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VFX Body System Review


vfx body review VFX Body System Review


Losing weight has always been a very undignified and dreaded issue in many people’s lives. We’re living in a world that’s so hectic and image-obsessed that it’s become a very fertile ground for obesity to be on the rise. We’re stressed out to the max and suffocated with unhealthy food and drinks, all of which lead to a very static and sedentary lifestyle.

This is a sad reality mjohn-barban-vfxany women face today. Times have changed indeed, and more and more women every day choose not to give up neither their careers nor their families in order to life a more fulfilling life. This, however, creates a very specific situation where women are left unable to dedicate time to themselves and their own health and physical well-being. This leads to inevitable weight gain and an overall decrease in self-confidence, all thanks to the unhealthy, ‘desirable’ body image we’re constantly bombarded with by the media.

Juggling their everyday lives with the constant battle with that extra body fat, women often resort to drastic diets and dangerous exercise regimes they find online. This is not only reckless, but also very dangerous as many of the so-called ‘miracle’ diets are very unhealthy and can do more damage than good to your body. Following random exercise regimes presented by self-proclaimed ‘fitness experts’ almost always lead to injury, as many of them aren’t skilled or competent enough to instruct on those matters.

That is why many women opt for a paid regime, believing that the certainty of its success must come with a price tag. There are quite a bit of good programs available online, but unfortunately, many of them are just cheap scams designed to steal your money.

This is why we’re here to save you the trouble and recommend a guide tailored for you needs. ‘VFX Body’ is is a weight loss system designed exclusively for women. If features a nutrition guide and an exercise regime to be followed at home with absolutely no need for exercise equipment or drastic life changes.

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The Creator

‘VFX Body was created by a health and nutrition specialist John Barban. Barban has a masters degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition and more than a decade of experience in researching nutrition and exercise that target weight loss. He taught in the department of Health and Human performance at the University of Florida and is the best-selling author of numerous fitness and nutrition programs.john-barban-venus-factor

He started developing this program to target a very specific problem women face, which is unwanted body fat. Male and female bodies are very different and both require drastically different approaches to losing weight and maintaining weight loss. By studying the female body and the way it stores and utilizes fat, Barban was able to create a scientifically proven and safe weight loss regime.

Made for women of all shapes, sizes, and age, this program provides them with a healthy and welcome life change by following a step by step exercise and diet system. The program and the people behind it recognize and understand that drastic lifestyle changes are something no woman dreams about. That’s why they offer a detailed nutrition plan tailored for your specific body type and physical fitness, a one that focuses on a healthier approach to the foods you already know and love.

What You Get

When purchasing the program, you get access to a nutrition app that keeps your meals and calorie intake in check. It provides you with a list of foods you should try to avoid, along with the instructions on how and when to consume the foods you’re already used to eating. And don’t worry – the diet isn’t restrictive at all, and the app provides you with a detailed explanation as to why some foods are better than the other.

The part of the program that deals with the exercise doesn’t disappoint either. The exercises are brief and very well explained. There’s a video guide for every single exercise, where every movement is analyzed and explained so you can do the exercise safely and effectively. You can also make your own training sessions, personalized to your specific body type and fitness, which is one of the greatest benefits of this program. It makes it suitable both for unfit newbies that are just starting to get in shape and more active women looking to maintain their fitness and weight.

As you progress through the program, you’ll be able to create a more personalized experience, as it recognizes the success you have in the previous segments of the program and helps you build on that.

And if it all sometimes start to seem as too much to handle, there’s always the VFX community to back you up. By purchasing the VFX guide you’ll also gain access to the exclusive community of its users. Hearing about other women’s experiences with the program is surely something you will benefit from greatly. Don’t forget about the fun aspect of the community as well – a recipe and tip share may ensue, along with some new friendships.

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Not A Miracle Cure!

However, you must be aware that there are always cons to this kind of programs, even with the ‘VFX Body”. This is not some miracle solution to an overnight weight loss. You won’t be able to see results without patience and dedication, so keep that in mind if you consider yourself a serial quitter. This is also not a program that will magically give you a body of a model. It’s tailor for your body type and your fitness level, thus providing you with a better and stronger version of yourself.

VFX results


All in all, this is a program that’s surely bound to benefit any woman. The people behind it recognize any dilemmas you might have and worked hard to give you the best product possible. They offer a money back guarantee, meaning that, if for any reason you might not like it, you can just email or call them anytime within 60 days from purchasing and they’ll return your money in 48 hours, no questions asked. If you happened to purchase the physical collection of the program, just mail it back and you’ll get reimbursed as well.

When considering the dedication, effort and years of experience that went into creating this program, it’s no wonder there are so many satisfied customers. If you check out their website or the VFX community forum, you’ll come across hundreds and hundreds of before and after pictures, submitted by women that have completed the program and have nothing else to say but words of praise.

Do some research, educate yourself and decide what’s the best path for you to take to introduce a healthy change to your lifestyle. Don’t get mesmerized by unrealistic ads, but listen to the testimonials of other women with similar goals. That’s why the VFX program can’t disappoint. Even if you fail to follow through the end, the knowledge about your food, your weight and how to maintain it is bound to have a positive impact on your life.

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Paleo Reboot Review



Paleo Reboot Review


In life, we all strive to be healthy. You know, like eating the right foods and exercising. Not too long ago I was in the worst shape of my life.  I had no energy, and I was overweight.  I knew I had to make a change. I  heard of many different diets, but the one diet that has a lot of promise is the Paleo diet.   I came across The Paleo Beginners Guide By Dr. Ryan Lazarus also called the Paleo Reboot.  I wondered what was so different about his book compared to the many books out there about the Paleo diet.  Well, I took a chance, and I ordered the book and since then my life has changed.  You should really  consider buying the Paleo Beginners Guide and I am going to tell you why.

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Quick and Easy Guide

Sometimes the hardest part of a diet is getting started.  The book comes with a quick-start guide that will get you on the right track.  It will help you improve your health and avoid diseases and above all manage your weight.

Recipes For Every  Meal

One of the misconceptions about diet foods is that the food tastes bad or that it is bland.  With the Paleo Beginners Guide, it has tasty meals that will leave you full and satisfied.  It has everything from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and desserts.  There are so many recipes that you are going to find at least more than one that will satisfy your cravings and your hunger.  I personally enjoy the smoothies, the desserts, and the many tasty dinner recipes.  The recipes are easy to follow and will leave you feeling full but healthy.

paleo reboot

Daily Meal Plans

If you are wondering when to eat and what to eat, you have nothing to worry about. This book will provide you with a daily meal plan.  Following it can lead to great results. I noticed my energy increased when I followed this meal plan. The food is tasty, and you have the recipes right at your fingertips.  It also includes daily tips to help you follow your meal plan the right way.  You will always be craving these delicious meals that you will make.  You do not have to worry about getting rid of foods that you love all while reducing fat.

Shopping Lists

Get ready to go to the grocery store and buy some tasty ingredients. The book makes it easier to follow the Paleo diet because it provides you with a detailed shopping list. You do not have to worry about what you mix with this or that because the book has all the ingredients you need so you will have an easier trip to the grocery store.

Easy Paleo Snack Ideas

I am a big snacker, and I think that is one of the reasons why I gained so much weight. You do not have to stop snacking in order to lose weight. The Paleo Beginners Guide contains 15 snack recipes that will keep you full, and the snacks are guilt free. Get ready to indulge in tasty snacks while managing your weight.

Reading Food Labels

Reading food labels can be tricky. The Paleo Beginners Guide gives you information on reading food labels so you know what food to avoid or what to look for.  It has made my life easier knowing what food will make me gain weight or what food will make my body unhealthy.  Knowing what foods to put in your body will improve your overall health so it is important to take the advice in this book.

 Tips on dining out

We have buffets, fast food, and different restaurants that are filled with unhealthy food.  This book contains tips on how to dine out when you are on the Paleo diet.  You will learn how to eat Paleo style when you go out to eat. Dining out is one of the ways  I spend time with my family. Now I can enjoy eating the right foods because of this book when I go out.


  • Paleo Cures- You will get a complete guide that will teach you how Paleo can help with medical conditions. Some of the conditions that it can help is arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, leaky gut and a lot more. Best of all this bonus is free.
  • Seasonal Paleo Food- You will learn the importance of shopping for seasonal food when you receive this chart along with your book. This bonus is also free.


There are many advantages when you follow this book.  One advantage is that the book is aimed to be used as a natural remedy for weight loss.  One of the best things I like about it is that you do not have to have weight loss surgery, and you do not have to take any type of medication.  You can easily begin your diet as soon as possible with easy to follow recipes.  There are no side effects when you follow this diet because there are no drugs involved which are a plus. I have tried so many different diet pills, but the Paleo diet works best.  This book gives you all the tools you need to stick to your diet and lose those pesky pounds that you have been trying to lose.

Paleo Reboot – Final Thoughts

The Paleo Reboot is the right way to go when you want to change your lifestyle. Now I am physically fit, and I have a lot of energy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stick to a meal plan but with this book it is easy to stick to. Using a dieting system that works will cause you to have great results.  It is a distinctive plan that will help you lose weight and it will help you get your energy back while you are enjoying the food that you eat.  Losing weight can be hard, but if you want to be healthy and enjoy your food while you lose weight you should order this book.  You have nothing to lose and your body will thank you.

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Old School New Body Review

steve holman old school

Old School New Body

Old School New Body


It is said that without proper nutrients and exercise our bodies begin to look and age at a faster pace. The rage to look and feel young has been around since the beginning of mankind. It is said that ancient Indians used saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and other ingredients to look younger. Today we see many people use processes like Botox, plastic surgery, and other artificial means to look younger. Though these processes may help them look younger, the body still continues to age. Many claim yoga, tai chi and other forms of exercise helps slow down the process of aging, but can it stop and reverse the process? What if there was a method to naturally reverse the process of aging by restoring the body’s natural youth hormones? Steve and Becky Holman the authors of the book, “Old School New Body” claim they know the 5 key principles to do just that.

Author Backgroundsteve holman old school

Steve Holman has been the editor in chief of the Iron-Man magazine for years. Steve and his wife Becky Holman have picked up various tricks over the years to reverse the process of aging. Together they have built a workout system called the F4X Training System, which they themselves have used to stay in top health. Even though they are in their 50s they look a lot younger and fitter. Steve has a 6-pack body, while Becky is slim, toned and looks 10 years younger.

How The Book Works

The FX4 Training System is completely opposed to “conventional wisdom” of following strict diet and exercising hard at the gym to stay “fit”. In fact, its 5 core principles on which it is built, advocate just the opposite:

  1. Forget Low –Fat diets – fats are required to regenerate the strength hormones in the body
  2. Stop running in circles – long duration exercises accelerate the aging purpose
  3. Stop blaming everything on how old you are – people can change their physique at any age, whether they are 25 or 95
  4. Avoid chronic dehydration – water not only suppresses hunger, but is also essential for all organs to work efficiently
  5. Work-out less

FX4 is a cardiovascular workout regime which can be done in a few minutes. It has mainly 3 phases:

Phase 1 – F4X Lean – a few variations in movements along with FX4 Lean meal plan will help you loose unwanted at

Phase 2 – F4X Shape – helps you shape your body to look like a competitive swimmer or a figure competitor

Phase 3 – FX4 Build – helps you build more muscle mass

The entire F4X Protocol requires you to spend just about 90 minutes of your time per week.

What You Get 

This book can be downloaded from their official website for a price of $27. Everything that is needed is found in the condensed easy-to-use handbook. After you make the payment online, you get to download the following:

  1. Old School New Body Manual – The FX4 Youth enhancing, body shaping system for men and women
  2. F4X Quick start workout guide – gives the bare essentials of the three phases Lean, Shape and Build
  3. Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets – Explains how to burn fat faster than the rest
  4. Ultimate muscle burning secrets – Talks about the best food which helps to build muscle faster
  5. Ultimate Sex and Anti-aging secrets – Helps you to get greater intimacy and youthful vigor at any age
  6. Ultimate health and happiness secrets – discusses the simple steps to a more energetic, healthy and happy life

This book comes with a 60 days no questions asked 100% money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this system work for both men and women?

Yes! This system has been developed by a husband and wife couple, who have vast experience in the fitness world. They have taken the best of what works for both while designing this system.

How much time does it take to do the FX4 Protocol?

This system requires just 90 minutes of your time per week.

I am 66 years old. Can I really use this technique?

Age does not matter. The oldest person who has tried this successfully was 95 years old. So 66 is no big deal.

Pros and Cons

The pros of this book are:

  1. It is fast efficient and safe – unlike working out long hours in the gym, this technique requires you to do some hard workouts for a just a quarter of the time, to reap maximum benefits
  2. No low fat diets – Though this technique requires you to diet, it is not a low fat calorie counting diet.
  3. It is completely natural and does not require you to use any drugs or pills

The cons of this book are:

  1. It is available only in the online format, cutting off access to people who are not tech savy
  2. It is not for people who enjoy long workouts at the gym
  3. It does not work if you are not ready to work very very hard for short durations of time.

My Experience


Being a mother of two highly energetic twin boys just zapped my energy levels. I was always busy running behind them, along with the house hold chores. When I was at a play date at my friends place, one of my friends kids asked if I was their grandmother. That was when it hit me. The stress and the work load had taken a toll on my body and I started looking more like a 45 years woman. Nearly 10 years older than I really was. I needed to do something to start looking young again. That was when I came across the FX4 workout system. Its 90 minutes per week workout really helped me get into a better shape and also gave me more energy to run behind my twins!


There are many techniques available in the market which claim to have “Anti-aging” effects. But none of them are natural. If you have tried other methods and are not happy with it or skeptical about trying unnatural means, then the F4X method is worth a try.

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice – Review

organifi reviews

With the high number of people looking for natural cures and natural supplements, a lot of products with same promises have hit the market making it difficult to identify the genuine products among the scams. One product though, Organifi Green Juice has been gaining popularity among the crowd. Being 100% natural, it is the perfect solution to health problems such as depression, insomnia, fatigue, inflammation and obesity. Drew Canole, the person behind the product is a very popular for his juice recipes and has authored many health recipe books. His Organifi Green juice is easy-to-make, tasty and packed with nutrients.


The Man behind the Product

Drew Canole is the founder and CEO of and a well-known figure in the fitness world. His educational, inspirational and enterdrew canole organifi reviewtaining videos and articles on health, fitness and healing have changed many lives. His journey towards a healthy life began one stressful afternoon at his office in Florida, where he worked in the finance department. He was sleep deprived and was offered a green juice by a friend, which immediately boosted his energy levels. Since that day, Drew Canole went on to lose 35 pounds, moved to San Diego and began juicing every day. His passion for good health and, for helping others ultimately lead to and products like Organifi Green Juice.

How it works

Organifi Green Juice combines the benefits of all the healthy superfoods into just one drink. It is an easy-to-use, water soluble dietary supplement, which combines the best that nature has to offer. The main ingredients in this drink are:

  1. Chlorella – a green algae rich in protein and polyunsaturated fats
  2. Moringa – rich in amino acids required by the body to grow, repair and maintain cells
  3. Spirulina – a source of plant protein, iron and calcium
  4. Mint – a herb which helps ease indigestion, cramps and aids sleep
  5. Beets – rich source folate and manganese
  6. Matcha green tea – high in antioxidants
  7. Wheatgrass – known as the “life blood” of plant life
  8. Ashwagandha – an adaptogen which helps modulate stress
  9. Turmeric – a powerful antioxidant
  10. Lemon – a citrus fruit with appetite fighting effects
  11. Coconut water – high in potassium

Packed with nature’s best superfoods, this drink is guaranteed to improve your health by detoxifying your body, boosting immunity, balancing hormones and improving your brain power.organifi

What You Get

Organifi Green Juice can be ordered from the website here . The website currently has the following subscriptions:

  1. One bottle per month for $57.95 plus shipping charges.
  2. Three bottles per month for $149.95 plus shipping.
  3. Six bottles per month for $249.95 plus shipping.

Each bottle has an equivalent of 30 scoops enough for a month if taken once a day. This makes it $1.92 per day which is a lot cheaper compared to most of the commercially available health drinks. This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

This product can also be ordered from Amazon for a price of $69.95. This can be bundled together with two books by Drew Canole, namely “Juicing recipes for vitality and health” and “Train your taste to trim your waist” for a price of $89.93. Individual “Go-Packs” are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this product gluten free?

Yes, this product is gluten free. It is also Non-GMO, Soy free and is completely vegan.

  1. The label on the bottle contains a warning about cancer causing substances. So, is this product really safe?

Organifi Juice is completely safe. All ingredients used in the Organifi Juice comes directly from the earth. Any product that comes straight from the earth has chances of containing metals. Though this possibility is there for any food items, the law requires the warning to put on any dietary supplements only. The warning on the label is a prop 65 warning as required by the state of California. To get more information regarding this issue, visit or write to the customer service at [email protected].

  1. I am looking for individual packets instead of a bottle to take with me on vacation. Are these available?

Yes, individual “G0-packs” of the Green Juice are available. If you type “Organifi GO Packs – Green Juice Super Food Supplement 30 Individual Wrapped Portable Travel – Friendly Pack” into the Amazon search bar, it takes you to them.

Pros and Cons

The pros of this drink are:

  1. A big time saver – Being a quick water soluble drink, it eliminates the need of a juicer or blender. In just 30 seconds, you have a drink that boosts your energy level to keep you active the whole day
  2. It has amazing health benefits – It helps to detoxify your body, boosts immunity and mental power, balances hormones and brings down stress levels, rejuvenates your skin and gives you a natural healthy glow.
  3. It can be easily ordered online and has a 100% money back guarantee
  4. It is gluten free, Non-GMO, soy free and vegan. This means that it is a perfect drink for anyone looking for a healthy food drink.

The cons of this drink are:

  1. The return policy requires you to return the empty canister and pay the return postage. The return process could be slightly cumbersome.
  2. This drink is not approved by Food and Drug Administration.

My experience

I have been a fitness and health freak for more than a decade. I prefer to make my own juices to supplement my fitness regime. I found this a little cumbersome when I took on a traveling job and started looking for natural juice powders. Most off the shelf powders were either too bitter or did not mix well with water. When I tried Organifi Green Juice for the first time, what hit me was its refreshing taste. I have been using this product for two months now and find it better than my own juices.


If you are short of time and still want to lead a healthy lifestyle, Organifi Green Juice is the best solution available in the market today. It’s hand-picked nutrient rich formula is guaranteed to boost your energy levels and overall health.

Reverse Diabetes Today

reverse diabetes today book

Reverse Diabetes Today by Matt Traverso

This isn’t the first diabetes treatment system we’ve reviewed on our site at all. We’re getting used to the requests however, so we don’t mind continuing to do them. By now, most people are aware that we’ve rated the Diabetes Destroyer and 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie among some of the top treatments that will show a serious reduction in your symptoms if you follow their protocol. The question is whether or not Traverso’s book also fits the bill.

Official Site:

What is this?

As stated above, the book was created by Mr. Matt Traverso. This book is his answer to diabetes treatment, with his goal being to shy away from people having to be reliant on repeat purchases of diabetes drugs in order to see continued improvement in their health. He compiled information on the disease into a one-stop shop in which you could figure out exactly what steps you need to take if you want to see improvement in your symptoms through natural/holistic methods, primarily diet and exercise. In order to make sure people had an easy time, he provided a complete lay-out of what one needs to do in order to see a reversal in their conditions as soon as possible – so easy (according to him) that you can get started “now” as soon as you get the book.

More about Matt Traverso

Matt-Traverso reverse diabetes today book pdf

Matt Traverso is an esteemed medical professional, and he even has his own website dedicated to his research and programs. Unfortunately, the website ( is entirely in Italian. He does have a specialization in diabetes however, and seems to have come to the same conclusion as many majorly respected Diabetes Gurus have – Diet is the key to treating diabetes without being overly reliant on drugs.

We should also mention that this particular treatment is so successful that it’s hosted on Amazon, which we used to help gauge costumer response to it. However, the Amazon version of the book is now outdated and a bit more expensive, so if you want a cheaper discount on the updated version of book you’re going to want to continue reading down.

The book is indeed available on Amazon, but it's much more expensive and also an older version of the information.

Other Opinions

Here are what other people are saying about the book (both older and updated versions of it) 

customer feedback reverse diabetes today four customer feedback reverse diabetes today three customer feedback traverso two customer feedback one


Reverse Diabetes Today has a easy-to-follow layout, so I’ll explain how the book progresses. That’s the most revealing I can be about the content.

  • Pharmaceutical companies – the book warms you up to trying the methods by stating why this isn’t the sort of thing your Doctor would have told you, which makes complete sense the way Traverso breaks it down. Basically, their main source of income is through the prolonged, recurring sales of their drugs that are designed to only help you maintain your current condition as far as Diabetes goes.
  • Diet is what Traverso presents as the main solution, since our bodies are effectively made of what we eat. He attributes the very development of diabetes (pre-diabetes specifically) to eating foods that slowly lead to a breakdown of your internal organs, particularly the pancreas. The pancreas creates the Beta cells that are responsible for producing insulin, so with sustained damage it begins to lose this ability.
  • Through using this treatment system, you focus on restoring your internal organs (once again with a focus on the pancreas) to the state they were in before they began to take sustained damage.
  • Because of the nature of this method, it’s clear that this book is aimed specifically at Type-2 Diabetics, rather than Type 1s.

Pros and Cons:

  • The PDF is easy to follow and has a completely logical progression to get you to understand exactly what Traverso is telling you and why he is telling you it. You won’t have to question what the reason is he’s suggesting something.
  • The “now” part kicks in when you adopt the diet, which will provide immediate relief of common type 2 and pre-diabetic symptoms such as tingling and fluctuation in blood sugar levels.

Review – Cons:

  • If you’re not open to changing your diet, you’re going to have a bad time. This method is pretty much focused on using food to cure you.

How To Purchase:

As we said above, the book is indeed available on Amazon but it’s more expensive and outdated in that version. If you want the update version (with our free coupon code already thrown in for you) just press the button below.

download reverse diabetes today coupon

The purchase will take place through Clickbank, which is a particularly large online product retailer. This means that only quality eBooks are allowed to be hosted on their site, and you get the added bonus of a 60 day money-back guarantee when you purchase anything through them. If you aren’t happy with Traverso’s treatment, simply return the book through CB.

Review – Conclusion:

Reverse Diabetes Today definitely stands up among the other Diabetes treatments we’ve reviewed on this site. It keeps things very simple for the reader by focusing primarily on the diet aspect of fighting diabetes, rather than exploring the commonly connected exercise/workout part of it (which can be another beast entirely if you’re not already used to living an active lifestyle). The book is extremely informative and can help you make great decisions for your general health as well as diabetes for months and years to come after you read it.

Fat Loss Factor – Is the program worth the price?

fat loss factor

 Fat Loss Factor Review

This Fat Loss Factor System is a pretty revolutionary diet plan from, and was created by Dr. Charles Livingston. Ladies, you might also recognize his name from his other guide to reducing cellulite, known as the Cellulite Factor.  FLF is designed to help people who are unable with their current weights lose weight fast, without needing to commit too much time and resources to an over-the-top workout or diet plan. Essentially, Livingston seeks to create an easy weight loss guide for people who have jobs and can’t dedicate themselves entirely to completely transforming their body, but still want to see a significant reduction in weight. By following this guide, these people are meant to be extremely surprised by the results.

Is this just another “weight loss” scam, or is it a legitimate fat loss guide that can be applied with almost no difficulty for any male or female that seek to slim down? I picked up the program to make this review that will  to the bottom of the mystery.

fat loss factor

What is the Fat Loss Factor program?

If you want, you can head over to the real website and see Dr. Livingston’s video presentation on his fat loss program. Otherwise, keep reading to see my thoughts on the program after trying it out for myself.

The system is 141 pages long, and is focused on teaching people how to slim down. Shame Livingston didn’t use it on his own book – HAH! But jokes aside, the 141 pages fly by and do not need to be read in one sitting for you to begin implementing the fat loss techniques featured in the guide. The book centers around natural methods to facilitate a greater than average fat loss, such as improving your metabolism. FLF achieves a metabolism increase by focusing on eating certain foods that improve your metabolism.


Other Aspects:

It focuses on core nutritional value in food that is necessary to promote maximum body function, which in and of itself can lead to you needing more calories for your body to run all of it’s processes at maximum efficiency (this means that if you get your body trying to run at maximum, it’s going to burn more calories naturally). FLF will also improve your fiber intake with a top 10 list of fiber foods to pick up immediately. Naturally, this book also places great importance on consuming more natural food, like organic turkey, salmon, and chicken. As you’ll learn, the fats in these foods will supplement organ function, help transport vitamins and facilitate mineral absorption, and improve fat mobilization.

livingston fat loss video

Click Here to Access the FLF Video Presentation Created by the Good Doctor Himself.

Book Contents + Breakdown

This is EVERYTHING you get when you purchase this program.


Part 1 of 10 in your FLF System purchase

FLFpt2 FLFpt3 FLFpt4 FLFpt5 FLFp6 FLFpt7 FLFpt8



This review comes with a bonus. Fat Loss Factor is available from their official website. EDIT: and is currently on sale. You can snag it easily enough by clicking the button below. You can pay using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

fat loss factor official site download

Clickbank products all receive a 60 day money back guarantee, by the way.

Fat Loss Factor Pros and Cons

  • There’s almost no time on filler “theory” that you have to read. They tell you exactly what to eat, and what not to eat. And explain why, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • This book is super chill. Even includes validation for times when you can take breaks from healthy eating, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • This book scrutinizes the fast food industry and tells you just why you can trust much of the claims being made by the big food industries that are killing you from the inside out.
  • This system also touches on the magic of intermittent fasting and how you can utilize that dieting plan.


  • This book is seriously going to stuff organic foods down your throat and watch you digest them. If you’re not big on organic food, this will definitely get annoying. I personally didn’t have much of a problem with it.
  • Book uses big, technical terms. Might want to have a dictionary with you while reading it over.
  • Overall Rating: 95/100  A

    What can I say? The pros highly outweigh the cons. FLF is pretty much the ultimate weight loss guide for anyone who wants to lose weight fast, wants to be told exactly how to do it so that they can follow their instructions, wants to eat organic food, and doesn’t have a ton of time to dedicate to mastering all the potential knowledge on their own. I’ve never heard of spoon-feeding and weight loss going hand in hand, but somehow this system accomplishes that perfect balance. If you’re looking to shed pounds, I highly recommend giving this book a good look over. I’ve lost 10 pounds since starting it two weeks ago, and the Intermittent Fasting introduction really set off most of this fat loss. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.

Everyday Roots Review – Does it work?

organic treatments

Everyday Roots by Claire Goodall

everyday roots book review



This book is absolutely insane people. For anyone who has ever found themselves desiring to swear off the pharmaceutical crap – all the treatments, pills, and injections that have side effects so you have to take more treatments, pills, and injections and so on will find solace in this book. The  book was created as a compendium of all manners of natural solutions to common solutions, giving people to the option of attempt free, natural cures for their ailments.

So as you might expect Everyday Roots reviews to do, I’m going to analyze the program. Is it a real treatment system you can trust, or a scam?

What is Everyday Roots?

The book was written by Claire Goodall to serve as the ultimate ebook guide to living a healthy lifestyle. I mean – the book was actualyl written while Claire Goodall was living in a cabin in the woods. She’s clearly no stranger to nature and natural treatments. Claire had bad experiences with medicines in the past, due to side-effects from cures that didn’t even last once she stopped using them. She decided to better attune herself to nature, to go back to her roots and learn how to use humanity’s increased knowledge of herbs to keep her body healthy. She has to this date compiled over 215 natural home remedies to replace regular medication.

Who is Claire Goodall?

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She’s an independent researcher who lived in a freaking cabin in the woods. Are you reading that correctly? She completely withdrew from society to reside in nature in order to learn to appreciate and learn to use it. That’s crazy. But it’s the good kind of crazy.

It’s the kind of obsessed-crazy that helps you realize that she devoted her life to developing her trust in nature and learning to work with nature, with can only help to validate the natural cures she has compiled.

Details of the Program:

For obvious (LEGAL) reasons, we cannot reveal the entire details of this entire treatment program in this  Everyday Roots review. Nevertheless, we will unveil what you
are likely to learn from the program, so as to give you a glimpse of it. The program is pretty broad, and therefor has a decent selection for you to choose what routines you want to follow.

The system will help you treat very common conditions, such as nausea, bad breath, dandruff, motion sickness, constipation, cold sores, and more – and without the use of any chemicals or untrustworthy/risky medications. The book also has the added benefit of being filled with DIY (Do-It-ourself) recipes such as natural laundry detergent, natural shampoos and conditioners, natural toothpastes, natural fabric softeners, and other natural products you can bring into your household. Only the best, natural ingredients will be used around your families with this book by your side.

Readers will be pleasantly surprised to learn how using natural products, drinks, herbal teas, and raw ingredients will result in a vast improvement of their overall health, with LONG TERM results. This book guides you to being free of all artificial, synthetic, and chemical products forever.

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Everyday Herbs – This Ebook is supplemented with the Everyday roots book, and includes a holistic herb guide that covers over 24 healing herbs such as Nettle, Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Basil, Red Raspberry Leaf, Echinacea, Lemongrass, Elderberry, Valerian, and more!

Coconut Oil Book – This book gives you 107 different household uses for coconut oil

Lifetime updates – We talk about this more in the section right below 😉

Keep in mind that all of these bonuses come COMPLETELY FREE.

the everyday roots reviews

Pros and Cons:


  • Constant updates. Since Claire is still constantly looking for new remedies and recipes as well as updates to her current ones, she allows people who get the book to continuously receive free updates. That’s right, you get a lifetime subscription of book updates free of charge.
  • You can learn basically risk-free (because of their natural nature) methods to deal with different conditions and illnesses, through targeting the roots of the problems and not treating symptoms.
  • Following these guidelines form Goodall will help you prepare natural home remedies, chemical free beauty products, and toxic free household products.
  • The use of these raw ingredients will also benefit your own household’s economy.


Everyday Roots Review – Cons:

  • Claire is not a doctor (she lived in a CABIN. in the WOODS. ) so if you are big into having your sources of information being backed by a PhD you’ll find this to be a major con. But she is a natural researcher, and she has utilized their natural methods for herself and her family and friends. Plus…they are all natural. This means you can try them risk-free, and if they don’t work you can always return the book.
  • Program is only available in ebook format (Are you surprised that Claire likes to save trees?)

How to get the Guide

It is available off of Claire’s website for a fraction of her original price. You can snag it easily enough by clicking the button below. You can pay using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

The Everyday Roots Book Review

Because you’re purchasing through Clickbank, you also automatically get a 60 day return policy. You can request a refund for your book purchase anytime within 60 days. That refund is available with no questions asked – so it’s a great way to know you’re getting a risk-free purchase.

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Everyday Roots Review – Conclusion:

Is this guide a scam? Not at all. I used this program myself and was very impressed with how effective the natural solutions were. This is an absolutely amazing book with all natural solutions to help avoid the required use of potentially dangerous medications. There is literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by at least giving the program shot and trying it out.