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Ketosis – Guide and Diet Plan

Ketosis – Guide and Diet Plan

These days it seems like you almost can’t get out of the house without hearing the word ketosis. If you’ve ever been on a diet or went to see a nutritionist, then you’re probably a bit more familiar with the term. If not, it might seem like almost a magical word that can solve all your health and weight issues. It’s a word often used by so-called fitness experts in order to hard sell their weight loss programs and diet plans. There’s so much misinformation online it’s no wonder people often dismiss ketosis as just another cheap marketing trick. That’s why we’re here to make things right and tell you everything you’d ever need to know about this strange and fascinating process.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic process that happens to your body when it runs out of glucose it uses for energy. In its normal state, the body uses a process called glycolysis in order to create energy. Although it is quite a mouthful, glycolysis in itself isn’t a very complicated process. It’s a series of chemical reactions that help convert glucose, the sugar that’s in your blood, into pyruvate. Pyruvates are the simplest of the alfa-keto acids, the acids that are responsible for supplying your cells with oxygen and energy. During the process of converting glucose into pyruvates, there’s a lot of energy released, and that energy is what powers your body. It’s a normal and natural process that occurs in almost every healthy organism. But, if your body gets low on glucose, that’s when things start to get a bit more complicated.

You see, if your body gets deprived of all its blood sugar, then the glycolysis stops completely. If there’s no glycolysis, there’s no energy and the body would slowly start shutting down. To stop this from happening, our bodies have evolved in quite an ingenious way. If glycolysis is disabled, the body immediately switches to ketosis in order to create energy. When there’s no more glucose in the blood, the liver starts supplying the blood with three different types of water-soluble molecules it produces from the fatty acids in the body. Those molecules are called ketones and this entire process is called ketosis. So, to put in layman’s terms – when everything in the body’s relatively normal, the energy comes from sugars, and everything that’s not used up is stored as fat. When your blood sugar drops, the body uses ketones from its fat to make energy, thus burning up its fat deposits.

When does it happen?

Although ketosis is most often used as a very effective means of losing weight, it can occur on its own if the person’s normal health has been jeopardized. Ketosis is the most common complication related to diabetes type 1, also known as diabetes mellitus. A person’s inability to produce enough insulin can make its body completely abandon the process of glycolysis, do a complete 180, and switch to ketosis completely. This is sometimes a very dangerous complication as there’s ketosis happening in spite of the high blood sugar associated with diabetes. A person can often dismiss the symptoms (nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain) as they’re commonly viewed as symptoms of many common virus infections.

Ketosis also occurs as a result of targeted diet. It’s the most effective way the body can burn its fat, so it’s often used for weight loss. There are many diets that rely on ketosis in order to work, but the most famous ones are the Atkins and the Paleo diet. While both diets are originally based on viable medical facts, the way they market their health and lifestyle benefits only helps them classify as fad diets. Both diets rely on restricting carbohydrates and focus on high-protein meal plans in order to achieve a ketosis state. There’s little scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of these and other like diets, and it’s advisable you consult with a doctor or a nutritionist to help you decide whether these diets would benefit you.

How do you get into ketosis?

The fastest way you can get into a ketogenic state is to start doing strenuous cardio exercises on an empty stomach. If you limit your carb intake to under 20 grams per day, you’ll be able to achieve ketosis in a matter of hours. However, this is the body’s first and immediate reaction to stress, and it’s almost always short-lived. The ketogenic state stops as soon as you get any sugar or carbs in your system, and the constant switching between glycolysis and ketosis is very stressful and dangerous to the body. The reason many people fail at sticking to their diets is that they often offer immediate ketosis, which leaves people feeling starved and tired. People keep putting their health in danger as they forget that, although ketosis can be achieved pretty easily, it’s not the body’s natural state and it will put unnecessary stress on it.

The key to getting the most out of this ketogenic state is to go slow and steady. A sudden shift in your diet and lifestyle is dangerous and unnecessary, as better and more long-term results can be achieved by being moderate but persistent. You can start by slowly incorporating cardio exercises that suit your fitness level into your daily routine. It’ll give your metabolism the boost it needs and it won’t put too much strain on your muscles. Slowly reducing your carbohydrate intake won’t leave you feeling hungry and deprived, and you can get used to the new diet more easily if you don’t rush into it. Substituting a carbohydrate-rich food with a fat-rich one each day will make the transition go smoothly and you can avoid stressing both your health and your budget.

Getting into a full ketogenic state depends on many internal and external factors. There’s a lot of different things at play here, ranging from your genetic predisposition and your previous medical history all the way to the quality of the food you eat. It can take anywhere from two weeks to even six months to reach absolute ketosis, depending on your previous fitness level and dietary habits. It almost always comes easily to active people with relatively normal and unspectacular eating habits, and they can completely rely on ketosis for their energy after just a couple of weeks. However, for people who have quite a sweet tooth and do little to no exercise, it doesn’t come as easily. So a ketogenic state for a couch-potato with a sweet tooth can only happen after many, many weeks of targeted exercises and dieting.

There’s no universal answer to the phenomenon of ketosis, but you can make a pretty good estimate at how long it would take you to reach it by taking into consideration your fitness, body type, and eating habits. When you place yourself somewhere on that two weeks to six-month scale you’ll get quite a good picture of what this journey would look like for you.

A Keto-Friendly Diet

Many people associate a keto based diet with being a restrictive method for weight loss. Although it has been proven to help people lose weight, it’s primary goal is to remove all unnecessary fat from the body. It’s not a restrictive diet, meaning that it doesn’t limit the number of calories you intake. Instead, it only limits your carb intake so that the lack of glucose in your blood would lead to ketosis. If you decrease the number of calories, then weight loss will definitely ensue. However, if you switch to a keto diet followed by proper exercise, without decreasing the overall calorie intake, then you’ll go on to lose fat and build muscle without any drastic changes to your weight.

Seeing how it’s easy to sell almost every keto based product, it’s no wonder why people often think it’s an overly complicated and expensive diet program. The fact is, it’s much simpler than you think to have a keto-friendly diet, and much cheaper too. The diet consists of limiting your intake of carbohydrates found in processed foods, such as wheat and other grains. All the carbs you need can be obtained from vegetables alone, and that’s the main focus of the diet. It’s a high-fat diet, so you’re also advised to go as wild as you want on unsaturated fats. That means as much natural organic butter, olive oil, and cheese as you want. These are foods rich in natural fats, which supply your body with enough nutrients to keep you full and keep the ketosis going.

Fry your steaks in extra virgin olive oil and top them with a generous knob of butter when served, but stay away from bread. To reach ketogenesis, you must limit the consumption of both refined and unrefined sugars and carbs. That means no bread, no pastry, no pasta or rice, and no fruit. Removing fruit from your diet saves you from consuming a lot of fructose, which can, if eaten in enough quantities, interfere with ketosis as much as a couple of doughnuts.

Most of the carbs you’d ever need can be obtained from vegetables. The greener and leafier they are – the better. So things like bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage, and lettuce should make it to your every meal. A breakfast of eggs and bacon, a steak in a buttery sauce with a plate of broccoli for lunch and a tuna salad for dinner is what your meals should look like. Snack on cheeses, nuts, and peanut butter to avoid feeling hungry between meals, and go for a couple of chocolate brownies for dessert.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to cooking in order to maintain ketosis, but if you run out of ideas and need some inspiration, there are a lot of cookbooks and recipes available. There are even entire cook shows dedicated to cooking for a keto-diet, and most of it is free and easily accessible online. And if you still want to go with something a bit more tested out, I suggest buying a copy of the “Ketosis Cookbook”. It has great reviews and it also acts as a kind of an all-encompassing ketosis guide.

So, eating on a keto-diet isn’t nearly as expensive and strenuous as it sounds. Most of the foods recommended are already in your fridge and pantry, and all it takes is a little bit of research to get a good start.

But is it safe?

Of all the times ketosis is marketed as an optimal health and weight loss state, there’s almost no mention of its safety. So don’t go rushing to conclusions just yet.

The fact is, if not done right, ketosis can do more damage than good to your body and your overall health. If you suffer from any pre-existing or chronic conditions, I strongly advise you talk to a doctor first. You could be suffering from a number of asymptomatic conditions or illnesses you don’t even know about, and getting into ketosis can do a lot of damage.

Type 1 diabetes or diabetes mellitus can often go undiagnosed and thus untreated. If you go on a keto diet with this condition, the consequences can be quite severe. You can experience uncontrollable bladder issues, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and tiredness. And because people often overlook this as symptoms of stress or food poisoning, the damage done by ketosis can get so severe it could take years of treatment to get your body back in order.

All of this sounds quite scary, we know. But these are rare complications that occur only when there’s an underlying condition, so if you’re of relatively normal health then you shouldn’t experience these complications ever.

Another side-effect of going into ketosis is something called ketoacidosis. It’s a metabolic state associated with a high and uncontrollable production of ketone bodies. In normal amounts, the ketones your body produces are healthy and normal. However, if the body loses its ability to regulate the production of ketones, it can cause a severe accumulation of keto acids. The keto acids are a normal by-product of ketosis, but in large enough amounts they can significantly decrease the pH level of the blood. This also happens during normal ketosis, but in substantially smaller amounts so there’s no danger of permanent damage to the body. Ketoacidosis can be easily treated if diagnosed on time, and it manifests primarily on the person’s breath. If the breath has a fruity smell or a smell similar to a nail-polish remover, it’s because of the acetone that’s released in the blood when the acetoacetic acids start decomposing.

There’s also a danger of starvation if the keto diet gets too extreme. A radical and drastic change in a person’s diet can result in starvation even though there’s a significant consumption of calories. The body can go into such shock due to stress, that it can’t manage a ketogenic state for long.

If you start feeling these or any of other side-effects when in ketosis, please check with your doctor or nutritionist. No matter how small or insignificant, any unwanted change can prove to be dangerous if left untreated.

Ketosis And Bodybuilding

If you’ve ever been to the gym you’ve probably come across the term ketosis at least once. That’s because the whole idea of ketosis as a weight loss measure gained the most popularity thanks to the bodybuilding culture. Although bodybuilding has always been around, it only started gaining popularity in the last decade or so. Thanks to the widespread use of the internet and social networking, it became more easily accessible and demystified. When the whole bodybuilding culture started gaining momentum, people started hearing more and learning more about ketosis. It’s a favorite among bodybuilders and people who compete in physique contests, as it’s the fastest and the most reliable way to lose body fat.

Bodybuilding, physique, and bikini fitness competitions require the contestants to have very defined and visible muscles. This can only be achieved if the muscles are strong and pumped and if there’s little to no fat in the body. People who compete in these contests are very active and muscular and are used to pretty clean and healthy diet, so they can reach ketosis more easily than other people can. The amount of time they require in order to achieve absolute ketosis is two, or even three times shorter than that of an averagely active person. Their diet is based on the same principles as every other keto-diet is, with just a slight change in the amount of macros they intake. A bodybuilder’s keto-diet is far more calorie restricted than usual, and the amount of fat they intake is drastically lowered in order to achieve maximal results in the minimum amount of time. Training for a bodybuilding or a physique competition can take anywhere from six to twelve months, with every day being as precious as the next one. Building muscles is the goal there, and it requires quite a bit of bulking. So the cutting phase needs to be as quick and drastic as possible, and that’s where ketosis steps in. Bodybuilders have a very specific metabolism in itself, and they can sometimes reach full ketosis in a matter of hours.

Although it’s most often recognized and used as a body fat cutting technique, there’s been a new trend developing in the bodybuilding world. There are more and more bodybuilders and other fitness experts that resort to something called “clean bulking”, where they maintain ketosis for extended periods of time while simultaneously working on building muscles. It’s a process whose efficiency and validity has been continuously denied, and there have been numerous studies done in order to disprove this theory. In spite of that, there’s a rising number of star athletes and competitors who resort to this technique only and swear by its efficiency.

It has since been proven to work, but it’s no cakewalk even if you’re an experienced athlete. The process of building strength and muscle in the state of ketosis is very, very slow and it can take months before you start seeing any results. However, maintaining a ketogenic state for long periods of time has its benefits, and it makes all the muscle gains more pronounced and longer-lasting.

Can ketosis fail to help you lose weight?

Although it’s a medically proven and viable process, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Whether you started a keto-diet in order to lose weight or just decrease your body’s fat deposits, it’s not a fail-proof formula. There are many factors that contribute to its success and efficiency, and almost every one of them can fail and make the entire process come to a halt. There’s a long list of all the things that could go wrong and the side-effects they can cause, with starvation being the most dangerous one. You can also develop other symptoms and experience other side-effects that could be what’s ultimately stopping you from losing weight. If you think you keep failing to reach ketosis or think you have but just don’t see the results, consult with your physician and he’ll help you chose the next best step. Losing weight and extra body fat are great and admirable goals, and ketosis is a great way you can reach them, but they should never come before your health and overall wellbeing.

A Ketosis Calculator

A ketogenic diet consists of limiting your daily intake of carbohydrates and drastically increasing your fat and protein intake. There’s quite a lot of science and research behind the exact amounts of these macronutrients you have to take, so you can rest assured it’s all real, valid data.

You can find quite a bit of these keto calculators online, or download such apps to your phone. They all basically work the same, so you won’t go wrong by choosing any one of them. The layouts and units of measurements may vary, but the principle is the same.

To reach a ketogenic state a person must keep the daily intake of carbs at or bellow 30 grams. Anything more than the recommended 30 grams per day will interfere with ketosis and make the body switch to glycolysis and leave you feeling starved. It’s impossible to completely stop consuming any carbs as there are trace amounts found in almost every food. Keeping at or bellow 30 grams is low enough to maintain a ketogenic state for extended periods of time without it being too stressful to the body.

The facts regarding the protein intake vary a lot, depending on the goal you want to achieve and your fitness level. If you lead a mostly sedentary life and want to maintain the muscle mass you already have, then 0.8 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass will be sufficient enough. A lightly to moderately active person should consume about a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass in order to maintain muscle mass, and a highly active individual that wants to build additional muscle mass should intake about 1 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. To put it in numbers, a slightly overweight 200-pount guy with 25% body fat has a lean body mass of 150 pounds. That means that his protein intake should be around 120 grams per day in order to retain existing muscle mass. These numbers vary slightly when age and gender are considered, but the basic math stays the same.

When it comes to fats, they comprise the majority of all macros consumed on a keto diet, anywhere from 50 to 70%, depending on the circumstances. There’s no strict limit as to how much to consume exactly, as there’s little data on how many grams per pound of lean body mass is sufficient enough. The thing is, fat leaves you feeling very full. That means you can only consume so much of it before you completely satisfy your hunger. And given the fact that 90% of all fats are ketogenic, with the rest being anti-ketogenic, you can rest assured that almost all of them will be used for energy throughout the day. You consume anywhere from 100 to 250 grams of fat per day, and as you don’t shove it down your throat in one sitting but consume it throughout the day, they get evenly distributed and almost all of them get used up. Even the anti-ketogenic fats you consume get dissolved and they can’t increase your blood sugar levels at all.

Conclusion – is it good or bad?

As with almost everything in life, there’s no right or wrong answer to this either. You can’t deny the validity and efficiency of ketosis, neither can you dispute the many benefits it has for both weight loss and as a treatment for some chronic conditions. But it’s not a magical solution and it can present itself with quite a bit of side-effect, some just benign and annoying, while other can be a serious threat to your health. Do your research well, consult with a physician or a nutritionist, and weigh your options. If you do it right, the benefits can outweigh all the possible setbacks and side-effect, and it can help you get your body to its best possible shape.


The Ketosis Cookbook

The Ketosis Cookbook Review

It’s always a good time for a change of habits, and eating healthier is something that should be on the top of everybody’s list. People are getting more and more concerned about the quality and sustainability of their food, thus creating a climate perfect for the diet industry to thrive in. The media and internet make for a very fertile ground for marketing all sorts of crazy miraculous diets and produce new schools of taught by the dozen every day. Some of them might be valid, but, believe me, most of them are a far cry from reality. Not only are those health plans and diets advertised by using the sleaziest marketing techniques, but they’re all based on a very wrong premise that our body needs to burn carbs and sugars in order to lose excess weight. This is not only wrong but potentially very dangerous, as it puts people’s bodies through an unnecessarily stressful low-carb diet.

You see, your body makes energy by converting glucose (that’s your blood sugar) to a type of acid called pyruvic acid. By maintaining a high level of activity and an adequate intake of carbs, you hit that sweet spot where your body is at its healthiest and most efficient. However, any excess calorie intake or reduced activity leaves the body with an excess of energy, which it then stores by turning it into fat. When you eventually get sick of being a binge-eating couch potato, you’ll just get on that newest fancy diet and lose that fat in no time, right? Well, think again. Many popular diets rely on calorie restriction and put a lot of stress on your metabolism, leaving you starved and anxious, which makes you feel lousy and makes your diet unsustainable.

What you need to focus on the most when you want to lose fat is ketosis. Ketosis is another way your body can produce energy, but instead of the above-mentioned glucose, it converts something called the ketone bodies to acids. Your liver produces ketones from fatty acids after prolonged periods of fasting. To make it simpler, it basically means that after a while of eating right, your body automatically shifts from carbs to fats for energy. This is by far the best and most efficient method of losing fat, but the reason it’s not that widespread is that it just sounds too complicated. People dismiss it as it sounds like too big of a hassle, and miss out on the healthiest way to stay healthy!

Well, not for long. I’d like to introduce you to a book that’s on its mission to change the way you see ketosis. It’s called ‘The Ketosis Cookbook’ and its main goal is to familiarize you with the concept of ketosis and how you can use it for your benefit. Apart from being a great educational tool, it also is a fantastic cookbook. It’s very well written and easy to read, and it includes more than 370 recipes. It was created by a group of health and nutrition specialists that all shared the same goal of educating people and offering an alternative to restrictive diets.The cookbook was approved by certified nutritionists and continues to get recommended by doctors and diet experts around the world.

What’s in the cookbook

Rest assured I’m telling the truth when I say that this is the best and most comprehensive ketosis cookbook out there. It relies only on the most recent studies and research conducted at leading universities in order to provide you with the most accurate facts about ketosis and how it affects your body. The book is very well written and easy to read, with simple explanations and step-by-step guides. Its creator understood the need for a comprehensive guide to getting healthy, nutritious food and did their best to make the entire process easier for you.

In the main cookbook, apart from information about ketosis and how your body work in general, you’ll find a huge collection of recipes that’ll enable and maintain the process of ketosis in your body. The ketogenetic diet doesn’t rely on calorie restriction in order to provide results, but rather on restricting certain foods and cooking methods. The recipes you’ll find won’t be much different than the food you’d normally eat, so you can easily implement the diet without completely turning your life around. The dishes you’ll prepare from the recipes are easy enough for a complete novice in the kitchen to prepare, but often come with an unexpected twist that’ll keep even the most seasoned cook interested. The recipes are conveniently grouped into 16 different categories, based on things such as which course it belongs to or what type of food it is. While 370 recipes might sound like a ridiculously large number, I guarantee every last one of them was selected and written with equal care. The recipes only use natural, unprocessed ingredients in order to produce the healthiest and most nutritious meals. These recipes will also help you get rid of those awful cravings, as it offers healthier options for all the junk food you’d ever want. Craving something savory and spicy from your local Mexican food truck? No problem, the Ketosis Cookbook has you covered with an easy recipe for crispy cheeseburger fajitas. Not only will it satisfy your every craving, but believe it or not it will keep your cholesterol in check. Everybody’s coming over for game night, and kale chips aren’t the best alternative to a party food such as a greasy nacho plate. Serve your guest bite-sized buffalo chicken stuffed mushrooms and keep them happy and your fat melting. Having picky kids is an issue many hard-working moms face when it comes to healthy eating. The Ketosis Cookbook offers modified versions of classic dishes no kid will able to refuse. Make the ham and cheese stromboli your little ones will literally devour, or pack the chocolate-walnut brownies in their lunch boxes and they won’t come anywhere near a vending machine.

What you get when you purchase this product

There’s currently a special offer going on on the Ketosis Cookbook website, so read carefully and think fast! If you manage to get your hands on the original cookbook during this special offer, you’ll get four more books related to the topic free of charge. That’s five books for just $47. The bonus books are meant to complement the main cookbook and provide you with a more wholesome experience. The first book you’ll receive is called ‘The Ultimate Guide To The Ketogenic diet’, and it takes the fact presented in the main book and explains them further. It gives you a complete understanding of your body and how to turn it into a fat burning machine with. It explains how and why you’ll end up feeling better and more energetic, and what really makes ketosis so effective at burning fat. The second book is my personal favorite, and I’m sure it’ll also be yours. It’s a comprehensive 12-week diet plan that gives you a detailed meal and exercise plans so you don’t have to come up with them yourself. It comes with charts and tables to keep a better record of your meals, along with detailed shopping lists for every week of the program. It takes all the planning and thinking out of it, and leaves you to enjoy the welcome change to both your mood and metabolism. The other two books you get are additional cookbooks. You get the same well-written, simple recipes to complement your diet, but this time just more specific. One cookbook focuses on keto desserts and the other on all the slow-cooker meals you can enjoy. I told you it wasn’t restrictive!

Can I buy the Keto Cookbook as a hardcover?

Unfortunately, not. The Ketosis Cookbook and all accompanying books are sold only as ebooks. The books are filled with vivid, high-resolution photos of the mouthwatering dishes, and it would cost a lot of money (more than $200 to be exact) to print it as a hardcopy. The main goal is to keep the books as cheap as possible, and making them more affordable and available to everyone is more important than making a lot of money.

I’m not trying to lose weight, just eat right. Is this cookbook for me?

Sure it is. Although weight loss is a welcome side effect of the keto diet, it’s not its primary goal. It leaves people feeling fulfilled and satisfied, regulates their glucose and insulin levels, lowers their cholesterol and generally improves the quality of their life. So, yes, you can absolutely use it as a cooking, not a diet guide, and I guarantee you’ll never need to use another cookbook again.

What if I want to lose weight? How can I be sure it’ll work for me?

Take their word for it! Or mine, or anybody else’s. If that’s not enough, then take a look around online, and you’ll find pages upon page of reviews of the Ketosis Cookbook. People that have already bought and used it have nothing but words of praise for it, and you can feel free to contact any one of them to give you their impressions first hand.

However, if for any reason, the cookbook and the accompanying guides fail to provide any results, there’s a great return policy involved. Use it for a month, and if nothing happens, just email them and they’ll reimburse you, no questions asked. Either way, you’ll learn something new and get your money’s worth.

Where can I purchase the cookbook?

Just google them and go to their website – it’ll take just a couple of clicks for you to become a proud new owner of the Keto Cookbook. Your transactions are secured by Clickbank and you’ll find lots of useful information on the book.

So, should I buy it?

Yes! I can’t recommend the book enough. If you weigh the pros with the cons, you’ll find that there are literally no hidden setbacks, and all you’re left with is a great opportunity it would be a shame to miss.

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

For years I suffered from high blood pressure. At first, it just snuck up on me. I would go to the doctor often, and my blood pressure would be up. My blood pressure was never lower than 175/102. I did not think it was a concern because I thought I was just nervous going to the doctor.  I told my doctor this when he brought it up, and he told me to check my blood pressure at home just in case.  I found out my blood pressure was still high when I was at home.  I went to the doctor, and he put me on blood pressure pills.  They lowered my blood pressure, but I was dealing with some side effects. My ankles would swell up, and I would get headaches.  I did not want to die from high blood pressure, but I also did not want to deal with the side effects of my medication. I knew there had to be something out there that would teach me how to lower blood pressure naturally.  Luckily, I came across a Natural blood pressure program by Christian Goodman that changed my life. The program showed me how to lower blood pressure fast.  Ever since I used the program, I have had normal readings, and my life has changed for the better.
Of course, I tried to find other alternative solutions before I found the answer to my prayers.  I went online to see if  I could find some type of guide or manual. I went to  and searched for how to lower blood pressure naturally and how to lower diastolic blood pressure because that was usually high also. I came across a supplement called  Ultralife Advance Blood Pressure Supplement.  It had vitamins and herbs in the supplements so I thought it would be a good choice.  I used it for awhile, but I did not get the results I want. The supplement did not lower my blood pressure and once again I had a headache from a blood pressure pill.  I was ready to pull my hair out until I came across a wonderful  Natural blood pressure program. It is the best solution for your blood pressure problems. Its concept was so unique and different I had to try it. Before I tell you why it is the best choice I am going to explain to you what high blood pressure is and who is affected by it.

What Is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a well-known disease in which blood goes through the heart at higher than normal pressures.   What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as your heart pumps blood.  High blood pressure is sometimes referred as hypertension.  There are two types of readings, systolic pressure, which is what the blood pressure is when the heart beats while pumping blood. The other type of blood pressure reading is the diastolic pressure, which is the pressure when the heart is at rest. Normal blood pressure for adults is the systolic number being below 120 mmHg and the diastolic being below 80 mmHg.  Having high blood pressure is very dangerous that is why you must find a healthy solution to lower your blood pressure so you will not cause any more damage.

Who Does It Affect?

Blood pressure can affect many people.  Some people think that you have to only be overweight to have high blood pressure, but there are many other reasons why people have high blood pressure.  Smoking can cause you to have high blood pressure and if you have too much salt in your diet. African Americans are mainly affected by high blood pressure.  Before the age of 55 men are most likely prone to getting high blood pressure more than women.  Regardless of why you have high blood pressure, you need a solution that will work if you want to live a long and healthy life. Your high blood pressure can be reversed.


What To Look For In A Solution?

When you are trying to treat high blood pressure, you should look for something natural.  There is so much information that can help you lower your blood pressure.  Finding a solution can be difficult, the most obvious solutions are to take better care of yourself like changing your diet or exercising. For many people high blood pressure is hereditary, so it is harder to get rid of. What if I told you there was a permanent solution to your high blood pressure?   It may seem too good to be true. The only solution that will help you take control over your life again is the Natural Blood Pressure program.


Why Is The Natural Blood Sugar Program My Solution?

I wanted a natural way to cure my high blood pressure. I was tired of taking blood pressure medication and supplements with side effects. High blood pressure runs in my family so it is a little harder to get rid of. I knew there had to be some type of miracle that could lower my blood pressure. I went on google, and I found the Natural Blood Pressure program.  What is the Natural Blood Pressure Program? It is a program that was made to cure high blood pressure naturally, hence the name.  It is jammed packed with simple exercises that can help you get rid of your high blood pressure.  The simple exercises are easy to practice, but yet so effective. The program also comes with step by step directions on the audio, so you know exactly what you are doing.   When you order this program, you will also get a natural blood pressure lifestyle report.


In The Bonus Report You Will Discover:

  • How toxins in our food and environment quietly creates high blood pressure.
  • Christian Goodmen’s easy diet that will help you lose weight and lower blood pressure.
  • The truth about smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
  • The two types of fat and cholesterol.
  • Five diet changes that are painless
  • Five different types of herbal medications
  • Five easy lifestyle changes


You will learn so much more, and you will see a difference in your high blood pressure.




Simply doing these exercises and learning from the information that  I received from the Natural   Blood Pressure program has cured my high blood pressure.  I am much happier knowing I can live a long and healthy life.  You should really consider getting this program if you have high blood pressure. It is only $49, and it is worth so much more, but you cannot put a price on your health.  Go ahead and order the Natural Blood Pressure Program you will not regret it, and you are will be adding more years to your life.





Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic Cooking Review

Didn’t quite get the bikini body that you were looking for last summer? Looking for a place to jumpstart your fat burning process? Do you feel like giving up on all the trendy health programs? If you pondered on these questions or the likes then you are on the right track for taking-charge of your dieting habits.

Don’t stop here and roll your eyes and think that this is just a waste of time, because being serious about your diet is definitely the opposite. With proper education and a great disposition you will surely get the body you want. You don’t even have to settle for boring meal plans or complex routines.


Enter one of the greatest people to grace your weight loss ambitions:


About the AuthorKarine Losier review

Karine Losier, better known as “The Lean Kitchen Queen”, started off as anybody else struggling to lose weight. Meeting Dave Ruel, one of the most respected fitness cooks in North America whom later became her husband, catalyzed her weight loss goals and launched her towards the world of muscle building and fat burning nutrition.

The thing that sets her aside from conventional health-buffs is that she can really relate with people struggling with weight issues. She is a Masters degree holder in psychology so she is knowledgeable about the psychological battle people often encounter that can alter eating habits. Not only is she an expert in the field, but also she knows first hand what the struggle is like since she too went through it herself.  She created Metabolic Cooking with regular everyday people in mind to help motivate and alleviate the trials that are associated with weight loss.


How the Book Works

The book emphasizes 3 main points that most cookbooks catered towards weight loss seem to miss the nail on:

#1- Wrong Ingredients

Recipes in other books tend to overlook the number one thing that causes the storage of excess body fat. That is what you put directly into your body—the food itself!

#2- No Structure

Without the perfect guide, the temptation to fall off schedule and follow what is the easiest way lurks around.

#3- Decrease in metabolism due to repetition

Disregarding diversity in your diet will slow down your metabolism

Collectively these problems contribute to the primary concern—Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon. The concept behind this theory is that when you don’t include a variety of foods in your diet, then your metabolism ultimately slows down. This is where the 3-Step Fat Burning Protocol steps in.
Step One: Metabolic Nutri-Profile
The unique part of the book is the Metabolic Nutri-Profile. This is a profile based on your needs throughout the day and gives you certain food combinations that are ideal for certain periods.
Step Two: Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon Food Cycling
Remember, without variation our metabolism adapts to this schedule and actually slows down. The highlight of this program is the range of different foods that are not only visually appealing but also appealing to your taste buds.
Step Three: Fat Burning Ingredients

You’re already tired from going to work everyday and also from having to stress about what to eat, don’t let your body work even harder with improper foods. Meals need to include fat burning ingredients that will do the work for you, instead of the other way around.

This 3-step metabolic solution will pep your diet up and accelerate your metabolism and fat loss process.


What’s Inside

This book contains the best tools to catapult you towards weight loss success. Recipes galore, lists of the best ingredients and resources, and all the information you need to properly educate yourself all about metabolic cooking! Specifically but not limited to;

  • 250+ Fat burning yet oh so satisfying recipes that are quick and simple
  • Unique nutritional profile that helps you manage what you eat by making sure that you get all the nutrients that you need based on your metabolic rate
  • The best grocery list you will ever come across
  • Information about thermo-charged food and everything you need to know about metabolic adaptation phenomenon
  • The exact guidelines on how to be successful with your weight loss diet
  • How to make this journey all your own. You will be able to customize the plan to your needs, budget, and schedule.


  1. Why do I need to follow a fat burning food guide? I go to the gym and work out daily, can’t I just work off the fat?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen”? One does not simply go to the gym and expect great results based off of that. What you put into your body is the majority of what shows on the outside. Yes, you can go to the gym to work out daily but that can only get you so far and it requires you to do way more work than you should be doing. Eating the right kinds of foods is like the foundation of it all. Following the 3-Step Fat Burning Protocol allows you to get more out of your work out by fueling your body with the right nutrients and you can do less physical work because the food will be working for you not against you.

  1. So if the main objective is to build lean muscle mass, that must mean that chocolate, cakes, or anything sweet is a big no no?

Yes and no. Metabolic Cooking doesn’t restrict all the tasty foods that we all love to scarf down. The book shows different recipes to satisfy your cravings yet provide you with the fat burning food that you need. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. I follow a meal plan that requires me to meal prep at the beginning of every week. Can I do that with these recipes?

Yes! The great thing about Metabolic Cooking recipes is that they are so simple and convenient to make. You can easily cook a big batch of food based off of the Nutri-Profile.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • A copious amount of recipes that have variety
  • Great information about some of the least talked about weight loss topics
  • Quick and simple meals
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great quality books and additional bonus books
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not available on PDF
  • You need to be strictly follow the rules and guidelines of the program
  • Requires commitment to the diet of the Nutri-Profile


Experience is the Best Teacher

I actually have a strange body type. At first glance I look slim and fit but once you use your superhuman eyesight and see past the clothing, what’s hidden is something called “skinny fat”. You’re probably thinking how is that even possible to be fat and skinny at the same time?! Well, before trying the Metabolic Cooking program, I didn’t think it was possible either.

I used to always eat whatever I thought was “healthy” albeit, I didn’t frequently follow what was considered “healthy” to most people. I thought just because my body looks slim, I might be doing something right. Wrong. Little did I know that the food that I was putting into my body, was actually contributing to the metabolic adaptation phenomenon. This book definitely put me on the right track towards my body goals and now I can say that I am truly slim because my body is so lean thanks to my new diet plan.



To sum everything up, the key thing you need to keep an eye out for is metabolic adaptation phenomenon. How do you cope with it? By following the 3-Step Metabolic Protocol. Can you eat the foods you love? Yes. Can you make the recipes even though you work a 9-5? Yes. Is it all worth it? Yes, yes, and yes.


You can attain your dreams of a fit body and you can do it without having to deal with bland diets and lengthy work out programs. You can and you will triumph over excess fat by following the steps included in Metabolic Cooking. Equip yourself with the right tools and you will see yourself transform in a matter of weeks.

Guilt Free Desserts Review

Guilt Free Desserts Review

We all give into our temptations, some of us not so readily, but in the end we always give in. It can be anything—that bag on sale, neglecting to study just to go out with friends, or that last cookie.

We all have different ideas of what we find enticing, but I’m sure most of us can agree that sweets or any form of dessert gets us more than anything. Raise your hand if you’re a cheesecake lover. Not for you? Carrot cake, Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Chip Cookies? C’mon now, I’m sure your mouth is watering right about now or are you just hesitant because you know what they do to your body?

Okay, drop all your hesitations right here and right now. You can enjoy all the irresistible desserts while being good to your body.


The Woman Behind it All

Kelly Herring.Kelly Herring

She really has a niche for health recipes and aiding other in weight loss. Being a CEO over at Healing Gourmet and an Editor-in-Chief of a four-book series that uses dietary measures to fight major diseases, she sure has a lot under her belt.

Her prime assignment at Healing Gourmet is to help people by introducing desserts that are actually good for you yet decadent. That way you won’t have to forego one of the best guilty pleasures of life.

Hundreds of people have already reaped the benefits of swapping out conventional sugary desserts.


How is it Possible to Indulge Without Packing on the Pounds?

By simply replacing the ingredients that cause excess weight gain. Sugar and flour are the main culprits behind it all and they are easily substituted out with better for you ingredients. These two ingredients cause two majors problems:

  1. Fluctuation in blood sugar

Both of these ingredients can influence your insulin levels, contributing to diseases like diabetes. Guilt-Free Desserts: Your Guide to Better Baking tackles this issue by introducing a perfectly formulated sweetener that provides a great combination of sweetness without the unnecessary calories.

  1. Gluten-induced allergies

It is surprising how many people are actually allergic to gluten. This is a protein found in whole grains that can cause those who are sensitive to it to break out in hypersensitivity reactions. Whole grains are touted to be healthy but they can also spike your insulin levels because of their high glycemic index. There are many gluten-free recipes of your favorites like pancakes, bread, and cookies included in Guilt-Free Desserts: Your Guide to Better Baking.



It is impossible to abolish the existence of sugar in any form of food because there are such instances where it will be natural occurring, plus your body needs certain sugars to function regularly. Take out all the refined processed junk and add in proteins, fiber, and healthy fats. They will provide you with all the nutrients your body needs and satiate your blood sugar level. Not only are they good substitutes but they support lean muscle building and give you enough fuel for workouts!

Healthy Fats are a Thing?!

The thing that creates such thick, rich, luxurious desserts are actually fats. They can take on the form of lard, oils, what have you. They inject baked goodies with moisture and that’s what makes them so appealing.


However, these do no good to your body. Because the body doesn’t utilize them, they get stored and result in dreaded weight gain and increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. Just like replacing sugar and flour with ingredients like proteins and fibers, unhealthy fats can easily be replaced with healthy fats. That way you won’t even have to say goodbye to that beloved moist chocolate cake!


Discover These Topics

  • Alcohol + sugar = “sugar alcohol”
  • The dark side of artificial sweeteners
  • The organic sugar that chefs and health experts rave about
  • The all-natural sweetener that is so accessible and the perfect competitor to refined sugar
  • The gum (not chewing) that aids in digestion and utilization of sugar in the blood
  • Alternative binding agents to eggs
  • The fiber that doesn’t change texture or flavor and disguises into baked goods
  • The most simple yet secret ingredient hidden in your cupboard that will liven up any baked good
  • And the list goes on…


What You Get

Guilt Free Desserts isn’t just some ordinary recipe book. It contains 50 sumptuous recipes to keep your glycemic levels at bay and prevent any gluten-induced flare-ups. Everything looks and tastes just how you remember without all the guilt.


Ahhh, the lemon ricotta soufflé, cranberry pecan muffins, and chocolate coconut truffles are what dreams are made of.


Not only are you getting a bunch of revamped classic recipes, you also get all the information you need concerning substitution of ingredients and how they benefit the body. None of the fake stuff though, everything is all natural and Mother Nature approved. Oh, and they also throw two extra cookbooks: Awesome Appetizers, one on appetizer dishes, and the other, Copycat Girl Scout Cookies, shows you different Girl Scout Cookie dupes!


You can impress your friends at your dinner parties with you new found cooking skills and they will never guess how good it actually is for them! And what is a party without cocktails? So, of course the Awesome Appetizers comes with 5 cocktail recipes and 5 holiday wines to impress and satisfy any adult beverage hankerings.

If you’re looking for something more kid-friendly, Copycat Girl Scout Cookies recipes will surely win the hearts of your little ones and they won’t even want the real thing anymore! That means no more waiting for that one time of year that they are available, you can make them anytime your cravings strikes!


My Experience

I have the biggest sweet tooth. Ever since I was little, I always got in trouble with my dentist because I was always munching on candies, cakes, pastries, etc. What that did to my dental health is another story, but what it did to my body is the most important part. I became almost addicted to eating sweets that I had to have it after every meal.  Over the years I started to see an increase in the numbers on the scale. I know that disciple is a big factor controlling your diet, but I also believe that you shouldn’t restrict yourself from the things you love.

It was a bit tough transitioning from eating readily available desserts at grocery stores or even at restaurants, but let me tell you it is worth it. The information I learned from Guilt-Free Desserts: Your Guide to Better Baking not only saved me from the onset of diabetes but it also allowed me to enjoy my life even more. Now I don’t have to worry about impending diseases caused by all the processed stuff in the store. I won’t give up eating something I like and gives me happiness, and I don’t think you should either.


Pros & Cons



  • Wide variety of recipes
  • Yummy desserts
  • Alternatives to beloved classic treats
  • Ingredients are easy to find
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Allergen free for most individuals
  • Great value for money
  • 60-day money back guarantee



  • Using sweeteners may not be for everybody
  • May need to cut alcohol out from your lifestyle
  • Not as convenient as purchasing already made desserts
  • Some ingredients may not be swapped out


There is a whole different world of baked goods out there; all you need is the right place to start. Educate yourself and see how far it takes you. You shouldn’t have to stare at other people around you in misery contemplating whether you should just bite the bullet and stuff your face with that cake. Guilt-Free Desserts: Your Guide to Better Baking will enable your indulging freedom and you don’t have to feel ashamed about it in the end because you will actually be doing your body good.

Survive in Bed Review


survive in bed jack bridges

Survive in Bed Review


After years of suffering from, and searching for trustworthy material on ED, I was happy to finally have found survive in bed. My journey with erectile dysfunction has been a frustrating one – first going onto (expensive) testosterone replacement therapy and then being prescribed Viagra, I’ve always felt that treating my problem with prescription drugs was never really addressing the issue properly.


The survive in bed guide makes some bold claims – Like obtaining results in a matter of days (15 days to be exact). You’ll forgive me if I was a bit skeptical, but I’ve had issues with ED for years and this seemed a little too good to be true. I gave it a shot though, and lo and behold I did get some results.


The survive in bed guide, isn’t overly long or complicated – the book has about 120 pages of insightful information. For me the main focus was on erectile dysfunction, though the book did cover other issues such as premature ejaculation and a bunch of other impotency-based problems. The guide reads easily and it didn’t take long to finish. After implementing some of the suggestions, I did see some changes.


If you find yourself in a similar situation as myself with ED, I would suggest giving this book a read. The condition can be quite traumatizing and can wreak havoc on your self confidence. For myself, it almost cost me my marriage at one point. I’d suggest not letting this issue get to that point. Here’s how this book helped me-


The survive in bed guide, is a program using all natural techniques, this is especially helpful for people such as myself that don’t really want to pay ridiculous monthly fees for testosterone treatment. The program didn’t seem to be aimed at any particular age group, so it could easily be recommended for all ages affected by this condition. Though most sufferers tend to be middle aged and above, I’ve since learned that men as young as 20 can be affected by Erectile Dysfunction!


The book clearly points out that ED is a condition not of our own fault, and that the condition is actually more complex than we think. Often times, erectile dysfunction can be due to a number of issues and not just one simple one. The book helps us understand all the reasons that might be at play, helps the reader to pinpoint them, and hopefully make progress.


The author of the book (Jack Bridges) has been tagged in an expert in the field of men’s health, and in particular, erectile dysfunction. One of his main claims throughout the book, is that low testosterone is not a the main factor in ED (as most doctors would subscribe to) – but that it’s more to do with blood flow and circulation.


This kind of makes sense, because if you consider it – most ED pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis. So, it’s not really a low testosterone issue. The main thing I took away from this book, was how to increase blood flow naturally.


The program taught me a lot about how diet affects blood flow, something I was quite ignorant to beforehand. The book also lays out some decent diet plans too, which makes it easy for the reader to make some dietary changes. Exercise was something I also neglected, and the survive in bed guide clearly highlights the importance of it, with some easy to follow guidelines.


Some of us fell that when ED hits, it’s “game over” unless we go on prescription medication. This doesn’t have to be the case though. With some minor, lifestyle adjustments, we can cure this problem quite easily.


The book also concentrates on building self confidence and self worth, which are also contributing factors with ED. The guide reinforces the desire to bring you and your partner closer.


One of the things I took away from reading the survive in bed guide, was a feeling of health and well-being. I definitely feel a lot younger, that’s for sure. It’s had quite a positive effect in my day to day life. I feel more confident and well-rounded.


Following the plan with this guide not only helps with erectile dysfunction, it’s also given me a new burst of energy, more than likely from the diet plans and the exercise routines.


The changes that I personally had, came quite quickly. I was able to get noticeable results more or less within the 15 day claim, you have to stick at it though – but it’s definitely worthwhile.


There isn’t much need to be worried that the program is too hard to follow. As for myself I found it relativity easy. There are no hard exercises and the foods suggested aren’t complicated recipes. It’s all stuff that can be easily applied.


The program was a success for me and I’d encourage others to give it a go too. If it isn’t for you, the book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so I guess you can always get a refund if it’s not for you. I got my program on ebook format, but it’s also available in video and audio, if you’d prefer.



A list of what to expect from the book include –


The causes of erectile dysfunction and how to improve it. This section goes into the multiple reasons that we may be suffering from ED. Remember, there is often more than one reason and most times, the issues are very complex. It’s important to get a clear understanding of ED and the reasons behind it.


Listings of healthy foods to include in day to day life, and easily implement into your daily routine. Not only is it important to understand what foods may be of benefit, it is also important to understand the reasons why.


Various, easy to follow exercise routines, designed to increase blood flow and help to fire up the private region – the very thing that can get us back into business in the bedroom.


A complete list of cost effective supplements, that may help with boosting our blood flow potential. The guide explains the specific functions of each supplement and gives us precise information of when to take them, for best results.


How to modify the program in order to fit your own needs and specific schedule (everyone is different). There are various ways in which you can use the techniques in the program. It isn’t rigid, fortunately; flexibility is a key feature. The book is also full of other neat little tricks and tips that help along the way.


For being able to see noticeable changes within a matter of weeks, I think the asking price is money well spent. If you’ve been experiencing any problems with erectile dysfunction then I say, go ahead and give survive in bed a read. It helped me, so I’m an advocate. As mentioned before, it doesn’t appear to be limited to any particular age group and I’m sure the techniques in this book could also be applied to prevent ED coming up in the future.



Half Day Diet Review


Half Day Diet Review

I didn’t really know what to expect with a book titled “half day diet”. A diet should be all day, right? Dieting for half a day didn’t sound like something that was possible to me. After giving the book a read however, I was pleasantly surprised and have an appreciation for the tips and techniques provided within this plan.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the concept of this book/plan, is to only diet for half of the day, while at the same time; burn body fat throughout the day. The author of Half day diet, Nate Miyaki, has been featured in some well-known publications like Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness, both of which I read on a monthly basis. I was familiar with Nate’s name and vaguely remembered reading some of his articles in the past, though this is the first time that I’ve actually dived into any of his nutritional philosophy properly.  authors-of-the-half-day-diet

The book focuses on what most other fat burning diets suggest, and that is carb management. As you’re probably aware, in order to achieve a high level of fat loss, lowering carb intake from refined foods, like sugars and breads is essential. Foods high in refined carbs tend to cause all kinds of chaos in our bodies – inflammation, high blood pressure and that hard to lose belly fat. Foods high in refined carbohydrates also might affect our mood throughout the day. All important stuff.

The book highly suggests, that while reducing carb intake is necessary, it is not essential to be in a low carb state for 24 hours. In fact, we only need to be in a low carb state for a few specific hours each day. This is understandable to a degree as our bodies do crave carbs for a reason.

Nate highlights how full-time, low carb diets can cause a host of problems that can be more detrimental to the dieter. The book aims to get the reader into a state of weight loss without having to make any extreme lifestyle changes, as to eliminate the urge to give into cravings and binge eat. Nate is a firm believer that carbs, in moderation should be an essential part of any diet.

Carbs, in general are still seen as a bad thing within the health and fitness industry. Nate Miyaki tries to dispel this concept by teaching us that how we time our food, is important. We should still be allowed to enjoy foods that are rich in carbs, and not have to suffer due to cutting them out completely.It’s all about balance, timing and the right kind of foods. I thought I was well informed about nutrition, but Nate has taught me a lot during the process of reading this book.

Personally, I’ve tried the conventional method of cutting carbs many times myself.Of course, I’ve seen results – though it’s always been short term as in the end, I always crash due to becoming way to carb depleted. These crashes included feeling dizzy and light headed, shaking, headaches and a constant tiredness throughout the day.Not a good place to be in.

This problem is not just limited to myself. A high percentage of dieters on low carb diets tend to crash after a matter of weeks, as it is so difficult to maintain a state of little to no carbohydrates.

You are probably well aware of the problems associated with low carb diets though and have also had to suffer through them too.

Nate explains that the majority of sugar and basic crab cravings are controlled by a specific part of the brain, known as the LH-VTA loop. Nate has simplified this by simply calling it the “carb loop”. Timing our meals according to the carb loop, is extremely important – Cutting carbs at the wrong time leaves us at the mercy of this loop and is what causes us to give into cravings and binge eating.

Nate is convinced that the health industry has been lying to us for years, and tricking us into assuming that we have to cut carbs completely. The focus of this book, is to change our thinking. Carbs should be eaten and enjoyed, but at the right times, in order to get rid of cravings.

The surprising part of the program, was the idea that all carbs should be eaten at night. Again, I was really surprised with this suggestion, and to be honest couldn’t see why or how it would work. It was a bit hard to get my head around, but Nate explains that this is how our bodies are primed to work, his example being that in the past – our ancestors hunted during the day, and feasted at night. An idea that made sense, but didn’t seem practical.


Interestingly, it worked. While dieting throughout the daytime and maintaining a low carb intake, I was able to enjoy carb-rich foods at night. Doing this, totally killed my cravings and set me up for the following day. Nate explains that this way of eating, breaks the carb-loop cycle and is the reason why it works so well. It really is dieting for half a day. It’s important to follow the tips in the book carefully, as even though we can consume carbs at night on this program, they have to be the correct kind of carbs. There is a science behind it all.


Nate himself still realizes that a lot of people will criticize this method of dieting, but he backs his program up with hard facts and presents us with the results of others that he has trained.


The program was easy to follow, but you do have to follow it exactly in order to see some decent results, but if you can do so, I highly recommend this program. Nate Miyaki is a professional nutritional coach so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Even though there is quite a bit of science behind the methods in this book, I never felt that it was hard to follow, as Nate breaks everything down into an easy reading format. A lot of it was eye opening and I think I’ll be using this method of dieting on a regular basis. For the asking price, you do get a bunch of quality advice that you’d probably pay a nutrition coach a lot of money for. So in that sense, it’s definitely good value.

How to Lose Weight With Hypothyroidism

how to lose weight with hypothroidism

how to lose weight with hypothroidism

How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism

I had suffered from hypothyroidism for many years.   It was almost as if it snuck up on me.  I noticed I had some symptoms, but I just ignored them. It wasn’t until I got to college when I realized I had a serious problem.  Of course, I gained the freshman 15, but I also could not lose the weight.  Getting out of bed was hard to do, and I began to have some of my hair fall out.  I felt so miserable and depressed.   I Went to the doctor, he said I might have hypothyroidism, and he told me how to test for hypothyroidism. So I decided to take the test and come to find out I had hypothyroidism.  Of course, he put me on medications and on put me on a strict diet. I  always wondered how to lose weight with hypothyroidism because it seemed like the diet was not working.  One day by a miracle I found the Hypothyroidism Revolution program by Tom Brimeyer.  It was the only solution to my problem.  I have never felt better since I tried this program. It helped me, and it can help you too.


Of course, I tried some alternative solutions.  I wanted to find something that can cure me of this dreaded disease so I can enjoy my life again. I searched on Amazon for a book on how to treat hypothyroidism.  I found a book called How To Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally.  It had a lot of information, but I still was dealing with the symptoms.  I was thinking to myself if only I had a manual or guide on how to permanently get rid of hypothyroidism.  I never thought I would find something until I found the Hypothyroidism Revolution program.  Before I explain why this is the best solution, I want to break down what is hypothyroidism and who is affected by this dreaded disease.

Read My DETAILED Review Of Hypothyroidism Revolution! Visit Hypothyroidism Revolution's Official Website!

What Is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a condition that happens when your thyroid is not making enough thyroid hormone.  Our thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits in front of your neck.  It makes hormones control the way your body uses energy.  Like it made me, it can make you tired and weak.  Hypothyroidism can also have an effect on your mental health and can raise your cholesterol if left untreated.  That is why it is important to find a permanent solution for your hypothyroidism disease.  Using a program like Hypothyroidism Revolution is the answer to your problem.

Who Does It Affect?

Hypothyroidism affects %10 of Americans.  It is a more common disease than you think.  People at any age can be diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but it is more of concern for women over 60 years old.   You are more than likely at risk when you have a family member that has hypothyroidism.  Some medicines and infections can cause people to be affected by hypothyroidism. Regardless of what the reason is, you have to find a solution that will work so you can enjoy your life again.

What To Look For In A Solution?

It can be difficult trying to find a solution to hypothyroidism. Some people believe it is just a lost cause, and that nothing will get better or change. That is not true. When looking for a solution, you should look for something that will permanently and naturally help you treat your hypothyroidism.  You have to know the right foods to eat and to realize that you are using dangerous drugs and medications to help your hypothyroidism.  The only real solution is the Hypothyroidism Revolution.  I still to this day wished I had found this program before I went through the whole process of trying other ways to cure hypothyroidism.


Why Is Hypothyroidism Revolution Program My Chosen Solution?

My goal in finding a solution for hypothyroidism was to find something where I would have a step by step guide to show me how to take better care of my body. The Hypothyroidism Revolution program did that.  What is the Hypothyroidism Revolution? It is a unique guide that was designed to treat the condition.  It offers you a natural and permanent solution to hypothyroidism. You read about various phases that will help you get to your goal of getting rid of hypothyroidism.

Here Is A Taste of The Three Phases:

  • Phase 1- You will begin to notice many positive changes. You would already be progressing to your thyroid healing diet that will give your thyroid a big boost which will help your cells produce energy for you.
  • Phase 2- By now you would have good results. You would take advice on all of the fantastic stuff that is in the program and apply it to your daily life. You will feel like an entirely different person. You would be introduced to three vital nutrients. You would be sleeping like a baby and will be full of energy.
  • Phase 3- By now you have done everything right, and you are continuing to build upon the foundation that you have built.

Hypothyroidism Revolution is a book jammed packed with information. It is the most effective and efficient process that I have ever used.  This guide has changed my life for the better. You will also receive a starter kit.


In this Starter Kit You Will Find:

  • 60 Day Step By Step Plan
  • Quick Start Diet Guide
  • Quick Start Resource Guide
  • Quick Start Supplement Guide

That is not all you will receive, you will also receive a cookbook.  The cookbook contains 48 tasty recipes, and I have tried all of them. They keep me full and satisfied knowing I am taking care of my body.


Hyperthyroidism use to run my life.  I use to not have any motivation to do anything. College was becoming too much, and I barely had any energy.  Now since I used the Hypothyroidism Revolution program, I have now graduated, and I have my energy back.  I am no longer suffering from those horrible symptoms that I had before. I have lost weight, and I am healthy.  You cannot go wrong with this program. If you have hyperthyroidism, and you lost hope, I am here tell you that you too can get better.  All you have to do is order this program.  It is a good value for your money, and you will not regret it knowing that your life is going to change for the better. This book is all you need to lose weight with hypothyroidism.

Read My DETAILED Review Of Hypothyroidism Revolution! Visit Hypothyroidism Revolution's Official Website!

The 3 Week Diet Review

3 week diet review


The 3 Week Diet Review

Losing weight has continually proved to be the biggest problem people face regarding their health and appearance. Often limited by the pressures of their everyday life and unable to find a permanent solution, people soon tend to start feeling anxious and losing their self-esteem. There are numerous falsely advertised diet and exercise regimes which leave most people thinking that losing that extra weight that’s holding them back is almost an impossible task.

Well, as crazy as it may seem, those days just might be over!

‘The 3 Week Diet’ is a recently published weight loss guide with a goal of losing all that extra body fat in just 21 days. It’s a guide that relies on combining a series of rules regarding your diet with an exercise regime in order to successfully and efficiently burn your body fat.

Official Website:

The Authorbrian-flatt-author-and-creator

‘The 3 Week Diet’ book was created and written by Brian Flatt, a certified sports nutritionist with a degree in biology and almost 15 years of experience being a personal trainer. In his line of work, he saw a lot of people relentlessly trying every weight loss method available and still not achieving any results. After reading numerous medical studies, researching nutrition guides and immersing himself in learning about every detail about the human body, he came up with a guide guaranteed to bring results. He managed to identify what the 5 major problems that prevent successful weight loss are and used them as guidelines for his program.

Don't Wait!

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How It Works

‘The 3 Week Diet’ is a weight loss guide that promises a 23-pound weight loss in only 21 days. The key to its success lies in a very clever combination of strict diet rules and exercises that engage your body in a way that significantly speeds up fat loss. That’s what makes this program so much faster and more effective than any other weight loss programs you can find. It’s based on a principle that, although inherently very simple, not many people know about. The basis of that principle is that the human body doesn’t require as much time as you might think to start burning its fat. By engaging the right muscles in just the right way you triple or even quadruple the speed at which your metabolism burns fat. This is a program that completely dismisses the age-old belief that calory counting is a crucial part of losing weight. Instead, it utilizes the body’s own reaction to specific exercises and fuels the entire process by carefully selecting a variety of foods that complement it.

If you follow all the author’s instructions you should be seeing progress in just a few days. By sticking to the rules through the entire length of the diet, you’re bound to experience at least a 20-pound loss – and that’s in less than a month. Keep in mind that the weight isn’t the only things that’s going to change. You’ll start feeling better just hours into the program. You’re cholesterol and blood sugar should become drastically lowered, you’ll start feeling more energized and self-confident. Don’t be surprised if both your skin and hair get softer and healthier – it’s an unavoidable side-effect of the diet. And for all the ladies out there battling with cellulite – it too will disappear. The exercises presented in the workout guide are great for targeting cellulite-affected problem areas, and the food you’ll consume will keep it from forming again. By losing all that fat your muscles will become more visible and emphasized, and the exercises will make them stronger and more toned.


What’s Included In The Guide

‘The 3 Week Diet’ guide consists of four separate books in the form of manuals. Every manual explains each of the steps essential to a successful weight loss.

First is the introduction manual, where you’ll get more detailed information about the guide itself and the premises on which the author based it. You’ll learn about the science behind both weight loss and weight gain, and how they’re affected by the food we eat. You’ll also be presented with the very basics of nutrition and advice on how to prepare yourself for the drastic health change you’re bound to experience.

The second book is a diet manual like no other. Unlike every other diet that uses the very wrong ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, the Three Week Diet offers a diet that’s customizable to every client’s specific need. It instructs you on how to calculate your BMI and body fat percentage and then offers a regime that’s tailored for your specific body type and need. It’s been thoroughly tested and this method proved to be almost fail-proof at providing every person with an equally effective and rapid weight loss regime. The book contains a very simple, yet detailed step-by-step nutrition guide made to complement the designated workout regime.

3 week diet meal plan

It does the work for you and takes all the troublesome thinking out of it, leaving you just to enjoy the process. It’s not one of those rigorous diets that offer just instant results. Along with the day-to-day program for every one of the 21 days, there’s also a very helpful manual on how to maintain the weight you’ve worked hard for. It’s very effective as it’s designed in a way that isn’t restrictive at all and doesn’t require you to give up almost any foods you like.

In book number three you’re introduced to the exercise regime that is going to melt those extra pounds for good. Although the diet manual alone is enough for you to see amazing results in no time, following the exercise guide will significantly speed the entire process up. Unlike others, this guide isn’t about spending countless hours at the gym in order to see even the slightest improvement. Instead, it focuses on specific exercises that when done, even for the shortest amount of time, provide your body with a metabolic boost better than weeks at the gym. Intervals and intensity are what burn fat the fastest and along with the provided diet really are as effective as it gets.

The fourth and final book that the guide consists of may come as a surprise. It’s not more diet or exercise advice, but rather a mindset and motivation manual. As any other life changing process, this weight loss journey also must start with a certain set of mind. It provides life advice, motivational messages and other tips and trick you can use throughout your entire life, not just the 21 days of this program.

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Where and when can I buy this guide?

This guide is available on the official ‘3 Week Diet’ website (click here) and can be purchased anytime you want. You can even choose to buy a downloadable version, and start using it just minutes after buying it.

How can I be sure it will work for me?

The program is designed to fit the individual needs of anyone using it. If you follow its rules and guidelines you’re bound to see results. To ensure you stay satisfied and your money stays safe, they offer a free, no questions asked return policy. If for any reason whatsoever it fails to work for you or you simply don’t like it, just send them an email and you’ll be swiftly reimbursed.

How old or young do I have to be to use this guide?

As the program gets tailor specifically for you and your individual needs and body type, there isn’t an age or gender restriction. Anyone willing to shed those extra pounds is welcome to use it.

Are there any cons I should be aware of?

Although the effects and benefits of this program are more than obvious, it does come with a few setbacks. If you expect it to be a breeze and work with little effort from your side, you’re bound to be disappointed. This primarily is an exercise guide, and it does require doing the recommended exercise regularly and with dedication. The diet may also pose a problem to some people, especially if they’ve never dieted before. However, if you’re willing to put some effort in it and keep a positive attitude, then no diet is going to be a problem for you.


Taking everything into consideration, ‘The 3 Week Diet’ really is a great and effective weight loss guide. If you do some research you’ll find pages upon pages of testimonials made by satisfied users worldwide. The books have been selling out like hotcakes, so we personally recommend you get your hands on a copy and start your journey to a dream body you want and deserve.

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HCG Diet Recipes Handbook Review

hcg diet recipes handbook review

hcg diet recipes handbook review

HCG Diet Recipes Handbook Review

It is very hard to find someone who is perfectly happy with their weight. For most of people, losing a few pounds would be great. However, for some of us, we need to lose more than a few pounds. Life can get hard, stress and the daily worries of life can be overwhelming, and we let ourselves go a little bit. Our clothes don’t fit as well, and we find ourselves more fatigued than usual.

The HCG Diet Recipes Handbook is made to help its readers lose weight quickly, and regain their confidence. It is filled with delicious recipes that are meant to be used in conjunction with the use of HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. It helps the body lose weight naturally without the need for any exercise. It works with your body, rather than against it. It is easy to implement and follow, using delicious food, so you do not even feel like you are on a diet at all.



Background of the AuthorVanessa Roberts

Vanessa Roberts, author, founder, and CEO of The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook has been leading her readers to a healthier, realistic lifestyle for the past six years. She has been working tireless to bring her readers the latest research and ideas to help bolster their HCG diets. She has a strong educational background in health, nutrition, and disease prevention. She combines all of this knowledge in order to bring her readers the most comprehensive, complete, and informative handbook to the recipes and foods which are available to users of the HCG diet.

She holds the belief that food should always be organic and sustainable, and that we should always watch what we put into our bodies. Unnatural and processed foods cannot be processed in our bodies, and help build fat. Numerous studies have also linked processed foods for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Roberts wants to spread her knowledge with as many people as she can.

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How the Book Works

The HCG Diet Recipes handbook is built to help guide readers through the second and third phases of the HCG diet. The first phase of the diet is focused around the injection and use of the HCG supplement, and should be followed precisely before users can move onto the second and third phases.

The second and third phases are designed to help the user transition into healthier eating habits on a strictly controlled calorie count. The recipes in Roberts’s book ease dieters into these phases. It can be very difficult for people to suddenly remove white sugar, white flour, and many other junk foods from their diet and replace them with healthier options. Many people are wary about “healthier” options, believing them to lack flavor and taste. However, this book is filled with recipes that will shatter these assumptions, bringing you healthy, weight-loss fueling foods, that are at the same time delicious.


What Do You Get In the Book?

The book comes with over 200 recipes, which is much more than most diet programs. Each of these recipes will follow the guidelines of the HCG program. You do not have to worry about thinking ofhcg recipes ideas for meals, and trying to find ways for them to work in the program. This handbook does all of that for you, giving you an exact grocery list of items that you will need for each recipe, and telling you exactly how to make it, and how much to make. This eases the pressures off of you, giving you the chance to focus on your diet. All of the recipes were created by world class chefs, ensuring they are practical yet delicious.

The handbook also comes with a Phase 3 Bonus Report, which allows you to better monitor your progress and showcase it to others. It also comes with a copy of Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons, the original creator of the HCG diet. By reading this, you can better understand the history and the rationale behind this unique diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

With any new diet, people will understandably have many questions about it. One of the most common, is if there is a money back guarantee? People want to know that they will not be wasting their money if they invest in this diet, and it does not work for them. The HCG Diet Recipes Handbook comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so that if you read through the book, and decide that it is not for you, you can return it and get your money back.

What do you get when you purchase The HCG Diet Recipes Handbook? When you make the $29.95 purchase, you will get a PDF file of the handbook, detailing the recipes that you must follow, as well as bonuses that will help you as you progress with the diet.

Do you need to buy anything else to use this handbook? This handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with injections of the HCG supplement. The information and recipes all will aid the effectiveness of the HCG supplement.

Do the recipes follow the HCG 500 calorie requirement? Yes, of course all recipes will follow the 500 calorie requirement for use with the HCG supplement. All recipes are designed to seamlessly connect with HCG use.

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Pros and Cons

In terms of positives, this diet handbook is very easy to use, and easy to follow. The recipes are ordered based on the kind of food. If you want seafood, or soup, you can easily find recipes for that kind of food.

The recipes come with a grocery list, telling you exactly what you need to buy to make each meal. Each of the meals are affordable, and do not require you to buy a lot of ingredients.

Many people complain that there is no variety in recipes, and that all  diets have the same kinds of food. The HCG Diet Recipe Handbook provides users with a wide variety of recipes, so that you never have to have the same kind of food twice.

The results in your weight and your overall health will show quickly. You will regret not using this plan sooner once you see how fast you lose weight.

It uses scientifically backed research, to ensure that you are not sacrificing the health of your body for your weight.

Of course there are also several cons to using this handbook. You must use the recipes in conjunction with HCG. This requires additional purchases, as well as injections.

Using this handbook also requires that you cut out all junk food, as well as some foods that you may not realize are bad for you. For some people, this is a difficult process. For others, it is easy. It all depends on you as the user.


My Personal Experience


In order to truly get a feel for this handbook, I decided to use it myself. The only way to truly gauge the usefulness of a product is to use it yourself. I found that the meals were not only delicious, but filling as well. Limiting myself to only 500 calories a meal was easier than I thought it would be, and I did not find myself looking for something else to eat later in the day.

I could easily follow and make all of the recipes, despite not being the best cook in the world. It was fun to make my own food as I watched the pounds melt off. I enjoyed the variety, which made me at times forget that I was on a diet at all.

I lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks, and I loved every minute of it. Not only did I see the results quickly, but I enjoyed each step of the process. I felt better, I looked better, and I was more confident after using this product.


All in all, this is a great diet book for users who want to quickly lose weight. It is easy to follow, and still gives users plenty of food to each each day. You will not be starving yourself, but you will cut out the unnecessary and unhealthy foods in your diet, replacing them with healthy options.

If you have tried other diets, and found them lacking, then using the HCG Diet Recipe Handbook may be a good option for you to try. It is affordable, easy to implement, and easy to follow. Anyone can use it easily.

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