of recognizing your potential and using it to your benefit.

The ancient Chinese believed that every organ in the body is perfectly mirrored on your hands and feet. Also, every organ is located in one of the 800 focal spots in the body’s meridians. Starting to see the connection? When you gain the knowledge about where these points are mirrored on your extremities, you’ll be able to treat any and every pain you may have with unbelievable ease. This is a method that treats not only minor discomforts such as headaches, toothaches, and sore muscles but also serious debilitating conditions such as arthritis, chronic back pain, osteoporosis, menstrual and prenatal problems. Forget about ever having any post-surgery pain, as it will take you just seconds to successfully relieve it.


What’s Included

You can rest assured that purchasing this guide is the best way to teach yourself everything you need to know about acupressure. You’ll receive a detailed book about the history of acupressure, its benefits, the research that’s done on it, how and when to perform it and why you’ll get better from it. This book is probably the most comprehensive guide ever written on the subject. It’s also very well written and engaging way, so you’ll have no trouble reading or understanding the content. You’ll also receive a workbook – a very useful addition to the guide, as it provides you with schemes and tables that will make the learning and treat process much easier. There are many charts presented that will help you pinpoint what exactly is bothering you and treat the problem with ease. Along with the main guide and the workbook, you’ll receive a DVD with videos that complement everything you’ve already learned. They’re great tools for revising what you read, and you can even use them as the sole method of learning, as they’re very informative and do a great job of visually explaining everything you need to master.


Will it help treat my chronic pain?

Yes! Acupressure is a method that often succeeds where others fail and provide the best results when treating a chronic condition. Western medicine generally resorts to toxic and dangerous drugs to treat these conditions, and the Pure Natural Healing method is a safe and effective alternative to that.

How can I be sure I’ll master the art of acupressure?

Look around online and you’ll find pages on pages of testimonials made by people whose lives changed thanks to this method. The guide was created with great care and dedication and tested thoroughly. The matter in its essence is simple enough for everybody to successfully master in no time. However, if you do find yourself unable to perform acupressure, or just don’t like or need the guide anymore, there’s a free return policy to ensure your satisfaction. Just write an email and you’ll get your money back in no time, no feelings hurt!

Are there any cons to this program?

As it often is with good things in life, this program comes with a few setbacks of its own. Firstly, this isn’t some sort of a miraculous healing power you’ll suddenly gain with just a glance of the guide. This is a matter that requires focus and dedication in order to master, and some people might find that it’s a task too troublesome to bother with. You also have to be patient and persistent, seeing how experts in this field a take decades to train.


I truly recommend buying this fantastic guide. If you are someone who tends to get injured or ill often, or someone that suffers from a condition so chronic even western medicine can’t heal, then this is a book for you. Even if you’re currently as fit as a fiddle, The Pure Natural Healing Program is a great present for friends and family. What’s better than ensuring you and the people you love and care about stay happy and healthy, all without any need for pills and potions.

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The 3 Week Diet Review

3 week diet review


The 3 Week Diet Review

Losing weight has continually proved to be the biggest problem people face regarding their health and appearance. Often limited by the pressures of their everyday life and unable to find a permanent solution, people soon tend to start feeling anxious and losing their self-esteem. There are numerous falsely advertised diet and exercise regimes which leave most people thinking that losing that extra weight that’s holding them back is almost an impossible task.

Well, as crazy as it may seem, those days just might be over!

‘The 3 Week Diet’ is a recently published weight loss guide with a goal of losing all that extra body fat in just 21 days. It’s a guide that relies on combining a series of rules regarding your diet with an exercise regime in order to successfully and efficiently burn your body fat.

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The Authorbrian-flatt-author-and-creator

‘The 3 Week Diet’ book was created and written by Brian Flatt, a certified sports nutritionist with a degree in biology and almost 15 years of experience being a personal trainer. In his line of work, he saw a lot of people relentlessly trying every weight loss method available and still not achieving any results. After reading numerous medical studies, researching nutrition guides and immersing himself in learning about every detail about the human body, he came up with a guide guaranteed to bring results. He managed to identify what the 5 major problems that prevent successful weight loss are and used them as guidelines for his program.

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How It Works

‘The 3 Week Diet’ is a weight loss guide that promises a 23-pound weight loss in only 21 days. The key to its success lies in a very clever combination of strict diet rules and exercises that engage your body in a way that significantly speeds up fat loss. That’s what makes this program so much faster and more effective than any other weight loss programs you can find. It’s based on a principle that, although inherently very simple, not many people know about. The basis of that principle is that the human body doesn’t require as much time as you might think to start burning its fat. By engaging the right muscles in just the right way you triple or even quadruple the speed at which your metabolism burns fat. This is a program that completely dismisses the age-old belief that calory counting is a crucial part of losing weight. Instead, it utilizes the body’s own reaction to specific exercises and fuels the entire process by carefully selecting a variety of foods that complement it.

If you follow all the author’s instructions you should be seeing progress in just a few days. By sticking to the rules through the entire length of the diet, you’re bound to experience at least a 20-pound loss – and that’s in less than a month. Keep in mind that the weight isn’t the only things that’s going to change. You’ll start feeling better just hours into the program. You’re cholesterol and blood sugar should become drastically lowered, you’ll start feeling more energized and self-confident. Don’t be surprised if both your skin and hair get softer and healthier – it’s an unavoidable side-effect of the diet. And for all the ladies out there battling with cellulite – it too will disappear. The exercises presented in the workout guide are great for targeting cellulite-affected problem areas, and the food you’ll consume will keep it from forming again. By losing all that fat your muscles will become more visible and emphasized, and the exercises will make them stronger and more toned.


What’s Included In The Guide

‘The 3 Week Diet’ guide consists of four separate books in the form of manuals. Every manual explains each of the steps essential to a successful weight loss.

First is the introduction manual, where you’ll get more detailed information about the guide itself and the premises on which the author based it. You’ll learn about the science behind both weight loss and weight gain, and how they’re affected by the food we eat. You’ll also be presented with the very basics of nutrition and advice on how to prepare yourself for the drastic health change you’re bound to experience.

The second book is a diet manual like no other. Unlike every other diet that uses the very wrong ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, the Three Week Diet offers a diet that’s customizable to every client’s specific need. It instructs you on how to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage and then offers a regime that’s tailored for your specific body type and need. It’s been thoroughly tested and this method proved to be almost fail-proof at providing every person with an equally effective and rapid weight loss regime. The book contains a very simple, yet detailed step-by-step nutrition guide made to complement the designated workout regime.

3 week diet meal plan

It does the work for you and takes all the troublesome thinking out of it, leaving you just to enjoy the process. It’s not one of those rigorous diets that offer just instant results. Along with the day-to-day program for every one of the 21 days, there’s also a very helpful manual on how to maintain the weight you’ve worked hard for. It’s very effective as it’s designed in a way that isn’t restrictive at all and doesn’t require you to give up almost any foods you like.

In book number three you’re introduced to the exercise regime that is going to melt those extra pounds for good. Although the diet manual alone is enough for you to see amazing results in no time, following the exercise guide will significantly speed the entire process up. Unlike others, this guide isn’t about spending countless hours at the gym in order to see even the slightest improvement. Instead, it focuses on specific exercises that when done, even for the shortest amount of time, provide your body with a metabolic boost better than weeks at the gym. Intervals and intensity are what burn fat the fastest and along with the provided diet really are as effective as it gets.

The fourth and final book that the guide consists of may come as a surprise. It’s not more diet or exercise advice, but rather a mindset and motivation manual. As any other life changing process, this weight loss journey also must start with a certain set of mind. It provides life advice, motivational messages and other tips and trick you can use throughout your entire life, not just the 21 days of this program.

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Where and when can I buy this guide?

This guide is available on the official ‘3 Week Diet’ website (click here) and can be purchased anytime you want. You can even choose to buy a downloadable version, and start using it just minutes after buying it.

How can I be sure it will work for me?

The program is designed to fit the individual needs of anyone using it. If you follow its rules and guidelines you’re bound to see results. To ensure you stay satisfied and your money stays safe, they offer a free, no questions asked return policy. If for any reason whatsoever it fails to work for you or you simply don’t like it, just send them an email and you’ll be swiftly reimbursed.

How old or young do I have to be to use this guide?

As the program gets tailor specifically for you and your individual needs and body type, there isn’t an age or gender restriction. Anyone willing to shed those extra pounds is welcome to use it.

Are there any cons I should be aware of?

Although the effects and benefits of this program are more than obvious, it does come with a few setbacks. If you expect it to be a breeze and work with little effort from your side, you’re bound to be disappointed. This primarily is an exercise guide, and it does require doing the recommended exercise regularly and with dedication. The diet may also pose a problem to some people, especially if they’ve never dieted before. However, if you’re willing to put some effort in it and keep a positive attitude, then no diet is going to be a problem for you.


Taking everything into consideration, ‘The 3 Week Diet’ really is a great and effective weight loss guide. If you do some research you’ll find pages upon pages of testimonials made by satisfied users worldwide. The books have been selling out like hotcakes, so we personally recommend you get your hands on a copy and start your journey to a dream body you want and deserve.

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How To Get Rid of Diabetes

7 steps to health

 natural way to get rid of and reverse type 2 diabetesHow To Get Rid of Diabetes

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago.  Adjusting to this chronic illness was very hard. I had to prick my finger before and after every meal,  and even take medication for my diabetes.  My doctor told me how I would be on diabetic medication for life.  I always hoped that there would be a special manual or book on how to get rid of diabetes.  I was ready to give up and just believe what my doctor had told me until I came across the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie program by  Max Sidorov. It has been by far the best solution I have found and the only solution that makes my life easier.

Before I found the 7 Steps to Health and The Diabetes Lie program, I tried to find other solutions.  I read books on how to reverse type 2 diabetes.  I found a book on Amazon called Cure Diabetes Naturally.  It contained some good standard information like how many carbs should a diabetic eat.  The book helped to a certain extent, but it did not solve my problem which was reversing my type 2 diabetes.  I wanted something that would go a little more in-depth and give me a permanent solution.  For those of you that do not have diabetes,  I am going to tell you exactly what it is and who does it affect.  After I give you this information, you will realize how the 7 Steps to Health and  The Big Diabetes Lie program is the best solution.


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What Is Diabetes?

Hopefully, you’ve already learned whether or not you have diabetes if you’re viewing this page. For the curious – diabetes is when your body does not properly process food for use as energy. Most of the food that we eat turns into glucose or sugar for our bodies to use for energy.  Than pancreas makes a hormone called insulin. When you have diabetes, your body does not make up a lot of insulin or can’t use its own insulin that well.  This is why many people refer to diabetes as sugar diabetes. Usually, when you have diabetes, you need to be on a strict diet and have medication to regulate your blood sugar.  That is what I believed until I came across the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie program.reverse-type-2-diabetes

Who Does It Affect?

Anyone can be affected by diabetes, but many people that have relatives with diabetes are most likely prone to diabetes.  Other reasons that people are affected by diabetes are obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure,  and not being physically active. Diabetes is more common in minorities like African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.  I personally had diabetes because of my weight, but it is never too late to change your health.

What To Look For In A Solution?

Finding a solution for diabetes can be very simple. My doctor just gave me medication and told me I need to change my diet. He sent me to a nutritionist, and she put me on a low carb diet which is common when trying to treat diabetes. Another solution is exercise. Many people do not like to exercise so sometimes it is a hard solution to follow through with.  That is why the perfect solution is the 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie. You do not have to stress over any solution, and anyone with diabetes can do the program and benefit from it.

Why Is The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Program My Chosen Solution?

I use to have the worst side effects from diabetes.  I use to have blurry vision, I would have tingling in my hands and feet, I was always thirsty, and I had a hard time just enjoying everyday life.  I thought that I would have to be miserable forever.  I was curious to see what people were doing to help their diabetes so I began to search online.  One day I found out about The Big Diabetes Lie book.  I saw all of the good feedback that the program had, and I wanted to be one of those success stories.  At first, the program sounded too good to be true.  It took me awhile to realize that I had found the solution to my diabetes.  Now my type 2 diabetes is reversed.  I am no longer on diabetic medication, and I am no longer pricking my fingers.  What is The 7 Steps to Health and The Big Diabetes Lie Program? It is a guide that was created by doctors for men and woman that want to cure diabetes and to no longer use drugs or medication for it. This guide is packed with lots of information that will change your life.the-big-diabetes-lie

Here Is What You Will Find In The Program:

  • You will learn about which foods are more successful in treating diabetes  than taking diabetic medication.
  • Nutrition tricks from a Norwegian that can help you completely come off insulin and diabetic medication.
  • You will learn about foods that can completely eliminate neuropathy pain.
  • How common sweeteners may depress the immune.
  • Discover the myth about diet soda and you will learn that it can actually cause you to gain weight, raise your blood sugar and damage your health.
  • The step by step solution to end the need for insulin medication.
  • Learn how eating foods can lower your chance of dying from cancer.

Conclusion – How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Those are just some of the wonderful things you will get with the program, but there are plenty more things that you will learn to help you reverse your type 2 diabetes through this program.

I use to feel so negative about my diabetes. I had no hope for my future and for many years I believed the lie that diabetes can never be reversed.  Now, because of the The Big Diabetes Lie Program, I am no longer taking my diabetic medication, I have more energy, and I have a new outlook on life.  The value of this information that the program offers should cost a lot of money, but it doesn’t.  The average diabetic spends a lot of money a year on medications, glucose monitors, testing strips, needles and foot care, imagine never having to spend money like that again. I no longer have to go to my doctor and pay a copay regularly. I can save my money and live my life the way I want to.  Taking care of your type 2 diabetes is very important, and no one should suffer from of it. Take control of your type 2 diabetes today and order the program. I guarantee you will be on your way to a happier and healthier you.

Visit The Big Diabetes Lie's Official Website! Read My DETAILED Review Of The Big Diabetes Lie!

Yoga Burn Review



Yoga Burn Review

Ever heard of yoga?

Just kidding, of course, you have, seeing how yoga has continually been the most popular way of exercise for the past 30 years. Yoga originated in ancient India, somewhere around the fifth century BCE, as a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices followed primarily by the Hindu people. There are many different schools of yoga, depending on where and how its practiced. But, the yoga we know and practice today only became popular thirty or so years ago. Introduced by seasoned Indian yoga gurus, it quickly became an exciting new alternative to the hectic, fast-paced life of the eighties. When the yoga craze started, it represented nothing more than just another way of physical exercise. However, people’s wants and needs changed with the new millennium, and more and more people started practicing yoga for its spiritual benefits. With more than 20 million people practicing yoga every day, its impact on people’s mental states and overall health is undeniable.

With all of the spiritual impact it makes on people, it’s sometimes easy to forget that, after all, it also greatly affects your physical state. Hatha yoga is an ancient yoga practice, and also the most commonly practiced yoga. It’s practiced by positioning yourself in various asanas (otherwise known as postures), in order to promote physical health and a relaxed state of mind. Combining the positions and the order in which they’re performed, a person can get quite a bit of a workout from this ancient spiritual practice.



‘Yoga Burn’ is a guide and training program created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. Zoe is quite a fitness expert: she’s a certified personal trainer and a yoga instructor. With a lifetime of experience in fitness and more than a decade of practicing yoga, she decided to make a comprehensive guide and a training program aimed exclusively at women.zoe bray cotton

With the expansion of yoga studios and uncertified instructors, the price of yoga classes has been rapidly increasing in spite of the overall decrease in its quality. As they become aware of that, more and more women decide to switch to practicing yoga at home using online guides and tutorials. There’s a lot of free content online, but a clear, comprehensive guide that’s also free is almost impossible to find.

This is where Zoe’s ‘Yoga Burn’ guide steps in. By assessing the needs of the modern women, she was able to design a program that’s as practical and effective as it can be. Being a personal trainer gave the author the experience necessary for successfully losing weight and maintaining body fitness, which she genially combined with her knowledge of yoga while constructing this program.

‘Yoga Burn’ is a comprehensive exercise program aimed at women who want to lose weight and burn that excess belly fat we all struggle with. The exercises are designed to be done at home with virtually no equipment, so you can rest assured you won’t be bothered with any additional expenses.

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What You Get

When purchasing the program, you receive the physical collection of DVDs along with the link for downloading the program digitally. The program consists of a series of videos divided into three separate phases.

‘The Foundational Flow’ is the name of the fist phase. This is where you get to know Zoe, your instructor, and the very basics of yoga. It guides you through the basic movements and breathing techniques. It’s an important first step for novices and beginners to yoga, but don’t skip it if you’re a more seasoned yogi! It offers you a fresh perspective and reminds you of the importance of the body-mind connection for establishing better control over your muscles.

When you’ve mastered the basics, you proceed to the second or the ‘Transitional Flow’ phase. This is where you use the knowledge you gained in the first phase to position yourself correctly and move through entire posture sequences. This is also when you’ll start noticing the impact of the exercise on your problem areas, as well the effect it has on your emotional state. Don’t be afraid if you’re suddenly much calmer and in a perpetual good mood – it’s an unavoidable side effect of the program!

The third and final phase, ‘The Mastery Flow’ phase, is where all the magic happens. If you follow all the instructions in order and complete them correctly, this should be the time you really start feeling the change. You should reach the peak of your physical fitness and experience the biggest boost of your metabolism. As the exercises progress, your body becomes noticeably tighter and leaner. Your life really starts improving: you notice you sleep better and tighter, you’re more calm and relaxed and in tune with yourself, you become more patient and humble.

Seems like quite a life change, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a change that’s bound to happen when following this 12-week guide. In addition to these three phases, you can receive some bonus content if purchasing the program during a limited time offer. There are follow-up audio classes, as well a series of videos explaining additional relaxing and meditating techniques.

yoga burn reviews

Honest Opinion

However, with no intention of diminishing the obvious benefits of this program, you should be aware that’s it’s not without its setbacks. Although the main goal is to lose body fat, the program’s only targeted to people of low to moderate physical fitness. If you’re already pretty active or have done yoga for a while, you may find that the exercises are too slow and light for you to make any progress. Not really a con, but definitely a major setback for some women, is the fact that this is a legitimate training program. Although it doesn’t require that much time, a thing it does require is your full dedication. You won’t be able to see any results without serious engagement and undivided attention when you exercise.

My Review – Conclusion

All things considered, this really is a fantastic guide you can get at a bargain. The program is yours forever, as it’s a one-time purchase, so you can use it over and over again and really get your money’s worth.


Your instructor Zoey, an experienced yogi with a flair for teaching, is a delight to both see and hear. She designed the program in a way that it primarily provides voice instructions, which are then accompanied by a video. That makes the actual exercising easier, as just the voice instructions are enough for you to complete a whole session perfectly. That way, you’re not distracted by constantly looking at the screen and you can immerse yourself completely into the exercise.

Both Zoey and her team are well aware of the dilemmas women have with this kind of online programs. They made sure your payments are secure and teamed up with Clickbank to provide a strong, fail-proof encryption of your personal data. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee, if all of the above still wasn’t enough for you to be a 100% certain. If for any reason you find yourself unable to complete the program or just aren’t satisfied with it all, just write an email. Tell them you want to return the guide, and they’ll return your money in no time, no questions asked.

Now that’s what they call a deal you can’t miss!

Get It Now!

Visit the Official Website Here: For More Information!

VFX Body System Review


vfx body review VFX Body System Review

Losing weight has always been a very undignified and dreaded issue in many people’s lives. We’re living in a world that’s so hectic and image-obsessed that it’s become a very fertile ground for obesity to be on the rise. We’re stressed out to the max and suffocated with unhealthy food and drinks, all of which lead to a very static and sedentary lifestyle.

This is a sad reality mjohn-barban-vfxany women face today. Times have changed indeed, and more and more women every day choose not to give up neither their careers nor their families in order to life a more fulfilling life. This, however, creates a very specific situation where women are left unable to dedicate time to themselves and their own health and physical well-being. This leads to inevitable weight gain and an overall decrease in self-confidence, all thanks to the unhealthy, ‘desirable’ body image we’re constantly bombarded with by the media.

Juggling their everyday lives with the constant battle with that extra body fat, women often resort to drastic diets and dangerous exercise regimes they find online. This is not only reckless, but also very dangerous as many of the so-called ‘miracle’ diets are very unhealthy and can do more damage than good to your body. Following random exercise regimes presented by self-proclaimed ‘fitness experts’ almost always lead to injury, as many of them aren’t skilled or competent enough to instruct on those matters.

That is why many women opt for a paid regime, believing that the certainty of its success must come with a price tag. There are quite a bit of good programs available online, but unfortunately, many of them are just cheap scams designed to steal your money.

This is why we’re here to save you the trouble and recommend a guide tailored for you needs. ‘VFX Body’ is is a weight loss system designed exclusively for women. If features a nutrition guide and an exercise regime to be followed at home with absolutely no need for exercise equipment or drastic life changes.


The Creator

‘VFX Body was created by a health and nutrition specialist John Barban. Barban has a masters degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition and more than a decade of experience in researching nutrition and exercise that target weight loss. He taught in the department of Health and Human performance at the University of Florida and is the best-selling author of numerous fitness and nutrition programs.john-barban-venus-factor

He started developing this program to target a very specific problem women face, which is unwanted body fat. Male and female bodies are very different and both require drastically different approaches to losing weight and maintaining weight loss. By studying the female body and the way it stores and utilizes fat, Barban was able to create a scientifically proven and safe weight loss regime.

Made for women of all shapes, sizes, and age, this program provides them with a healthy and welcome life change by following a step by step exercise and diet system. The program and the people behind it recognize and understand that drastic lifestyle changes are something no woman dreams about. That’s why they offer a detailed nutrition plan tailored for your specific body type and physical fitness, a one that focuses on a healthier approach to the foods you already know and love.

What You Get

When purchasing the program, you get access to a nutrition app that keeps your meals and calorie intake in check. It provides you with a list of foods you should try to avoid, along with the instructions on how and when to consume the foods you’re already used to eating. And don’t worry – the diet isn’t restrictive at all, and the app provides you with a detailed explanation as to why some foods are better than the other.

The part of the program that deals with the exercise doesn’t disappoint either. The exercises are brief and very well explained. There’s a video guide for every single exercise, where every movement is analyzed and explained so you can do the exercise safely and effectively. You can also make your own training sessions, personalized to your specific body type and fitness, which is one of the greatest benefits of this program. It makes it suitable both for unfit newbies that are just starting to get in shape and more active women looking to maintain their fitness and weight.

As you progress through the program, you’ll be able to create a more personalized experience, as it recognizes the success you have in the previous segments of the program and helps you build on that.

And if it all sometimes start to seem as too much to handle, there’s always the VFX community to back you up. By purchasing the VFX guide you’ll also gain access to the exclusive community of its users. Hearing about other women’s experiences with the program is surely something you will benefit from greatly. Don’t forget about the fun aspect of the community as well – a recipe and tip share may ensue, along with some new friendships.

vfx diet

Not A Miracle Cure!

However, you must be aware that there are always cons to this kind of programs, even with the ‘VFX Body”. This is not some miracle solution to an overnight weight loss. You won’t be able to see results without patience and dedication, so keep that in mind if you consider yourself a serial quitter. This is also not a program that will magically give you a body of a model. It’s tailor for your body type and your fitness level, thus providing you with a better and stronger version of yourself.

VFX results


All in all, this is a program that’s surely bound to benefit any woman. The people behind it recognize any dilemmas you might have and worked hard to give you the best product possible. They offer a money back guarantee, meaning that, if for any reason you might not like it, you can just email or call them anytime within 60 days from purchasing and they’ll return your money in 48 hours, no questions asked. If you happened to purchase the physical collection of the program, just mail it back and you’ll get reimbursed as well.

When considering the dedication, effort and years of experience that went into creating this program, it’s no wonder there are so many satisfied customers. If you check out their website or the VFX community forum, you’ll come across hundreds and hundreds of before and after pictures, submitted by women that have completed the program and have nothing else to say but words of praise.

Do some research, educate yourself and decide what’s the best path for you to take to introduce a healthy change to your lifestyle. Don’t get mesmerized by unrealistic ads, but listen to the testimonials of other women with similar goals. That’s why the VFX program can’t disappoint. Even if you fail to follow through the end, the knowledge about your food, your weight and how to maintain it is bound to have a positive impact on your life.

Get It Now!

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How Long Does Sciatica Last? – My Experience

How Long Does Sciatica Last? – My Experience Beating It

I  sufferhow-long-does-sciatica-lasted from sciatica for many years. It is a chronic illness that is hard to live with.  Anyone who deals with this condition knows how painful it can be.  I have felt it all. I had pain that went all the way down to my leg and numbness and tingling that went down to my foot.  I had to learn how to sleep with sciatica because of my constant pain.  Having sciatica use to stop me from enjoying my life. I use to wonder how long does sciatica last and would I suffer from it forever.   I learned that I could be free of sciatica because of the Sciatica SOS Program. It is by far the best solution I have found.

Visit Sciatica SOS's Official Website! Read My DETAILED Review Of Sciatica SOS!

I have tried other alternative sciatica solutions before I found the Sciatica SOS Program.  The one that helped me out the most was Sciatica Care which was a nerve pain relief supplement.  I found it on Amazon, and it had a lot of good reviews, so I decided to try it. It relieved some of my pain, but only temporarily. It is less effective than the Sciatica SOS Program.  It would most likely be my second choice, but I wanted something that could permanently take my pain away.  I wanted to learn how to treat sciatica while not having to take no more pills or have any surgery.   Before I talk about why the  Sciatica SOS program is the best solution for Sciatica. I am going to give you some basic information about sciatica just in case you have no idea what it is or if you know someone that suffers from it.

Official Website:

What Is Sciatica?

For those of you, that do not suffer from sciatica, I bet you are wondering what it is exactly?  Sciatica is pain that radiates along the scantic nerve which goes through your lower back, hips, and butt and down your legs. Usually, it only affects one side of your body.  Sciatica mostly occurs when the herniated disk compresses part of the nerve.

Who Does It Affect?

Sciatica affects people with a  herniated spinal disc but, honestly, it can affect anyone, but it is less common in children and adolescents.  It can also be caused by a back injury or over-exertion. People with diabetes can also be affected by Sciatica.  Almost every family in the U.S.  has at least one family member that suffers from Sciatica but, with the Sciatica SOS Program, you can easily get rid of it.


What To Look For In A Solution For Sciatica?

There are a lot of solutions for Sciatica. It is kind of like trial and error situation. I went to my doctor as soon as I realized I had a problem.  Of course, he prescribed me pain medication which is a great solution when you are treating sciatica. Some other solutions for sciatica are muscle relaxers, and nonsteroid anti- inflammatory medication.  I tried all of these, but I just ended up with stomach cramps and nausea. So I knew that the ultimate solution was the Sciatica SOS. 

Why is Sciatica SOS Is My Chosen Solution?

So I have told you some basic information about sciatica and now you have an idea as to why it is so painful.   If you or a friend suffers from sciatica, the Sciatica SOS program is the solution for you.  What is the Sciatica SOS program? The Sciatica SOS program is a program by Glen Johnson. I found it while I was searching on the internet for a solution to sciatica. Sciatica SOS is a book that contains hardcore solutions to cure your sciatica permanently! It sounds too good to be true because he talks about simple and natural ways to cure it. I was skeptical at first, but I followed his step by step guide, and my pain went away.


Here Is What You Can Expect To Find In The Book:

  • You will discover the reason for your sciatica and why it is so common. It will also tell you what your pains are trying to communicate to your body.
  • A drug-free solution that will relieve your pain naturally. It will teach you how to add the right remedies using herbs, and it will give you a sense of tranquility.
  • Secrets that turn back the clock on your body’s You will learn about a Nepalese system that will rid your joints, muscles, tendons, nerves of intense energy that comes up every time you have a jolt of pain from sciatica. The book also puts emphasis on healing and rebalancing the affected area.

Sciatica SOS is also my chosen solution because it only took me 7 days to get rid of my sciatica! When I saw that there was a 60-day money back guarantee, I knew that I was going to see results. It is also a  natural way to treat sciatica, and it is %100 safe. One thing I learned through this program is that you do not have to take medication or drugs, which is good because you do not have to deal with the side effects.   Natural ways of healing pain are always the best solution, and the Sciatica SOS program proves that.


The Sciatica SOS  is the best solution for Sciatica, and it is the only proven method that takes away sciatica permanently.  Forget the drugs and the medication. You should go the natural way and do a favor to your body by ridding yourself of pain. The Sciatica SOS is the only guide that will show you how to permanently and naturally get rid of your sciatica. You cannot compare any other treatments or methods to the Sciatica SOS program.  If you buy it now, you get the guide and 5 e-books for only $37 which is much cheaper than taking medication, visiting your doctor or going to therapy.   So take advantage of the deal now because the Sciatica SOS program is the only lasting solution out there. I am no longer in any pain because I made a decision to find the best solution for my sciatica. If you’re wondering how long sciatica lasts, or how to sleep with sciatica, you can get rid of your questions by defeating sciatica altogether. Now I can enjoy my everyday life pain-free and you can too when you order the Sciatica SOS program.

Visit Sciatica SOS's Official Website! Read My DETAILED Review Of Sciatica SOS!


Anabolic Running Review



Anabolic Running Review

My Story

Some people spend hours and hours doing cardio exercises like running. That use to be me before I discovered the Anabolic Running program by Joe LoGalbo.  What if I told you that it is possible for an average guy to build a lot of muscle, get rid of stubborn fat and increase their sexual performance just by running for 16 minutes per week. I know that sounds too good to be true, but it is possible. This program will have your testosterone pumping, and it is simple to use.   It changed my life, and it can change yours. joe-logalbo

I use to start my day with a morning jog to get my heart pumping and to get into shape.Running was a waste of time because I was still getting the same results, nothing.  My performance in the bed was not really good, and I was embarrassed to even show my body.  I was wondering was there something really wrong with me.  I decided to check out LoGalbo’s guide. This is a program for men that want to eliminate their belly fat and feel manlier if you know what I mean.

I learned that most cardio exercises feminize men.  So I wanted to do something that would make me stronger, build my physique and increase my testosterone.   So I started doing this running program. I stopped going to the gym every day, and I stopped keeping track of my miles. All I did was run for  8 minutes 2 days a week.   I added some other strength training workouts, but I realized that was not necessary. After doing the Anabolic Running for about 6 days, I noticed a change in my body and I had more action under the covers.  It seemed like magic to me, but it was actually a reality.

Having sex was better, and things went back to normal.  I had a lot more muscle and less belly fat.  It was like I was taking pre-workout supplements on a daily basis. It is a pretty cool feeling to have.  Other guys kept asking me what was my secret to getting ripped.  They wanted to know how many hours I spent in the gym and how much jogging did I do. They were surprised when I only told them 16 minutes.  I do not know if they would get the same result as I did but, they followed the program too and they had the same results.

Official Website:

Who Is It For?

This  program is only for men who want to see serious results.  You will never have to worry about feeling less of a man again. You will get a ripped and strong body. This is the only cardio workout that can also increase your sex hormones which are an added bonus.  If you want to change your life and your physique this program is for you.

What You Get

Here is what you are going to get when you order the program:

  • You will learn the number one big mistake guys make when they try to do an intense workout. Doing an intense workout will lower your testosterone so you should break that habit. You will find information on how to do that on page 34.
  • You will discover an ancient oil that was discovered hundreds of years ago that has been confirmed to increase your testosterone.
  • A three-minute mind trick
  • You will receive an attraction cheat that really helped increase my sex appeal
  • You will learn about the testosterone myth millions of men believe. I even believed the myth myself.
  • 3-minute shifting and mindset techniques that will increase your confidence.
  • The king Anabolic Vitamin that you must take daily if you want to increase testosterone levels.
  • You unlock the dream hormone that everyone wished they had which is the fountain of youth.
  • Discover why traditional interval training is limiting your testosterone and human growth hormones.
  • You will also learn a breathing hack that is proven to give your veins nitric oxide that is out of this world muscle pumps without using weights. Sometimes I do not like using weights, so this was very beneficial to me.
  • You will learn Joe LoGalbo’s running trick that he used to save his marriage. His trick was a lifesaver to my marriage and let’s just say my wife is happy.
  • A simple libido charging method that is way stronger than any erectile dysfunction pills.

anabolic running banner


  • The Shock and Awe Strength program which was a 6-minute exercise that really helped me with my frame and I developed a lot of muscles and best of all it is a $27 Value.
  • A testosterone hacker handbook which is also a $27 value. It is packed with 41 of the fastest testosterone boosting shortcuts that will help your male sex organs be over the top.
  • 17 foods to boost your libido which is a $27 value. There are 17 foods that you probably would not think of in this book that can increase your sex drive.

Final Thoughts

I hope this review of the Anabolic Running Program has given you all the information you need to decide whether or not it is for you.   My life has changed tremendously because of this program.   You can’t beat the price, and you get so much out of the program.  In just a few weeks I began to notice a difference in my body and so did others.  I saw my midsection go in, and I have more definition In my abs.  You cannot put a price on how much this program will change your life.  I am now more happier and so is my wife. If you are ready to make a change in your body and build that testosterone back up, order this program today and you won’t be sorry.

Get It Now!

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Penis Enlargement Bible Review

The Penis Enlargement Bible

PE Bible Review – Introduction

the penis enlargement bible bookSex is one of the top contenders for divorce all over the world. According to a UK firm, 43% of divorce cases are due to poor sex among partners. Many men are unable to satisfy their partners due to a small penis size. Nearly 83% of women chat on their partners because they are sexually dissatisfied. With the numbers being so high, it is no surprise that there are many so-called quick fixes and scams available in the market for penis enlargement. Pills, drugs, pumps, weights and even surgeries. But most of these solutions do not work, only provide a temporary solution or come with irreversible side effects.  John Collins’s “Penis Enlargement Bible”, is one solution which provides a permanent solution and is completely natural.


Author BackgroundJohn Collins Pe Bible

John Collins, the author of the book, is a Sex educator and researcher by profession. He began his research in this field because he was frustrated with his size. He spent a lot of money on pumps, weights, pills and every other scam that the market had to offer. After being duped time and again, he decided to do his own research and finally came up with a two-step method that increased his penis size to 9.1 inches. He has poured his entire experience into the 94 page guide.

Get It Now!

Visit the Official Website Here: For More Information

How the bible works

The PEBible is a two-step method. It helps to grow your penis anywhere between 2 inches to 4 inches in length and 1 inch in girth, within two months. This can be achieved at the comfort of your home without the need to invest on any pills, extenders or any other equipment. The two steps on which this method works are:

  1. Eating the right diet and supplements – The aim is to get as much nutrient rich blood and oxygen to reach the penis. This helps the biochemicals to react with the receptors in the penis. These receptors help cells to regrow, just like during puberty, and in turn help the penis grow.
  2. Exercising – Exercising makes sure that your penis is able to take more blood and result in a thicker and more powerful penis.

Apart from increasing the size of your penis, this method also some positive side effects, namely:

  1. increased stamina during sex
  2. increased libido
  3. rock hard erections

Furthermore, this technique gives permanent, irreversible results.

What You Get

The book is a 94 page “Holy Grail” for all dissatisfied men. This can be downloaded from the official website for a price of $47. Once the payment is made, the following items can be downloaded:

  1. The 94 page Penis Enlargement Bible – a step by step guide to permanently enlarge your penis
  2. Bonus 1: The Ultimate Penis Exercise Guide – This supplement to the Bible, gives pictorial explanations on how to do certain exercises to reap maximum benefits
  3. Bonus 2: “What not to do” sex guide – Having a bigger penis alone does not help in leading a good sex life. This guide helps men understand the dos and don’ts of sex.

This book comes with a 60 days, 100% refund money back guarantee. Exactly what I look for when I’m making a review – my money back after trying a program!

pe bible banner

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this guide, when there are many other faster methods available in the market?

The PE Bible is based on scientific techniques and is completely natural. This book has been sold for more than 5 years in a row and still going strong due to the positive reviews that it has received from 5000+ men who have used it. There might be other methods in the market, but techniques outlined in this book are the safest.

Do I need to take any pills to enlarge my penis?

No. Pills / drugs of any kind are not advocated by this book. You do however need to take certain natural supplements and Chinese herbs that provide the required nutrients to achieve the final result

Can I enlarge my penis by just exercising?

Exercise alone is not sufficient to enlarge your penis. It can do more harm than help. The technique used in the pe Bible signals your body to start a penis re-growth. For this you also need to eat a nutrient rich food.


Pros and Cons

The pros of this book are:

  1. It is completely natural – The techniques advocated by this book are completely natural and has no side effects
  2. The results are permanent – you can permanently increase the length and girth of your penis
  3. Improved sex life – you gain control over your ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and increase stamina.
  4. It comes with a life time customer support and a money back guarantee

The cons of this book are:

  1. It can be ordered only from the online stores and is available in a pdf format. People who are not tech savvy may not have access to this book
  2. It is not a quick fix solution. This method may take anywhere between 5 -8 weeks to work.

My experience with the book

I was a 30 year old male virgin. After being laughed at by my first girl-friend during my teen years, I never felt confident enough to show myself to another woman. Though I did date many women after that, I just made excuses for not sleeping with them. I was completely devastated when a friend told me that there was a rumor going around that I was impotent. Then I met the girl of my dreams. Even though she said that my size did not matter to her, I wanted her to feel satisfied. Just two months before our wedding, I started using the techniques given in the PE bible and voila! It grew by 2 inches by the time we were ready to tell our vows. This is just my own personal review, but others have far more detailed ones.


The Penis Enlargement Bible incorporates scientific techniques and explains it in simple easy-to-understand words. It is completely natural, gives a permanent solution with no side effects. If you have always suffered from low confidence due to a small penis, this book is worth a try at the very least.

Get It Now!

Visit the Official Website Here: For More Information

Old School New Body

steve holman old school

old school new body book

Old School New Body

 It is said that without proper nutrients and exercise our bodies begin to look and age at a faster pace. The rage to look and feel young has been around since the beginning of mankind. It is said that ancient Indians used saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and other ingredients to look younger. Today we see many people use processes like Botox, plastic surgery, and other artificial means to look younger. Though these processes may help them look younger, the body still continues to age. Many claim yoga, tai chi and other forms of exercise helps slow down the process of aging, but can it stop and reverse the process? What if there was a method to naturally reverse the process of aging by restoring the body’s natural youth hormones? Steve and Becky Holman the authors of the book, “Old School New Body” claim they know the 5 key principles to do just that.

Official Website:

Author Backgroundsteve holman old school

Steve Holman has been the editor in chief of the Iron-Man magazine for years. Steve and his wife Becky Holman have picked up various tricks over the years to reverse the process of aging. Together they have built a workout system called the F4X Training System, which they themselves have used to stay in top health. Even though they are in their 50s they look a lot younger and fitter. Steve has a 6-pack body, while Becky is slim, toned and looks 10 years younger.

How The Book Works

The FX4 Training System is completely opposed to “conventional wisdom” of following strict diet and exercising hard at the gym to stay “fit”. In fact, its 5 core principles on which it is built, advocate just the opposite:

  1. Forget Low –Fat diets – fats are required to regenerate the strength hormones in the body
  2. Stop running in circles – long duration exercises accelerate the aging purpose
  3. Stop blaming everything on how old you are – people can change their physique at any age, whether they are 25 or 95
  4. Avoid chronic dehydration – water not only suppresses hunger, but is also essential for all organs to work efficiently
  5. Work-out less

FX4 is a cardiovascular workout regime which can be done in a few minutes. It has mainly 3 phases:

Phase 1 – F4X Lean – a few variations in movements along with FX4 Lean meal plan will help you loose unwanted at

Phase 2 – F4X Shape – helps you shape your body to look like a competitive swimmer or a figure competitor

Phase 3 – FX4 Build – helps you build more muscle mass

The entire F4X Protocol requires you to spend just about 90 minutes of your time per week.

VIsited the Old School New Body Website

What You Get 

This book can be downloaded from their official website for a price of $27. Everything that is needed is found in the condensed easy-to-use handbook. After you make the payment online, you get to download the following:

  1. Old School New Body Manual – The FX4 Youth enhancing, body shaping system for men and women
  2. F4X Quick start workout guide – gives the bare essentials of the three phases Lean, Shape and Build
  3. Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets – Explains how to burn fat faster than the rest
  4. Ultimate muscle burning secrets – Talks about the best food which helps to build muscle faster
  5. Ultimate Sex and Anti-aging secrets – Helps you to get greater intimacy and youthful vigor at any age
  6. Ultimate health and happiness secrets – discusses the simple steps to a more energetic, healthy and happy life

This book comes with a 60 days no questions asked 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this system work for both men and women?

Yes! This system has been developed by a husband and wife couple, who have vast experience in the fitness world. They have taken the best of what works for both while designing this system.

How much time does it take to do the FX4 Protocol?

This system requires just 90 minutes of your time per week.

I am 66 years old. Can I really use this technique?

Age does not matter. The oldest person who has tried this successfully was 95 years old. So 66 is no big deal.

old school new body results

Pros and Cons

The pros of this book are:

  1. It is fast efficient and safe – unlike working out long hours in the gym, this technique requires you to do some hard workouts for a just a quarter of the time, to reap maximum benefits
  2. No low fat diets – Though this technique requires you to diet, it is not a low fat calorie counting diet.
  3. It is completely natural and does not require you to use any drugs or pills

The cons of this book are:

  1. It is available only in the online format, cutting off access to people who are not tech savy
  2. It is not for people who enjoy long workouts at the gym
  3. It does not work if you are not ready to work very very hard for short durations of time.

My Experience


Being a mother of two highly energetic twin boys just zapped my energy levels. I was always busy running behind them, along with the house hold chores. When I was at a play date at my friends place, one of my friends kids asked if I was their grandmother. That was when it hit me. The stress and the work load had taken a toll on my body and I started looking more like a 45 years woman. Nearly 10 years older than I really was. I needed to do something to start looking young again. That was when I came across the FX4 workout system. Its 90 minutes per week workout really helped me get into a better shape and also gave me more energy to run behind my twins!


There are many techniques available in the market which claim to have “Anti-aging” effects. But none of them are natural. If you have tried other methods and are not happy with it or skeptical about trying unnatural means, then the F4X method is worth a try.

VIsited the Old School New Body Website
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